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The Silent Woman by Minka Kent PDF download

Details of The Silent Woman by Minka Kent Book

  • Book Name: The Silent Woman 
  • Authors: Minka Kent 
  • Pages: 512
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: September 27, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Silent Woman by Minka Kent this book is a new romance it is about two best friends and her name is think our name is rose I'm not sure who the guys name is but she's best friends with a boy pretty much 

all through her life and she just never acted on her feelings cuz she didn't want to get hurt she was pitch fry to getting hurt so she kept all her feelings to herself and she has a boyfriend he has a girlfriend 

well roses boyfriend dumps him or dumps her and she is now moving in with her best friend that she has some strong feelings for well he has a girlfriend and she is just not tolerating this whatsoever and all kinds of crap 

just ends up happening and I'm assuming because it's a contemporary romance set these two best friends will fall in love and Conda rootin for them already so we'll see so the next one I have is called Lana's X prom date 

it's a why a contemporary romance and from what I get from the synopsis is Lena is going to be attending her senior prom and she's got everything ready to go she's got her date she's got her limo she's got her dress 

I mean she is ready to rock the her senior prom she is so ready to go and then BAM the boyfriend dumps her so I don't know if it's gonna be like does he still take her does I mean what's the X prom date does the ex take her 

I don't know I don't know guys moving on from the young adult contemporary romance I'd picked up the thriller that got released at the end of January by Sarah denzel called silent child and this is about 

a boy who back in the summer of two thousand six he was six years old and everybody thinks that he drowned in the river by this house and the mom is out there watching the police fish out the red coat that 

he had on that day so for all this time the mom is thinking that you know her six-year-old son has passed away and then fast forward 10 years mom is doing great she's you know in a new marriage she's pregnant 

then out of nowhere guess who shows up on the door the sun and not only does he show up but he has no idea how to communicate he can't talk nobody knows what's going on perfect for me I can't wait 

this book is called just the two of us it's from George Georgie Capra and this is described as a adult contemporary romance in its it's told like finding love and unexpected places and it's supposed to make you feel good cry laughs it's just one of those sweet romance books

I mean every chick likes this right is it just me I can't be just many Oh the next one is called textear lovers and this is about a female I think she's in her 20s she has a boyfriend and she walks in on him making out with some chick and crazy she seizes ring on hit on this new 

you know on this girl's finger and it's like this huge rock will come to find out her boyfriend has just asked this other girl to marry him so she's freaking out she calls her best friend they go to the bar she gets totally shit-faced she starts sending off all these crazy texts messages to 

this guy who just did her wrong and it ends up going to somebody else's phone and he is communicating back and forth with her now and I'm just thinking that it's just going to be one of those roll on the floor laughing comedy romances and so I have to end this off with a psychological thriller 

so we have one that is called the memory watcher and it's from Minka Kent and it was published in january of this year and this is about a woman who many years ago was pregnant gave up her pregnant child for adoption and now fast-forward I don't know how many years but she finds the family that adopted her child on social media.

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