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Shipped by Angie Hockman pdf download


Shipped by Angie Hockman pdf download

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Shipped by Angie Hockman pdf download

Details of Shipped by Angie Hockman Book

  • Book Name: Shipped 
  • Authors: Angie Hockman
  • Pages: 338
  • Genre: Romance novel, Humor, Humorous Fiction
  • Publish Date:  19 January 2021
  • Language: English

Book review:

Shipped by Angie Hockman this book contains both of them so i don't know why it took me so freaking long to read it actually the reason i ended up reading it was because 

those books you gotta read shipt so i was in an airport recently and i saw this in one of the little bookstores there and i was like okay i'm gonna pick it up i read the entire book literally just sitting waiting for my flight and then on the plane home read it in one sitting 

i loved it i thought it was such a cute simple like summer rom-com with a little like enemies to love her spice to it seriously i just loved it so let's talk about it so this story follows a girl named henley 

she is your stereotypical like boss working girl that doesn't have any time left over for herself she is in the process of getting her mba but she is also working full-time at this cruise ship company 

she is the marketing manager there and she is very much focused on her career she has a whole like set list of like all these goals she wants to accomplish like a certain position she wants to achieve by a certain age like she just wants to climb that corporate ladder and she's super driven super like focused on her success basically and henley is a super hard worker and she really gets along with most people 

she works with in her office except for one person her work nemesis named graeme and he is in charge of the social media at the company and they've never actually met in person because he works fully remote but he just grinds hindley's gears because like

i said she's a very hard worker she's really meticulous in what she does she sends like super long super professional like flowery emails and graham responds with like singular words and like that's the most he ever gives her he's really good at what he does but he's just 

a little more chaotic than her like he just he doesn't do everything like to a t in the way that she does he's not like super detail-oriented but the stuff that he does is very very good and she just doesn't get along with him there's also something that happened like 

when they first initially sort of met that just rubbed her the wrong way and just has she's basically marked him as she doesn't like him she doesn't like working with him he drives

her crazy but of course he's very attractive right he's very attractive because he has to be very attractive because that's what makes this story interesting but pretty much at the start of the story we learn that there's a new position opening in the company it is the director of digital marketing 

hindley is on the shortlist for the role and she's super excited thinking oh my god this is perfect this is a great next step for me i'm super excited she goes in to talk to her boss about it and uh they're having a conversation when she hears a little uh wrestling from the phone line 

it's like who's that what's going on uh it turns out graeme is also up for the promotion they are the two like top candidates does this sound like the hating game to you because if it does it does 

it made me so excited when i realized that's what was happening the competition the workplace rivals i love it so much so even though henley and graham are both really good at their jobs in different ways the one thing that they both have in common is that neither one of them 

have actually been on a cruise for their cruise company they've never actually seen first hand what their customers are experiencing which obviously would be very helpful when you're working in marketing to know like what the people want so their boss basically tasks 

them with they both have to go on their least popular cruise to the galapagos islands they have to go on it together and they have to live the life of a normal customer on that cruise and basically each of them has to come up with a marketing proposal at the end of 

the trip to improve revenue get more people to buy tickets et cetera and whoever does a better job is going to get the position so obviously now we've got the whole enemies to lovers stuck on vacation thing happening um it was just a good old time it was summer vibes um at 

the same time that this is going on there's also kind of like a side story with henley's sister where she is like very different from hindley she's very like free spirit floating through life 

you know wants to be like a yoga instructor and it's just figuring things out has a hard time keeping a job so she kind of like reappears in henley's life and needs a little help and wants to stay with 

him lee and hindley's like i'm about to leave for two weeks to go on a cruise you can't stay with me and she's like oh my god cute i'll go with you so her sister ends up joining her on the cruise which adds 

a whole extra kind of fun element to the story we love a good like quirky side character um it just it just adds a little bit extra to the story and i loved it if you've read the layover which if you haven't that's another book that i just feel like is so underrated the layover by lacy walden

 seriously so good this book reminded me so much of that with the banter and the just work nemesis that are together and they're forced to spend time together they're forced to do activities together so you're kind of like forced to bond with one another and obviously like these 

two did not get off to a good start but just being humans oftentimes we don't communicate with one another and just work things out that could have so easily been worked out if we just talked but because they're stuck together now they have like a lot more opportunities to talk 

i don't know this book even gets into some like ideas of just like women in the workplace and what they have to deal with and how it's so much harder not just necessarily harder it is harder but there's just there's big differences in like what men have to do and what women have to do and what's expected of men and how they're perceived versus how women are perceived 

i think that that's a really interesting topic that was able to be touched on and addressed in this book without like taking away from it it was still a good time i love a book that's like good and fun and light 

but also can deal with some like actual issues and topics and gives you something to think about uh it was just very good it was very good i feel like on the back it says it's the on honeymooners meets the hating game 

i see that the hating game is obviously my if you know me is my favorite rom-com of all time so it's hard to truly compare any book to that because that for me is like my top tier but definitely 

if you liked those vibes if you're looking for a summery version of those vibes i promise you will enjoy this book it was a good time and that's all i want to say about 

it because i want you guys to go and read it if you have read shift by angie hoffman i would love to hear your thoughts down below uh if you decide to read it hit me up on instagram send me a.

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