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Kingston by Leila James Pdf Download

Details of No Plan B by Lee Child & Andrew Child Book

  • Book Name: No Plan B 
  • Authors: Lee Child & Andrew Child 
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction
  • Publish Date: 25 October 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Kingston by Leila James this one is about Ruby Grace who has just returned from college and she is preparing her wedding to a politician who's 25 and she's 19 and is she's kind of been born and bred to be at the politicians wife that's her father is the mayor of the town and so everybody thinks 

that she's gonna be the perfect politician's wife and then she is going to buy a whiskey barrel for her future husband and meets Noah Becker note was 28 years old and he loves his whiskey he is of what barrel maker so he's really 

good at what he does it's been in the family business for a while some things happen though with family drama not a small town that 

family drama Ruby grace ends up actually becoming friends with Noah even though he kind of sees her as stuck up and like preppy she shows him her true colors they become friends and up romance blossoms though she does have a fiance it's really cute I love a small-town feel 

I love how Ruby Grace really felt the repercussions of her actions because if she's living in a small town and it was so good I gave it five out of five stars you don't need to pick it up right now because it's don't sail right 

now so go check it out the next one pretty sure takes place in a small town that is say you'll say by Corrine Michaels the main character she has two sons and her husband recently experienced a tragedy so she has to move back home and she kind of falls in love with someone on a ranch and it's really cute it's very quintessential southern romance 

this is a really cute really heartbreaking heartwarming romance this is also a second-chance romance and so it's her second chance of having sermons with this guy that she left behind before she got married to her husband and it's really good the next three I have her in series but the first one

I have is the hope series by JC Burton or Jackie Burton I don't know how to say your first name but this is a book seven in the series I didn't feel like all going all the way down to grab my book one I think I've read the first six in this series they all take place and hope Oklahoma 

so a lot of small town romances take place and those kind of like country states not saying all of Oklahoma is country but when you think about it you think of Oklahoma okay and so they're all super adorable I've read them a long time ago when they came out so it's a little 

fuzzy on the romances but I remember them being super cute all the characters are really more towards their late 20s early 30s which I really appreciate I do like myself characters who are out of college and have theirs mostly have their lives together know what they're doing and so I really like 

this and I love this series I'm going to say the next series I read while I was in college that was a long time ago but I loved it and that is the Colorado mountain series by Kristen Ashley again I think this is book six in the series but five the rest are up there and they go by like first up to it through the series I did not feel like any number one down but I honestly can't really remember what 

this series is about but I remember it being really really good and these have such high ratings on Goodreads everybody loves Emily I think of Kristen Ashley they can think of this series and some other series but 

this is one of her well known series it is small town and I really remember enjoying it if you're interested go check them out on Goodreads I can't tell you the synopsis the first ones the gamble and I read through all of them while I was in college and I love them and they're pretty chunky books like 

this is a shortest book in the series so check them out the next series is by Samantha young and that is the heart boardwalk series the first one is the one real thing and then we have every little thing and I believe 

she just published on her own book three in the series so these two with Berkeley and I think she South published a third one at which I haven't read yet and I believe it just came out these are more I think they're it's like a beach town and the first one is

this doctor comes into town she's trying to figure out the owner of these letters she thought at a woman's correction facility in to seeing if this person ever received the letter or not and so she goes to find out and she runs into this guy who's divorced who owns a on the boardwalk and it's their romance 

this one it was one I was really excited for because it was hinted at in book 1 and it is a hate to love romance between a guy whose I believe he's building a in or hotel and he's kind of like the outsider 

she I believe owns an inn it's a little fuzzy it's not a while since I read these but they're really really great seaside town small town romances and I really enjoyed them the next series I've only read book 1 but I really want to read the rest and that is the Alabama summer series with where I belong first by Jay Daniels 

this is about a girl who is coming back into town after being gone for a while and she hooks up with the guy she meets at a bar and then she goes to her best friend's house and she figures out that the guy 

she hooked up with is actually your best friend's older brother who was the bane of her existence when they were children so it's kind of an enemies to lovers then Kelley is determined to show her he is serious about

her and not the same boy from before and he's a cop which I love that trope and it's super cute super fun they live in Alabama like you can't get more southern small-town than with this series and I loved it the last book I have to share with you is archers so I mean Sheridan 

this one's actually a standalone and it takes place in a small town where Archer lives and he's kind of like the outcast and nobody wants to get close to him he's kind of like a recluse kind of thing and there's lots of rumors going out about him and his past and then this girl lives into town 

she has actually one who befriends Archer despite what everybody says and it's their romance and it's very heartwarming and I really need to reread it because like I said about every other book.