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The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

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The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory pdf download

Details of The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory Book

  • Book Name: The Wedding Date
  • Authors: Jasmine Guillory
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Fairy tale, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 30 January 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory this is her debut novel it is an adult romance novel and I really loved it I gave it I think four and a half stars um guys 

this book is so cute and I will say it came at a point in my reading months where I really really needed something light and happy because I've been reading some like really dark like dark contemporary thrillers and it was like oh my god I can't do it anymore 

so this was perfect the timing was really good this is a very cute book it is a interracial romance it's about a black woman named Alexa things I loved about her as character and just liked about 

this book because it's not what you typically get right so she is a black woman she is well educated and successful she went to law school she was a lawyer now she works for the mayor of Berkeley and is really really smart she's kermy she's not then and that plays a big role in the book 

I thought it was very very well written and she's just wonderful she's wonderful I love her so much I would be her friend if she was person so that's Alexa and then she meets drew drew is a white man he is traditionally attractive 

you know hot guy sort of person he is a doctor he is a pediatric surgeon so in the story the two main characters get stuck on an elevator together and drew asks her

if she will be his date to his ex's wedding and pretend to be his girlfriend um she agrees sparks fly romance develops things happen it is very cute I mean it's kind of predictable you sort of see where

it's going but the journey is most of the fun and I really enjoyed it I really loved it there were a lot of things I liked about this one I think it wasn't it perfect I was really good

I will definitely be reading more from her as it comes out because I had some very strong debut novel their romance was very cute I loved the fact that we get a bigger girl with a not big guy because guys in real life that happens 

why is it that in media most of the time that's not the way things are depicted I thought that was so well done and it's a very body positive

but there's a lot of things with her occasionally feeling insecure but really becoming secure in her body and secure in her sexuality and it's beautiful it's just like that I loved about it they do have 

a lot I kind of wish that other elements of her their relationship had been talked about more there is more to it than that but I like it was a little bit out of balance for me it wasn't terrible it was a little bit out of balance for me um personal preference but in general

I really liked it were some good conversations that happened around issues of race and interracial relationships I think she could have taken it farther than she did and I sort of wished she had but I thought it was good the main conflict in their relationship despite

what the appearances may be is not the fact that there are interracial the main conflicts in their relationship that gets resolved is his fear of commitment so which I thought was fine it was good it was well executed and um yeah so I liked it I thought it was cute like 

I said I would have preferred their relationship to be a little bit more balanced on me like friendships like it was a little out of balance for me but not terrible and in general I liked it I also wish she had pushed a little bit harder into the interracial aspects it was often 

kind of glossed over there were a couple of conversations that were pretty good where things got talked about but in general I definitely think it could have been discussed more but overall I really liked it I liked some of the side characters there's some great side characters that

I would love to see developed in the future books if she decides to stay in this world like Drew's best friend Carlos is super funny and inter and I would love to read a book from his perspective her older sister Olivia is really interesting 

so overall I really liked it I'm looking forward to reading more from the author and if you haven't picked it up I recommend it like I think they're some of the reviews that I've seen who are like a little bit disappointed were people who expected it to be 

this like amazing discussion of like race relations or something it isn't it's not that like it's a very cute light happy romance with just enough social commentary to keep it from being fluff but like if you're looking for something pretty in-depth you're not gonna get it here 

but I do you think it's really good if you want something light and I want something fun that also does pick up on some important tropes and keeps it from feeling just like yeah I don't know 

I don't like my romance novels to be pure fluff like for me it just it it's like candy like it's unlike might be okay at the moment but it's unsatisfying whereas books like this are fun but also satisfying it's like I don't know maybe like having a strawberry shortcake because 

you have some fruit mixed into your dessert that's a good analogy at all the like you know I mean it's not like pure sugar anyway um yeah so I really liked it go pick it up wedding date by Jasmin Guillory.