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Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi pdf Download


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Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi pdf Download

Details of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi Book

  • Book Name: Shatter Me 
  • Authors: Tahereh Mafi 
  • Pages: 417
  • Genre: Romance novel, Science fiction, Dystopian Fiction
  • Publish Date: 15 November 2011
  • Language: English

Book Review 

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi and now I know I'm like the last person to read this trilogy well not exactly a trilogy anymore because teairra mafi has decided that she's going to create a series out of this the next book in this series comes out in March and it is called restore me 

I knew since everyone loves this trilogy that I had to read it so I could read the series like the continuation of this series I finally decided to pick up shatter me it was so good solid 4 out of 5 stars if you don't know what shadow media is about I'm a little surprised since this is one of the most popular books in why 

a dystopian genre it is about a girl named Juliet who is living in a new world where there is a society called the re-establishment and they are in charge of everything pretty much like global warming has hits and everyone freaked out there was no food for everyone animals start dying off in the world epidemic the reestablishment took over the world 

Juliet which is our main character has a lethal touch whenever she touches someone I can only describe it as they have so much extruding pain from her touch that they inevitably die she's kind of got I don't know if it's a gift or if it's a curse she thinks it's a curse as we first start off the story

Juliet is imprisoned she's living in an isolated cell all by herself alienated from society then a person shows up things get real a little bit about my thoughts about this I thought that the beginning was a little bit slow 

I love to hear moppy's writing it's very poetic and it's like really magical this is a good word that's described and she really gets you in tune into the world definitely really focus on Juliet and halt her thoughts and all her fears I really didn't feel bad for Juliet because in when we read 

the book she's very isolated and she doesn't have any friends and her parents have abandoned her because she has this touch where she kills people beginning the books just really sad and a little bit slow 

I was kind of getting worried as I was reading this because I thought it wasn't going to like it and I wasn't understanding like why I wasn't really getting into it as much once I hit the halfway mark it started to get really intense the stir was really gripping the characters became way more interesting than they were in the beginning half of this book

I'm so excited to get my hands on the second book I thought this story is very unique I'm really interested in this new world this new dystopian society that we are introduced to that is my spoiler free review so if you have not yet picked up this book make sure you go and read it and then you can come back and we can discuss this together 

I'm just gonna dive right in and we're just gonna start talking about Warner I've heard a lot of things about Warner in the book world because this book these books have been around for a really long time so I've heard a lot about warning  order is very 

I thought it was psychotic it was really crazy and I felt myself cringing a lot of all the things he was saying to her he was very obsessed with Juliette they're supposed to be like a love triangle in this book and Warner isn't part of this love triangle 

I know that's a fact it's set up that way in the first book - because he's in love with her I just like I don't see it like I don't see her falling for Warner because he's psychotic he's scary he pressed her up against a wall and said I love you so much Juliette 

I don't know but I think you're supposed to be playing hard to get like that's a thing just a tip he wanted you take Juliette's powers and hurt her gift or her curse and use it for his own gain there's rumors that his father is really crazy also at least I know where he gets it from for 

I do not see Warner getting in a romantic relationship with Juliette I just don't see it he's scary that is all let's talk about Adam I don't see Adam working out either let me tell you why 

I felt no chemistry or connection or passion between them one thing that really made me cringe about their relationship was how she said to him that she loved him they literally just started talking again they went to school together I guess they were nice each other but they really didn't have a relationship or kind of a friendship maybe a little bit of a friendship but 

I don't think they talked much you can touch her no other person can do that because then they scream and they die let me just say this Juliet says she loved him but did you see Adams said that he loved Juliet I don't I don't recall that ever being said out of his now I ain't you saying 

I felt so bad that Juliet's power made her kill people Juliet herself is a very nice kind giving person she's very innocent she's very naive when Warner supposed the person that also loves her takes her to see this little child he makes her pick him up he deliberately made her do something that 

she did not want to do the baby was screaming and crying in pain and Julia was just trying to come for him I'm hoping that as we go on in this series she gains control for power more understanding of it one example of how Warner was a little bit psychotic em and Juliet are having an argument she says water's name and he says you just said 

my name ya never said my name and a citizen before that means I'm making progress with you I'm sorry it's warned that your name should I have not said your name in a sentence and this is when the story started getting really really good was when Adam and Juliet escaped yes yes yes we finally escaped 

we finally got away from Warner I feel like we were trapped in that place for forever I didn't think it was very safe when Adam decided to go to his little brother's house like he was saying first off that neighborhood for kids that just shows how messed up the society in this world is that 

we have orphan kids living in a home entire Street together going to school together and they're eating baked food Adams little brother James was so cute and so sweet and he was just so energetic and he was just ready for anything he was like oh we're escaping we're leaving 

I'm ready Adam let's go and then kenji shows up and I loved him this is the character that we needed throughout this whole entire book he made everything funny you always have one of those characters that just makes everything funny everything better and kenji is that character 

I didn't trust him when he showed up by the door reading as many books as I have you really don't learn to trust characters you they have to be lying about something let's just talk about the moment with Juliet shot warned that 

was really funny because she tricked him good job Juliet very well done then kenji takes us to omega point castle is the person that runs this whole entire place he has a gift just like Juliet yay we're finally in a place where there's other people just like her there's kids just like her 

I love how we've set up that there is other people that have abilities Juliet finally feels a little bit normal and she doesn't hate herself so much she can finally start to learn what her gifts is about how did she get it how can she control it can she control it and Warner is not dead he's tough.