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Postcards for a Songbird by Rebekah Crane pdf download


Postcards for a Songbird by Rebekah Crane

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Postcards for a Songbird by Rebekah Crane pdf download

Details of Postcards for a Songbird by Rebekah Crane  Book

  • Book Name: Postcards for a Songbird
  • Authors: Rebekah Crane
  • Pages: 261
  • Genre: Romance novel
  • Publish Date: August 6, 2019
  • Language: English

Book review:

Postcards for a Songbird by Rebekah Crane this book apple's never fall by leanne moriarty this was part of the add-on i am so excited if you know me you know i love leanne moriarty she's one of my favorite authors i love all of her books that i have read from her so that's what i'm very excited about so basically the first sentence of the summary 

let me just read that and then tell me if you want to read it if your mother was missing would you tell the police even if the most obvious suspect was your father now that one's enticing i love liam moriarty i am very excited about this one the next one is the book of magic by alice hoffman also excited about this one 

so this one's about the family the owens family they have been cursed it happens with the ant or it starts with the aunt and she only has i think like six or seven days to live seven days to live and then i have harlem shuffle by coulson whitehead so oh there's a heist in it they're having a baby sounds really cool in the early 1960s crime novel social novel harlem 

this one sounds very interesting and then i have the x hex by erin sterling i love the cover of this one because it has like this little broomstick that they're flying on very october-esque so the main character is a witch she puts a curse on her boyfriend that sounds kind of fun this one probably one of the fun reads of october being that there's magic in it just like the other magic book and then the last oh i have two more the perishing by natasha dion dion 

i think these are all honestly really good to read for october because this one a black immortal in the 1930s los angeles seeks to recover the memory of her past in the visionary novel that sounds interesting as well that sounds fun and then the last one i have is everything 

we didn't say by nicole bart her neighbors were murdered and her brother becomes the prime suspect now that's a murder mystery i love those so lots of books here but they're all amazing if you're interested again you can use my code for your first book to be 9.99

they have the best options for literally any kind of reader that you are highly highly recommend all these fiction books are just perfect i love book of the month so much thank you guys so much again for sending me these books 

i'm very excited to start reading them so now into the books that i have read in september okay so like i said i did not read a lot of books this month i read five that's not a lot i usually go between like maybe 10 plus but i'm gonna try to be better for October 

i was just again in a slump and then i tried to read a couple books and they weren't really doing it for me but the love hypothesis is doing it for me so i'm gonna finish that probably either today or tomorrow and i said i started it yesterday so that's happy news i'm pretty sure all of these books that i'm about to talk about i have talked about in videos that have come out already because 

i made different videos for the past weeks so i read in five years by who is that by i completely forgot rebecca searle so i heard so many good things about this book i actually saw it on tick tock a bunch of times he got recommended to me i saw him barnes noble on the table 

it sounded very intriguing so basically it's about main character she kind of lives her life by numbers i guess you could say she has it all planned out so one day she gets a promotion and she gets engaged too and it's like the exact timeline that she wants 

but when she goes to sleep that night she kind of wakes up in some random apartment she's never seen before with this guy she's also never seen before and she freaks out because her life is planned that's not her fiance right now and that's not anything that she had planned for her life 

so she wakes back up i think it's like an hour she's there and she's freaking out because she's like oh my god in five years my life is going to be completely changed so she kind of just tries to go throughout her life throughout these years and just avoid that happening but as pieces fall into place obviously she gets into that situation and it does happen i read it two out of five i didn't like 

this book the characters were too bland for me i think the storyline for it being like in the future she could see what happened i think it could have been way not crazier but it could have been a lot more in non-intense i'm not explaining it was just very boring to me understand why the characters or what happened with the way it happened and where the author was going with it.