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The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon pdf download


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The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon pdf download

Details of The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon Book

  • Book Name: The Ex Talk 
  • Authors: Rachel Lynn Solomon
  • Pages: 306
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date:  8 June 2021
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon i got through the rift bodice which i love because they send me diverse really well written romance two books every month and i devour them and now i don't even have to go to the store anymore up in culver city drive all the way to la nope 

now romance comes right directly to me if you're not familiar yet with the rift bodice they're one of my favorite independent bookstores and they're set in culver city up in near la and they are a romance dedicated bookstore 

so they're here to help celebrate romance and y'all know my feelings on romance novels i think that they are a really really vital part of the publishing industry and they're often underlooked so i was super excited 

when i could support the rip bodice i don't live near them but i could support them through a subscription to their store to their read romance and repeat not only does it come with two books a month but it also has some fun local artisan stuff in it like 

i got a soap one single hand lotion another time it's really great and it includes letters to the authors with some background information so it's a really great program they are not paying me for this this is not an advertisement that's just how much i love being a part of this romance 

book club i've gotten about six books from them so far and this one though has been my favorite and it is the x talk by rachel lynn solomon now i recognize that i'm a little biased because i don't know 

if you all know this but i interned for a bit in the legal department at oregon public broadcasting while i was in oregon going to law school even before then i had a soft spot for public radio but 

i have a major soft spot for public radio after having worked there it is such an amazing just like tight-knit wonderful group of people with really high journalistic integrity that also loved telling stories they were friendly and wonderful so i shout out to oregon public broadcasting i have a great soft spot in my heart for them which is why the x talk was one of my favorite 

books that i've read about love because it's sat in a seattle public radio station the premise is that two co-workers who don't like each other pretend to be exes so they can have a popular new podcast and show to try to save the station sounds like a great romance trope right 

i loved it it was the writing was witty and fun it dealt with grief in really beautiful ways it dealt with loneliness and really beautiful ways it dealt with that hard period in your mid-20s when you really want to be grown up but you're not quite grown up yet it dealt with all those wonderful romance tropes of like enemies becoming limas kind of stuff that

i love and it just had some really beautiful powerful moments about women's liberation and business about podcasting if you're a podcast fan hello listening podcast podcasting it was overall really

fun and hilarious and also relatable at the same time i just loved it and not just because it's set in public radio but also because it's a really well written book once again it's the x talk by rachel lynn solomon 

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