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Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

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Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon pdf

Details of Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon Book

  • Book Name: Today Tonight Tomorrow 
  • Authors: Rachel Lynn Solomon
  • Pages: 400
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: 14 July 2020
  • Language: English

Book review:

Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon this book is about two seniors in high school their names are rowan roth and neil mcnair that is a tongue twister they have been very bitter towards each other since freshman year of high school their whole high school career has been competition with each other their rivals so every com everything that 

they had to do was a competition whether it was test scores or elections even like a gym class um it was everything was always a competition between them they have a couple secrets that are hidden that they don't want anyone to know so mainly one of the reasons why they're 

so like rivals is because of those secrets it is the point of view of rowan roth the teenage girl she writes romance novels but no one knows because everyone is like mean to her about it and so she kind of kept it hidden because 

she doesn't want to hear about it her rival neil happens to be one of those people who teased her about it in the very beginning so she kind of just keeps that hidden and the last competition they have is for being valedictorian for graduation and fortunately uh neil wins that but but rowan realizes that there's one more competition that they she could probably win and it is the howell competition it's a a game that they do it for every senior 

this time around they get to go around all of seattle well the city that they're living in playing a game and trying to figure out all these clues so it's more like a scavenger hunt and throughout that she learns that one of the group of people who are also in the game because every senior is in the game um is trying to beat her and neil out of the competition and she doesn't want that because it's something that she could win over meals so she wants him to lose so badly but she hears 

this girl talking about trying to destroy them and trying to get them out of the game super early so that they don't win and she is always the person who was third place after them and so she kind of has a like a bitter grudge on them so she overhears them 

so she decides to go to neo and partner up and tell him what is going on so that they don't lose and so that the last people standing will be them so reluctantly they say yes to each other and they go on having a little adventure throughout seattle figuring out these things but throughout the whole time that they are being partners rowan realizes that he's more than just a nerdy kid like she learned a lot about him that she didn't know about like secrets that he has been keeping and she learns a lot about him and so does he he learns about 

this list that she had um for being like a high school success success guide that she had written when she was a freshman and one of them was destroying him and so they eventually become friends throughout the competition or the game if you want to call it that she eventually confesses that she had a crush on him when she was a freshman for like 12 days 

whatever but it's cute and it's very romantic and i liked it typically the whole story it just is based around that whole howls game that they have for the seniors and it takes place in like one whole day like maybe two and a half days so from the moment that they get out of school which they go out early 

so they start the competition then and they have until sunday which is a graduation day to finish and like win the game i have every chapter is a different time frame and it's amazing i enjoyed the way the book was written i definitely could not um put the book down when i first started i was kind of like i don't want to read it but that's because i had just finished reading another book so i was like do i want to read another book but i definitely did not regret reading 

this book um it was very easy to read very quick i'm pretty sure you can read it in one sitting um it's a very short book not very long at all it's like 200 something pages and it is a romance book it's kind of like an enemy to lovers trope but never really not much of an enemies i guess it is enemies because

they technically are based off enemies whatever so it mostly centers around that hollow game that i was mentioning they have to do like a scavenger hunt you could say throughout the whole like seattle where they live so they go to different parts of the town every time they're there they learn something about each other reason one of the reasons why they are so like our partner up is because the price is five thousand dollars because they were able to fundraise all 

this money and there was still extra money so they decided to make this price money and so that's why everyone is like so like trying to win this game because you get money out of it but i really really love the relationship between rowan and neo um i would say it's kind of like a like coming of age story 

mainly because it's it's very nostalgic i would say if you're older person like definitely past your 20s definitely out of high school it's a very nostalgic book because it makes you realize kind of some of the things you kind of wish you were able to do in high school that you wish you could have focused on but you really didn't because you were focusing on something else 

i don't know i really really enjoyed their relationship i really liked it they were cute together they're adorable it was like awkward but cute at the same time and they were kind of adorable it's so hard to explain but like they were cute they were cute this book also 

rowan is very like independent woman type of girl she's very i would say feminist um she approaches the woman aspect of like socially as how men and and how society makes women you know like not able to do certain things and how like they could only like romance novels 

it's such a bad thing or something like that like no i focus some parts on that like not the whole entire book but like some of it like that's just her character and who she is so they portray that very well on her as a young person like her age like it's i think it's so good that she knows that and that she knows that she could be more than just what society wants her to be.

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