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Better Off Dead by Lee Child PDF Download


Better Off Dead by Lee Child PDF Download

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Better Off Dead by Lee Child PDF Download

Details of No Plan B by Lee Child & Andrew Child Book

  • Book Name: Better Off Dead  
  • Authors: Lee Child & Andrew Child 
  • Pages: 287
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Adventure fiction
  • Publish Date: 26 October 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Better Off Dead by Lee Child  this book grabs you from the jump and you're on for 57.58 chapter ride roughly thereabouts and it's really good i did actually get it in kindle format 

i was able to listen to a little bit of the audio book format a little bit that they sent me and i can tell you scott brick does a wonderful job as the article narrator jack reacher is in full form full brunt i'm thinking 

now andrew child and lee child the two brothers are working in tandem to tell perfect jack richards stories or at least i hope that is the case that this is not a one-off thing and i'm not gushing about it because i got it for free because you know i got i got uh the sentinel for free 

i did not gush about that one but this one is queen of c to read reacher it even introduces another character michaela fenton who in her own self is a badass she served uh in the army intelligence in

the iraq war and she's searching for her brother that is the impetus for richard to get involved as richard helps out out a fellow army vet she's got some special things about her that i'm not going to spoil the main villain doan decker or don decker at least that's how uh scott brick says it 

so i'm gonna i'm gonna go with scott brick knowing how to say it the main villain done decker kind of feels like a james bondian blowfield to me because he's the character that's he's talked about on screen a lot but he's not on screen a lot the search for dawn decker is the majority of the book the twists and turns and the edge of your seat sitting the armrest clinching vibe the page turning vibe i literally read 

this book in about three days and i could have read it a lot faster it is a fast read i have been told that the audiobook is about nine hours and ten minutes long uh by them and i'm gonna actually read you a little excerpt from from some of the press that they sent me so we'll

i will get that out once if this wakes up and that is this is from their words and i actually could not agree more better off dead it is a quintessential jack reacher narrow filled with all the cinematic fight scenes post-pounding plot or propulsive plotting and unforgettable dialogue you've come to love as a matter of fact reacher says nothing is one of my favorite lines favorite sentences that in a read your book and it is prevalent it is prominent in 

this book because i like how richard just waits for other people to say things around him better off dead is back to being a quintessential reacher book it's there it's a book that once again shows why i love the jack creatures series why i keep sticking it out with the jack richards series while i gave sentinel i believe a four out of five this is a total five out of five i completely love 

this book for many many reasons it's out now it's 28.99 in hardback it is 14.99 on ebook if you are a jack reacher fan and you're looking for a good popcorn style action book grant it's not going to be like this work of masterpiece fiction it's not going to be contemporary fiction it's not going to win really any awards as far as rt fonty fiction goes but it is good blockbuster popcorn fiction 

it is i enjoy getting richer novels every year i enjoy getting walmart novels every year and harry bosch novels every year and lucas davenport novels every year and so on and so forth he is a quintessential character that if you like um jack reacher and the travis mcgee kind of vein of character you're going to love better off dead it is it is much more straightforward actiony fun.