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We Never Die by Matt Fraser PDF Download


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We Never Die by Matt Fraser PDF Download

Details of We Never Die by Matt Fraser Book

  • Book Name: We Never Die 
  • Authors: Matt Fraser
  • Pages: 240
  • Genre: Reincarnation
  • Publish Date:  August 23, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

We Never Die by Matt Fraser this was just how crisp and precise the writing was it's descriptive and visual but without excessive time spent building things and yet the world was incredibly apparent very quickly the characters were incredible the heroes that 

Ian chooses all have different strengths and yet they're all so deeply flawed the heroes are flawed in different ways and they are so interesting to read about we spend most of our time with a Tommy Chow who is also known as the whispering blade and she has failed never to unsheath her second blade she has an almost dreamlike tone to her perspective  

I'm really enjoyed reading about her and also in the eight-year-old boy who is leading this quest his story grows as we slowly find out about his past and that times is one of the creepiest characters 

I have ever read and I do have to admit I adore iron guts aesthetic this is a group of characters who really should not work together at all and I was a little unsure at the start how this would progress but we had the most subtle shift of attitudes of action and respect until we had a group that felt really natural working together their growth as a group felt very organic and in no way forced the detail 

in this book is absolutely incredible it's a fairly short book my ebook is 274 pages and yet it never gets bogged down in explaining what we're seeing and I was also never left guessing the creatures and the settings 

the subtle magic weaving its way through all have their place in this world everything had an almost tangible quality and everything had this sense of history the pacing throughout was really spot-on 

the book is kind of divided into two sections the first sections deal with the collecting of the heroes and yet it was never still Oslo the second part of the book deals with bringing the judgment of the Shinigami to the Emperor this resulted in some of the best action and fighting scenes that 

I have read in a long time they were extremely well plotted and really really quite shocking in times it is a standalone and I found it reached a very satisfying conclusion although I did have one or two more questions about the world there is seriously so much more I could talk about in this review but I think it's best if you actually just read 

this book to discover all the details yourself I'm actually planning to buy a physical copy of this book when it is released because I can't wait to reread it and I suspect that Rob J Hayes has managed to get himself.

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