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The Wedding Party by Guillory Jasmine

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The Wedding Party by Guillory Jasmine pdf download

Details of The Wedding Party by Guillory Jasmine Book

  • Book Name: The Wedding Party
  • Authors: Jasmine Guillory
  • Pages: 267
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Fairy tale, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 16 July 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

The Wedding Party by Guillory Jasmine third romance novel in 2018 she released the wedding date and earlier this year she released the proposal first off before I get into my review I'm going to read the synopsis so you have an idea of what the book is about Maddie 

Theo have two things in common Alexa is their best friend and they hate each other after in oops we made a mistake kiss neither one can stop thinking about the other with a with Alexa's wedding rapidly approaching Maddie 

faeo both share bridal party responsibilities that require more interaction with each other than they're comfortable with underneath the sharp Barb's they toss at each other is a simmering attraction that 

won't fade it builds until they find themselves sneaking off together to relieve some tension when Alexa isn't looking but as with any engagement with a nemesis there are unspoken rules that must be abided by first and foremost don't fall in love so the wedding party was a really fun read 

I actually didn't read the physical copy I listened to it on audiobook on my commute the characters Maddie and Theo have great chemistry with each other this scene is where they spend the scenes that they spend together with some of my favorites with in the book they riff off of 

one another and tease one another really well it's very engaging to read and and make the book really fun to read because to follow them throughout their journey as they try to navigate this relation should he want to hide from their friends it's actually one of the things that 

I didn't quite understand with a book it didn't really resonate with me the reason why they wanted to hide their relationship from their friends especially the main friend that is getting married Alexa 

I thought the reason it seems a little bit silly and considering that Maddie and Alexa are supposed to be best friends the fact that she wanted to hide this relationship for that particular reason didn't really make sense

I felt like her best friend what I've understood one of the strong points in the book is the humor because Maddie feo are trying so hard to hide this relationship from all their friends and family they constantly find themselves in these scenarios where they have to think 

on their feet because they're fans or family are just a second way from finding out about this relationship this is a pretty quick read I think it's perfect for you know like lounging by the beach having a super chill day

 it kept very light and fine this is a great read for anyone who's read any other Jasmine Killer ebooks something that really surprised me was that the characters from her previous novels were popping into this one 

I've read the wedding date when it came out last year and those characters are crossing over into this story the proposal which came out earlier this year I haven't read that one but I am familiar with the plot a little bit 

I am familiar with the character names a little bit and I did notice that those characters also pop up within this book as well and some of them don't just pop up they are key components of this story so if you loves the wedding date and you want a continuation of that story 

this is kind of like a part two for you I'm not sure how closely related the proposal is to the wedding party but those characters are in here so you're probably going to get a little bit of an update on that relationship as well the overall progression of the relationship within 

this book is not all surprising really similar almost a mirror image of the progression of their relationship in the wedding date as a matter of fact it's actually similar to quite a bit of the contemporary romance that I've read and the way that the relationship progresses so in that case there aren't really any surprises so if you're reading 

this book you're not reading it too much for the ending because it's so unsurprising how it worked out if you're reading this book you're reading it for the journey you're not going to be too surprised about the ending whatever you think is gonna happen this more than likely would happen at the end of the book there was one big surprise which

I kind of feel like I should have saw coming and I did it it was hilarious the biggest surprise was one character absolutely going in on some of the other characters and really letting them know what was on their mind that was the biggest surprise for me I absolutely loved it made me appreciate the audiobook all the more I think 

this book is especially perfect for anyone who's ever read Jasmine Guillory before especially because you get to check in with characters that you've already seen there's a little bit of a continuation of his story 

she does have a book coming out in the fall in October it's a Christmas story it's a Christmas romance and I have to wonder if we're gonna see the characters from the wedding date the wedding party the proposal pop-up in that book 

I think that would be really cool there isn't anything about any of the other books that you'll require to know in order to fully enjoy this book however you're gonna have a greater appreciation for some of the events and some of the characters.