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Not Here to Be Liked by Michelle Quach pdf Download

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay pdf download


The Night Shift by Alex Finlay pdf download

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The Night Shift by Alex Finlay pdf download

Details of The Night Shift by Alex Finlay Book

  • Book Name: The Night Shift 
  • Authors: Alex Finlay
  • Pages: 309
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: March 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay so stay tuned it will come on friday mistakes were made plans were changed but it is what it is one of the books that i was reading last week was the night shift by alex finley 

so when you hear me talk about it on the blog you're gonna see my first impressions and things like that but i wanted to take the time and actually talk about the book because i'm super hyped 

i think everybody should be talking about this book because every last fear was an amazing book that unfortunately didn't get as strong of a debatory start as it should have been because it has been 

you know honest mistakes were made but there has been a couple of booktubers that started a rumor that he was actually aj finn that fair enough we all hate but that has caused alex finley which was not that fair because 

his book was fantastic so i decided that you know i'm gonna throw it out there on the universe and i hope this book is hyped up and a lot of people read it and a lot of people talk about 

it because the guy deserves it why does he deserve it well d like if you watch my best movies if you watch my favorite thrillers of 2021 you know that i fell in love with one of his characters and it's no spoiler to say 

that she will never show up in another book because it's very clear from the beginning of the book that she's dead and then we had agent keller from the fbi and she had twins and that was amazing she was also a really amazing agent we have news for you she is back and she's dubbed 

the agent baraz she was such a well-developed character i really loved following her like she's the definition of woman empowerment because she is amongst pregnant with twins this book takes place before every last year and um yes she still kicks some pretty big asses even though 

you know she's basically walking around so needless to say character work fantastic we have someone that is on the younger side oh i forgot to say what the book is about uh this book is about a killer who in 1999 goes into a blockbuster kills everyone in there there's one survivor 14 15 years later

the crime is repeated only this time there is no more blockbusters so is the employees that are working the night shift at a dairy i almost had dairy farm right now it's like an ice cream parlor kind of deal teenagers as well everyone killed there is one survivor and that is jessie ella 

the survivor from the blockbuster spree is now a counselor so she's called in to help jessie talk about her experience because she's not opening up to the cops they are wondering if it is the same killer or not the killer that had escaped them and hasn't been sent since okay so now that

i mentioned that i have to say the characters were fantastic like i can read keller and jessie all day all night and be happy i connected with them and i think if anything else you should read the book because of that and then i do have to tell you something because 

it does mention that the book starts with the killing in 1999 and a blockbuster but i i just want to say that that's almost like the groundwork for the book there is no lot of time spent in there so you're going in for the nostalgic 

90s blockbuster pop culture feel this adjust your expectations i was gonna say this book is up for you because no that's not true this book is for everyone it's amazing it's a good thriller but adjust your expectations so you're not disappointed there's not a lot of that the main focus 

is definitely in the present we're following uh the law enforcement and the fbi agent caller as they are investigating the present case and obviously they revisit a little bit of the past because of the same seemingly similarities okay but no the book is very much set pretty close 

to our current times with that said i really really enjoyed the atmosphere the uh you know there was some there was a few moments in this book where finley pulled what i call the john mars you know that book when you have multiple povs and at the end of a chapter it's such a cliffhanger you just want to jump to the next chapter with a pov but the other one is

 so good and it ended in a cliffhanger yes we get a lot of that in this book i think finley does something really well which is create different points of view different from each other but you invested in all of them and you wanna you don't get lost so kudos to him i would say that the writing style was right up my alley the intrigue was out there he definitely played here 

there is a lot of action towards the end like a lot of action is what i call very american so if you like kick-ass people kinky has tension like jumping on your seat you can't stop reading this chapter because you want to know what's going to happen and everything is how you obtain 

you get that at the end okay for that reason i gave it and i enjoy um enjoyment rating of 9 out of 10 so 4.5 because i love that i do love that but i'm more of like a psychological kind of person my heart could not handle called that action 

but i thoroughly enjoy the book i did put it down only because i had such a busy week when i was reading it and that's not the kind of book that i just want to read and not properly think about it 

i wanted to be immersed in the world so it was if i was in a good mind space that would have been like one sitting kind of book and my overall rating for it is 4.79 stars which is quite high i will be working for the rest of the week trying.