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You Are The Best Wife By Ajay K Pandey Pdf Download


You Are The Best Wife By Ajay K Pandey

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You Are The Best Wife By Ajay K Pandey Pdf Download

Details of Everything I Never Told You  Book

  • Book Name: Everything I Never Told You 
  • Authors: Ajay K Pandey 
  • Pages: 216
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: 18 November 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

You Are The Best Wife By Ajay K Pandey this book is based on the true love story of Ajay and his wife Bhavna that touched me and it also charmed at the same time. 

The book tell us the story about Ajay and his wife Bhavna. Ajay sees bhavna for the first time when he joins his (IERT)engineering college. they both study in the college and from there ajay falls in love with her. 

Marrying outside of one's cast in india and especially in northern india is a taboo; so here bhavna and ajay belonging from different caste find it difficult to convince their family for their marriage but finally after a long period of engagement and equally intense period of family melodrama they both managed to convince their families and finally they both get get married. after marrying each other they are the happiest couple and that is what they both wanted from their life but their enchanted life is shattered when bhavna falls fatally sick from the dengue fever and her death tears the two of them apart.

To trace how this happen you have need to finish this novel. "you are the best wife" is written in such a loving and passionate tone. that is really difficult not to fall in love with such a story the story has two parts the happiest one and the second is the truth of the life the happiest one is for those who believe in perfect ending the author suggested to read the book till the happiest part but those who wish to explore the truth of author life then the second part is also for them. 

By the end i was so infused in the story of ajay and bhavna that i found myself crying while reading the last few pages a story is so pure with a cruel twist that it is impossible not to feel connected for the characters. The book is written with the prime motive of keeping bhavna's memories and their love story immortals. 

I will review this book through five points the first is plot; second is character; third is writing style; fourth is climax and the last is entertainment; for the plot i will give this four out of five to character to character i will give 4.5 out of 5. i believe that this is the best thing about "you are the best wife" that it has the ability to make the readers feel the same pain which the characters do. 

Now moving forward the third is writing style to writing style i will give four out of five i like the writing style of the author it is simple without any drama i didn't feel that it was his first book the incident were described so clearly the college ragging, his first meeting with bhavna, fresher's party, bhavna come to pune for diwali and so many other occasions which they enjoyed together. 

To the climax i will give four out of five although the climax is predictable but at the same time it is painful and intense. Entertainment i will give four out of five The narratives are interspersed with some really beautiful quotes from bhavna which will surely make your heart melt Two such quotes which are my favorite are the first is "There are two kind of personalities.

There are those who have everything and still complain as if they have nothing and there are those who lose everything and act like life has given them everything. Sometimes both these personalities exist in the same soul. Kill the first one and love the second one". 

The second quote is" life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away". I end this review by rating this book 4.5 star. 

The last minute conclusion is if you like passionate but not necessarily happy love stories then go for this book this book is for you. and if you have already read this book then please share your feelings what you feel about this book in the comment section and also if you want me to review any particular book then feel free and comment me down below in the comment section.