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The Upside of Falling by Alex Light pdf download

Details of The Upside of Falling by Alex Light Book

  • Book Name: The Upside of Falling
  • Authors: Alex Light
  • Pages: 208
  • Genre: Romance novel, Bildungsroman
  • Publish Date: 18 February 2020
  • Language: English
Book review:

The Upside of Falling by Alex Light this book follows seventeen-year-old Becca Hart a teenager who is a very cynical attitude towards love in real life but loves to read romance novels 

but guys minding her own business in school one day when her former best friend Jenny McHenry accuses her of knowing nothing about love because she has never had a boyfriend as opposed to Jenny who gave up being friends with Becca to join the popular kids and have boyfriends 

which Becca is still upset about this prompts Becca to lie and claim that she knows about love because she has a boyfriend and when Jenny calls her Bluff jock and football player Brett Wells comes to the rescue pretending to be Becca's boyfriend and - Becca's credit she plays along immediately 

Bret and Becca basically create a contract where they each have to pretend to be the other person's boyfriend or girlfriend Becca needs a fake boyfriend to prove to Jenny that she knows about love and also because when Brett swooped in to save her he said that they had been dating for a while 

so Becca now needs to keep up that charade for a bit and Bret needs a fake girlfriend because his dad has been on his case about why Brett has not had a girlfriend in his entire time in high school the reason being that Brett wants to focus on football and doesn't have the time for girls both teens have varying situations going on at home that understandably make them both reluctant to enter relationships and we get to see how those situations play out and how they in turn affect the fake relationship that Becca and Brett have 

this book is written in the first person from two perspectives Brett and Becca's point of views I think the writing style was interesting keep in mind though the main protagonist at birth in high school so it's not like their innermost thoughts are super complex and profound but the writing was still easy to follow and how my engagement long enough for me to finish the book the protagonist themselves are very likeable which is good because 

I find that in a lot of roommates novels I try the main issue they have is just having protagonists that are either annoying and whiny or just awful people Bret is kind caring and a nice guy overall but Becca is also kind smart and caring I also have found the protagonist to be accurately depicted as teenagers are in real life granted there is the whole fake dating thing but other than that their thought processes and actions in real life were pretty on brand for teenagers and not as outlandish as some other rumors novels I've read 

this book showcase several typical teenage romance novel tropes the main being the whole fake dating turning into real dating trope there were also a couple of other elements the book that I find to be common among teenage romance novels including the fact that the parents of 

the protagonist didn't really seem to be aware of everything that their kids noticed for example both kids notice when their moms have cried due to circumstances in their moms respective love lives but the parents fail to recognize that the teenagers know of their sadness in many circumstances the kids appear to be more mature than the adults having to take care of them emotionally at times 

this book was also very fluffy it is definitely the fluffiest fluff that I have ever read the summer but that wasn't a bad thing sometimes I'm just in the mood to read fluffy prose I would rate this book 3.5 stars but like a good 3.5 stars you know I think this book tackled elements such as the effect of divorce and a kid and family various 

hardships the family could go through and how that affects a kid's life in school socially and more it was a very fluffy light and happy read which is good because that's what I expected going into this and that's exactly what I got sometimes it's just nice to read a book where you kind of already know what's gonna happen and you leave feeling satisfied that what you knew would happen happens I think 

this book would be great to read by the pool or the each and it's a good summary read in general it also gave me to all the boys of ever love vibes is probably why I could easily see this be adapted into a Netflix teenage rom-com also one of my main gripes the romance books are 

how unrealistic they can be and I actually know to dance in particular unrealistic events in the book that I wanted to share with you that aren't real spoilers first off there's of course the whole fake dating in high school thing 

which just doesn't happen in real life but my next few points are more important though second there's a scene in the book Rebecca and Brett go to some fast food place on their way back from a senior swamp party you can't make this kind of stuff up and breath steal some of Becca's fries and she's not annoyed and honestly that's the point when I realized that 

this book would never happen in real life because as a human woman and not secretly Rihanna in disguise I would never share my fries with anyone one might even say that that was rude boy and last but not least Becca's care for you in the book is 1 a.m. and like my only one in the world that finds that unrealistic my dad would make sure my curfew during high school was 11 p.m. 

he would literally stay up all night until I got home at that time in what world is a teenager allowed to stay up until 1:00 a.m. I will say this before I start to spoil the report section of the video but they're not having any previous boyfriends does not mean that she doesn't know a love is and Brett's reason for not dating which is that he just doesn't want to are both valid 

so now on to the spoilery part of the video and to everyone that is watching this that wants to read the book alas I'm afraid this is where we must part our ways moving on I also taught the book handle Bret and Becca's family situations really well I honestly didn't expect 

Bret's dad to be cheating on his mom and I kind of thought that when Brett found his dad sneaking around with another woman it would be a co-worker or something and everything would turn out to be just fine I also didn't expect Becca's dad to be living so close to his old family you'd think that after he left Becca and her mom that 

he would have settled down with this new family someplace farther away I certainly didn't expect Becca to actually go into his new house when his new wife invite her in much less confront her dad at the end of the book not gonna lie I thought his answer to her question at the end was weak some things that I definitely saw coming a mile 

away included brett breaking up with becca after the whole cheating thing happened at that one party in the book and brett punching his dad I didn't really understand his logic for the break-up saying that him dating Becca was an extension of what his father wanted for him to do and I guess the moment he wanted nothing to do with his dad 

so which I kind of understand but I don't think the logical thing to do is to break up with the one friend you have that actually cares about your feelings and well-being without having an agenda or dismissing any of your feelings but that's romance novel logic for you also 

they never really resolved what Brett was going to do about his football career seeing as that dream was his dad's and Brett kind of got disillusioned with his dad after the cheating turned out to be true right kept on saying that he was going to stay on the team so that he wouldn't let his friends down.