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Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Pdf Download


Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Pdf Download

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Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Pdf Download

Details of Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand Book

  • Book Name: Unbroken 
  • Authors: Laura Hillenbrand
  • Pages: 311
  • Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Police procedural
  • Publish Date:  1 September 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand this is a book that was recommended to me a million times over over the course of the last year there are a lot of people who i know who don't read a lot of books but they ended up picking up this book and completely raving about it and telling me that 

i absolutely had to read it i was a little bit hesitant and i kind of wanted to wait a little bit to see if i would actually like this book or not or whether or not it was all hype and things like that 

but i mean this book was getting rave reviews literally everywhere this book covers basically lewis's entire life the very beginning starts off with the plane crash that happens and then after that you sort of flash back 

you find out a lot about his childhood and his family and what he was like growing up it's really funny because all of that stuff sort of bothered me just a little bit because i didn't really seem to like louis too much as a person in the beginning of the story he seemed a little bit like a brat during the first hundred pages i was just like man i'm not enjoying 

this book but i also knew at the same time that i wasn't really into the real story yet so i just kept pushing through and then after the 100 page mark though it picks up especially since the book starts off with the plane crash 

i kind of just wanted to get to the plane crash because i knew that's where the real story would get started and then once you get to the plane crash i just couldn't put this book down reading this book it's just absolutely insane because all the things that lewis and his other pows had to go through to survive and last during this time period is just so insane 

this plane crashes in the middle of the ocean while they're on their way to asia he is literally lost at sea for over a month and then eventually he lands up on the shores of japan and then he's taken as a prisoner of war and just the things he has to deal with as a prisoner of war is just unimaginable over and over again

i'm just like how are these guys surviving in these situations they're tortured and they are starved and they get a little medical attention even though they seem to be suffering from so many different diseases it's just completely astonishing that anyone was able to come out of 

this situation alive at all and the story doesn't just end at the end of world war ii it shows the after effects of the war on all the different soldiers lives one of the major criticisms i've seen of 

this book is the fact that you do have to sort of take these stories with a grain of salt you do have to wonder how reliable their memory is especially after you know decades and how much of it was sort of fabricated or changed or even just the general idea of like people's memories aren't 100 so how much of 

this is really what happened and how much is this is just what they think happened in the end i ended up giving this book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads if you're someone who's interested in world war ii or biographies or non-fiction books in general i definitely think

this is worth picking up if you're someone who doesn't normally read nonfiction books i'm not necessarily sure if this is the best one to pick up because there are parts of it that are a little bit slower and a little bit harder to get through i will admit that 

there were sections where i was just kind of skimming because she was just sort of giving general history about world war ii and not that that's not interesting i was more interested in the general plot line that was going through so anytime it would diverge.

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