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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

The Friend Zone By Abby Jimenez pdf download


The Friend Zone By Abby Jimenez pdf download

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The Friend Zone By Abby Jimenez pdf download

Details of The Friend Zone By Abby Jimenez Book

  • Book Name: The Friend Zone 
  • Authors: Abby Jimenez
  • Pages: 306
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance
  • Publish Date: 11 June 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Friend Zone By Abby Jimenez this book not knowing anything about it in my tbr i talked about how one of my co-workers the librarian at my school said i had to read it so i've been holding on to it since then and i knew i wanted to get to

it i didn't realize how much i was going to love it so the second book happily ever after playlist is actually a companion novel to the friend zone it's not a continuation of the story it does follow the timeline this one does come first and then that one comes second um but it's actually about sloan and not kristin and it's also a romance novel 

i didn't know anything going into it and i think you should not know anything going into it as well because it just made it so perfect something really cool about the happily ever after playlist is that they actually curated a playlist to go with that book and they put it both on spotify and apple music playlist 

i don't know i have spotify i don't know how apple works but every chapter has a song that goes along with it so the way that abby jimenez intended was for you to listen to the song and then read the chapter yeah i couldn't do that because i was so into this book that i just devoured it 

but my second time around or at some point this weekend i'm going to listen to this playlist and just get back in my field a little bit about these books before i get into spoilers some tropes that you might not be into but that do come up in these books that i feel like actually make it kind of realistic i know people are so against like insta love 

but i feel like that's how i function as a human like i didn't even know my husband for a full year before we got married and we've been together for over five years we'll be married for five years in february and i just like i am an insta-love kind of person i think that's one of the main ones that people don't like also something else that's really cool about it is that i actually read happily ever after playlist was actually written before the friend zone and it was supposed to be the debut novel but while she was abby jimenez was selling 

this book she actually wrote the friend zone and then decided to make it the debut novel based on the timeline i really like that in the acknowledgments of these books abby jimenez talks about how both of these books talk about um heavy subjects like some type of heavy subject she got all of this information from her friends who have been through similar things and 

i think it's so important to actually make things like this realistic because people do go through these things um infertility and can't talk about happily ever after because spoiler but i think it's so important that she actually knew people who went through this stuff talked to them uh experienced it as a friend of someone who went through 

this stuff and then was able to write a book about it i think it's really helpful for people going through these types of situations so it's really cool that she wrote about it also just super cool thing about abby jimenez she actually owns a bakery i don't she still does but nadia cakes i think is what it's called is how like it's her business 

 i'm pretty sure i remember watching her on like cake boss competitions or like something like that and then she got her bakery and then she became like a writer after the fact and it was so cute because in the second book they talk about getting cakes at an audio cakes and i was like that's so sweet like her two worlds came together 

into spoilers now because i cannot wait any longer so the friend zone um starting here first of all what the first thing i want to talk about is the fact that i went into this not knowing what it was about and when i found out that kristen was in a relationship and her boyfriend was in the military i was kind of put off because i was like oh is this going to be like cheating like that's not cool i'm not into that it kind of like put 

me off to the book but i feel like the way that it was done and how there was like that ultimatum so in the book hopefully you've read it if you're still here you know how they talk about how she had told him that if he reenlisted then they couldn't be together anymore because she just wanted him to be home i mean i know that people being in the military is difficult and like i myself have never been in that 

but like my sister um her wife was in the military in the army she actually just got out and i know it it's kind of straining on people's relationship especially being apart from each other i have been in a long distance relationship before and it was extremely difficult so i know having these conversations is hard but it wasn't just that 

i think it was great that they had the conversation about how sloan told kristen that she thought that she was just settling because i think that's huge i think that it's so important that we call our friends out on these things because it's not okay to settle there is great stuff out there and i feel like she was settling especially like 

there was a moment so once joshua started staying at her house because he was her carpenter and was staying in the guest bedroom there was a point in the book where she is talking kristen is talking to her boyfriend why can't i remember what his freaking name is i don't know she's talking to him and she's just like 

oh yeah there's a hot fireman staying in our guest bedroom and i was just like in what world is this okay like she just told her boyfriend that there was a hot guy staying in their guest bedroom and i was like what um to me that was kind of the point where i realized like their relationship was very different i didn't feel 

like kristen was in love with him but we didn't really get to see that a lot i feel like we were very sold on joshua and kristen's relationship and from the very beginning i just needed them to be in love especially when they were like this hot fire man i was like yes kristen go for the hot fire man another thing that i feel was

 so frustrating but so realistic was the miscommunication these are the type of things that happen so how joshua just thought that kristen was hung up on her ex and she was crying and sad because she missed him or whatever but really she was sad because joshua kept talking about how much he wanted a family and how kids are his world and kristen was just feeling like she was never going to be able to give him that 

so it was so hard for her and like that's why she kept deciding that they couldn't be together and the whole time i was just screaming at my book like just tell him tell him that this is what it is tell him that that's why y'all can't be together not whatever it is that he's thinking and i i was so frustrated but i felt like it was so real and then there was 

so many points like that i just felt for josh because he didn't deserve it he was so sweet and he just like he wanted to love her and she didn't let him and it was for reasons like i understand how hard that was for her but i just wanted her to let him in and then when the thing with brandon happened i like cried i i was not expecting that whatsoever like they that came out of left field for me when brandon got in his car wreck

i was just like what is happening what is this and i had to take a break because i started screaming and my husband came in here and he was like okay chill out so i had to like take a break decompress and then just watching or reading sloan go through that but seeing how quickly like kristen just stepped in the role of best friend and kind of how like this romance was put to the side because friendship was 

so important it just melted my heart the ending really brought me to tears how even through sloane's heartache and grieving when brandon did die she still was a best friend to kristen and helped josh pull everything off at the very end so that they could get married and be together so whenever kristen was having her like dizzy spells or whatever i was like i bet she's pregnant but there's no way she can be but i bet she is 

i cried at the end when i found out she was pregnant and then not even when she was pregnant but like them just accepting the fact that that was a miracle baby and that it probably wasn't gonna happen again and letting her go through with her surgery so she wouldn't be in pain anymore like okay some lines from the friend zone that i were like these lines just they got me i felt them um there's one point in the book and 

i put it in my instagram story where they're at the bachelor party in vegas and this whole thing they're going back and forth about how they're just friends with benefits but joshua is like in love with kristen but he doesn't think she loves him back but really she's just struggling with her infertility and feeling like she's never going to be enough for him but they're talking as guys like there's a lot of guy talk in this book.