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Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert PDF Download


Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert PDF Download

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Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert PDF Download

Details About Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert PDF

  • Novel Title: Court of the Vampire Queen 
  • Author: Katee Robert 
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages:496
  • Publish Date: September 6, 2022
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert this a book one of my book talks and the reason i'm calling it a book talk is because after having read nine books in this series the only thing that i can tell you that 

this book is about is about vampires blood and orgies that is it there is no if the book is the books are all over the place there's no substance there's no connection between the characters so basically let me tell you the premise and then we can kind of go from there so in queen takes night it starts off with the  this character 

this girl her name is sahara and her mother has been murdered and she's alone and she's on the run from these what she calls monsters and she's somewhere in arkansas and she has to protect herself because every month when she menstruates 

these monsters sort of come after her and try to kill her because they're attracted to the blood and so she has to do things to protect herself so while she's fighting off these terrible monsters excuse me these two other characters these two other these two other like vampires basically come and aid her and assist her in killing the monsters and protecting her 

so then she recognizes that these two other characters are good guys and one's name is alaric and the other one's name is um darian i believe is what his name is and so dare is what his name is 

so they protect her so they then explained to her her lineage that she is a vampire queen from a long lineage of vampire queens and the two alaric and dare are part of what are called her blood her alpha is a lark and dare is one of her like warriors but they call him her blood and and a female vampire can have because 

this is a reverse harem can have as many bloods as she sees fit or that she calls to her based on how powerful she is and the more powerful she is the more bloods that she calls to her 

so in each book a new blood is added to her and so there is really no connection the only one that i feel like she has a strong connection to is between dare elarik and sahara and then everything 

else is just a reverse harem orgy there's no point to the story it's supposed to be about playing chess and about the queens are the most powerful pieces on the board and so it's sort of a game of thrones type intrigue to take power each queen has a sort of city that

she rules over and it could be new york it could be the southern region it could be las vegas and the longer that the queen reigns the more powerful she is and so you know each of the books then is about sahara coming into her power taking on a new blood or a new warrior and then them finding the place in the harem so but 

this is the beginning with the three so then we dude queen takes king and the king that she finds is you know he's chained in darkness and she basically is determining you know because kings are very volatile and her alpha is always going to be her alpha so she is going to take on 

this king and like what that means he becomes you know part of her harem and whether or not he's going to acquiesce to her rule then it's queen takes checkmate again it's more of the political intrigue it's more of the infighting amongst the queens and what move are you going to make next and how is that going to play out in the grander scheme of overall like who is going to be um who's going to prevail and who's going to take power pretty much and again like i said it is a reverse harem and so 

this is the god of light has met his match but whose life will be the red whose life will the red serpent claim so you know the queen of new york has been added to the millions of responsibilities of shahara's list of responsibilities so the things that she has to take care of and what she's more responsible for are growing and growing 

then it's queen take rook again it's another piece in the the bigger story and it's a showdown between house sky and the um house issa door that's sahara's house and who was going to come out on top and through all of these books this the next one is queen takes queen 

so now these are all m m f f m m f now she's adding ff because now she's taking a queen into her harem as well so this is about her adding a queen to her harem this is a little bit more the backstory of the queen's of this this queen that she adds to the harem 

this is her backstory here then it goes totally off the rails and it brings in the queen of camelot because now she added a sister queen and so we needed to understand the queen of camelot and lancelot and arthur and all their story so i was like where did that come from 

random didn't understand how it fit into the grander scheme of things and then queen takes triune that is like now she is you know virtually becoming the most powerful part or the most powerful queen in all of the houses and how she is going to overcome and again like 

then it's you know you have a final little wrap-up of queen takes more and after having read all of these books right i felt unfulfilled confused again it did all it felt like was that it was one big bloody orgy there was nothing more than a big bloody orgy that happened and there was no real connection and link and understanding and commitment amongst the characters 

other than rick ulrich the alpha was completely dedicated to sahara but she also was completely dedicated to him and then also between dare and where dare so they tried to bring in elements of like bdsm submissives mm mmf like it just was like a hot mess it just tried to 

do too much and it didn't it did it it fell so flat like it was it's supposed to be a paranormal romance with you know a reverse heron with a touch of you know um mm and multiple factors in and it just didn't do it so all in all i gave this series a three would i read it again absolutely 

not do i recommend it up to you if you like bloody reverse harems that have not a lot of plot and that are all over the place and that you walk away still feeling unfulfilled and still feeling like did you get your ata i guess but like i don't even understand how so i'm i'm happy to tap out 

now if i were to just have read queen takes knight the first book and she wrapped it up i didn't need nine books to get all of that like one book could have gotten it and could have done it and that would have been good enough so you know that is my you know take on jolie sue burkhart will i read anything else by her probably not um i think i've tested 

the waters with that and gotten what i felt like i needed from that and probably won't go back so having said all of that those are my thoughts on the queen takes night series and i think it's an ongoing it has to be an ongoing series because there was a conversation about you 

know you can only have a child with your alpha the alpha is the only one that's you know possible you talk they talked about it in eight books by the ninth book she's like i'm gonna you know i'm gonna she's so committed to her outfit but then she's like i'm gonna have multiple children with multiple of my bloods in my harem and so you don't even know 

if that's possible it made it sound like you were gonna get that but then you still are not there and the story is going in a different direction with other queens coming into it was just a mess and all over the place so you know read it at your own risk if that's something that you're into and you want to check out have at it go for it but you guys that is all that 

i have i'm going to try to get back to regular filming as i'm filming feeling better i'm still doing reading i have another series that i want to get to you on friday so i think i probably will do that but i wanted to get you something so that you could hear from me and know that i'm still here.