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Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone Pdf Download

Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone Pdf Download

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Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone Pdf Download

Details of Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone Book

  • Book Name: Midnight Mass 
  • Authors: Sierra Simone 
  • Pages: 311
  • Genre: Fiction, Mystery, 
  • Publish Date:  8 December 2015
  • Language: English

Book review:

Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone this is a 660 page book and i'm not afraid of big books um some of my favorite series are like f all of them are 500 plus pages like i can get done with that it's not a problem but um yeah this dragged yeah just a lot it could have been deleted and we would have been fine just like sped through fast forwarded just something but i didn't hate 

this book um i'd probably give it like two and a half three stars and that maybe that sounds harsh but i'm you know trying to be more harsh with my ratings not to be negative but just i can't rate everything five stars and then all mean the same five stars you know what 

i mean the writing this was a bit verbose but that was the thing that i loved about it if you were the kind of person who likes something for the writing you actually might like this i know i don't remember a lot about the twilight books i haven't read them in years so i don't remember 

if i liked the writing or if i even paid attention to that i just loved the characters but the writing in this was surprisingly nice like i liked it quick note though stands all of the mind reading scenes like in the high school and you know like when they're italicized and you're reading they're it was awful 

it was painful i had to like look away i died of second embarrassment like this i cringed a lot okay but in those times in which basically like he was alone as a character in his own thoughts i was like yeah i'm on board with this like he's not that bad it's still very creepy and 

a lot of the things that he did that like young us didn't realize was creepy or we looked past it i don't know but like the watching her while she sleeps thing how did we think that was cute i don't get that one but i don't want to say that it was justified but like you understood 

where he was at mentally so it made you understand why he did it not that it was okay if that makes sense kind of that for like every problematic thing again she's kind of bound by the fact that she's retelling a book 

so she can't really change it i don't know like i i gave a lot of forgiveness when it came to that it's a retelling so i've been talking a lot about liking the writing and i'm going to read you one or two quick quotes in my fast voice so that you can see what i mean now i felt out of control but not in the same way all my love and yearning and hope were crumbling to dust a thousand centuries of grief stretched out in front of me and i didn't want to pretend anymore 

if i could have no happiness because i was a monster then let me be that monster see see it's kind of good huh seldom do i read books where i have to constantly go and say i've never heard that word before let me look 

it up like it's been a while since i've had to do that but there were quite a few of those and i felt like it was appropriate like he's an oh like i don't know how old he is a couple hundred years old or something like you think that they would have a more developed vocabulary but it's also a teen book 

so there's like a balance that i feel like she actually did strike with this yeah lots of little things like describing the air as gilded air that's nice i like that the clouds were shifting as the sun set every now and then a lance of fading red sunlight would strike my face like it was pretty there were 

some parts in there and there aren't a ton but they were sprinkled in enough to leave the impression that i liked the writing in this book i didn't i just didn't like bella which like is weird right the whole thing of twilight is 

it's told from her perspective and then you end up really liking this character edward most people did and it worked in twilight and with this you would think that the opposite would be true that you would read this and then you would find that you really like this character i did not find that to 

be true at all i did like that we got a bit more of a fleshed out uh characterization of the collins granted it's been years i don't know if we had it in those books i just don't remember but i feel like i know more about like jasper more about rosalie oh something that was cool was understanding through edward's like mind reading power thing about charlie how he can't read his mind and then later her mother renee and the kind of specifically her um the kind of person that 

she was where i remember how bella was more the caretaker to her mother than the other way around and it was less about bella and more about how her mother kind of had this like aura i don't think they used that word um where people just wanted to care for her that was something 

that was interesting um that we got from him being able to kind of read her mind and see how people react around her because he wasn't really affected by that but other people were affected by it it was just an addition that i found memorable there are a lot of notes that i made throughout this that i felt like were important to his thought process and his reasoning and i thought that i was gonna like mention them all in this video there's a lot 

but i'm not though i think that speaks to say that this book really flushed out his thought which of course it's from his perspective of course it should like very much flush out his thoughts and reasoning and like the way he felt and i did a good job of it i will say that it didn't do a good job of making up me at least like bella at all but it did a really good job of making 

me understand him as a character so the balance wasn't struck in that particular area have you guys ever watched dexter or read the books and he has like his silent i can't remember what it's called but like the silent figure silent monster whatever this like duality to himself this 

like dark devil on his shoulder you get it what i'm saying i was really worried that that would be how midnight sun was these italicized little thoughts like oh the monster in me wanted to do or the monster said.

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