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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download


Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download

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Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download 

Details of Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood Book

  • Book Name: Love on The Brain 
  • Authors: Ali Hazelwood
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Love on The Brain by Ali Hazelwood honestly you guys i never thought i'd be that who would get pr packages from simon and schuster or like you know HarperCollins or penguin random like it's just insane love radio 

So it's about prince jones who at 17 has his own segment for a hip-hop show called love radio and he dishes out advice to the brokenhearted and then he meets danny and danny's very focused on scoring a scholarship move to new york city become a famous author 

they meet sparks fly she gives prince three dates to convince her that he's worth falling for okay i'm so excited this comes out may 31st may 31st yeah oh my god i literally cannot see this next one is a forgery of roses jessica s olsen 

this is from inkyard press i think this is like a soap bar that's pretty and we've got a little jar of roses this is dangerous magic dark family secrets gothic could be haunted manner forbidden romance sisterly love 

mental illness representation wow that's very pretty when is this release this releases oh march march 1st oh it already released it already released because 

i was late in opening my package great i think i saw christina lauren do an unboxing of this could be wrong in a new york minute okay 

so this is what the inside of the box looks like oh we've got a bookmark i think we've got a candle in here we do see guys another candle these book boxes spoil me so this is just a in a new york minute candle why did 

i extend it to you like you guys were gonna be able to smell it what a dumbass um i can't really tell what candles smell like it's giving floral maybe i don't know but this is what the candle looks like um we've got chips in here 

why did i open this box sooner okay so this is in a new york minute by kate spencer the tagline says are they a missed connection or meant to be she was having the worst day of her life she was laid off from her job 

subway doors ripped her favorite silk dress to ruins and then a dashing stranger came to the rescue with his gucci suit jacket and then somebody posted their entire meet cute online okay cool very interested 

i'm going to put this on my tbr this looks great and then in the box we have this which is a balance bound planner oh i love planners but this is what it looks like oh my gosh i'm gonna love this i'm gonna use this this is gonna be 

so helpful for day to day wait i'm so excited i don't usually use planners but this one is just so simple and so easy okay that's all of the pr boxes and it is 

now cleanup time but i'm also just gonna give you like a brief overview of some arcs that i got that i'm very excited for and also books that you need to read let's just do it okay here are some arcs that 

i'm really excited to read so we've got book of night my killer vacation by tessa bailey i think this one comes out june american royalty also comes out in june we've got amy leia's set on you you guys i heard that guy because it's like a fitness influencer kind of book 

i heard that guy is modeled after chris evans that's literally all i need to know and then duh christina lauren hello something wilder this one also comes out in may 

if you guys didn't know christina lauren are two different people it's christina and lauren they just write under one name but it's kind of crazy how a lot of people don't know that but very excited for this 

one and then obviously forging silver into stars by bridget because this is going to be the spin-off series from the curse breaker series which i absolutely loved it's ya fantasy if you guys haven't read the first series you should read it

i don't think that you need to read the other series before you can get to this one and last but not least are you kidding me when i open this package you guys i nearly died okay i was hyperventilating 

i had to take myself on a walk to calm myself down i loved the love hypothesis so freaking much which i actually have right here hold on let me pull it out this is just like a paperback dust jacket that 

i got for it this is from peaches obviously just to have them together dream come true and these are three books that you guys absolutely have to read okay seven days in june by tia williams if you are going to read this 

so look up trigger warnings there are some pretty dark spots in their past then obviously the bride test by helen huang i literally have had this since July 

i barely read it like a couple weeks ago but i finally finished off the entire series and i just love helen in general like all three books amazing 5 out of 5 stars 

This one is the last book that i read this is the book that has me so consumed i literally lost my mind so obsessed with this love this 

so much if you can't tell by my tabs i swear to god you guys i'm not playing around with this book first book there's a happily ever after i'm pretty sure.