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The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas pdf Download


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The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas pdf Download

Details of The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas Book

  • Book Name: The Hacienda 
  • Authors: Isabel Cañas
  • Pages: 325
  • Genre: Horror fiction, Gothic fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Paranormal fiction
  • Publish Date: 3 May 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas this book i have not read rebecca but i have watched the original hitchcock movie i have to say while it takes certain elements of both and combines them 

This book is not a retelling or a replica of either of those stories our protagonist is beatrice who is in her early 20s and our setting is mexico in 1823. her father is tragically killed off in the mexican war of independence so beatrice and her mom find themselves in a very desperate situation with no one else to turn to 

but some very cruel relatives who they have to live with now until a very handsome but mysterious don rodolfo proposes to beatrice and she takes this lifeline as a ticket out of her misery so they marry and he takes her to his remote hacienda san isidro which on a side note to me it was funny that 

it was called that way because that's also the name of the town where my parents are from so that is beatrice's new home but that is also where don rodolfo's first wife died under sudden circumstances and the new beginning 

the new life that our protagonist was yearning for turns out to be a bit difficult because the upkeepers and anybody else in the hacienda meets her with hostility and the tension builds as beatriz starts to see visions in that hacienda and hears voices that really shouldn't be there 

but she seems to be the only one that acknowledges it that is your setting and this story is wonderfully haunting atmospheric and suspenseful but in a very slow build kind of way and staying true to the gothic genre 

it is not built like a fast-paced thriller it is really focused on a more immersive reading experience which doesn't mean that it's a slow read i still flew through the story because the mystery really kept me going and i wanted to see how beatrice manages or tries to fight the darkness in her life in 

this new haunted mansion one big piece of the story is of course the malevolent house that she finds herself in but the conflicts don't stop there which made the story very interesting because she also faces or the characters also face discrimination racism class system settings and 

without spoiling anything i think the author managed to put some very poignant conflicts in there that are relevant to this day because it is gothic there is a forbidden romance element in this book which honestly i ate up i it really worked for me and it's been such a long time since 

i wanted a relationship to go a certain direction while reading a book and importantly i liked the ending i liked how the story was wrapped up i didn't see the ending coming because 

i had wild guesses all over the place just because i wasn't sure what kind of route this book is gonna take i didn't know if it's gonna go overboard with crazy or if it's going to stay a bit more reasonable 

if you can say that about a haunted house story so i did enjoy the wrap up of the overall story because the solution didn't come out of left field it made sense to me and it stayed true to the actual story i have so many good things to say about this book it really didn't disappoint 

but i do have some criticism one of them is the lack of strength in the characterizations especially for our protagonist beatrice the characterization of her personality but also even how she just looked likes her physical appearance there was something missing there for me 

it didn't feel complete and while i agree with her actions ultimately i don't really see a character arc in her and through her point of view is how we learn a lot about the other characters and their motives but it is based heavily on her own very subjective assumptions 

so i think that could have been handled a bit better in total i gave this 4 out of 5 stars it is not a perfect book but it was incredibly enjoyable it was a page turner for me and i cannot wait to read more from this author so who do i recommend this to i definitely recommend 

this to anybody who's a fan of the gothic horror or gothic romance genre so especially if you read mexican gothic and you love that while this book is different i think it catches some of the same vibes this book is for you if you like a slow burn suspense novel.

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