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Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo book pdf download


Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo

Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo book pdf download

Details of Do Epic Shit

  • Book Name: Do Epic Shit
  • Authors: Ankur Warikoo
  • Pages: 312 
  • Publish Date:  27 December 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Self-help book

Book Review 

If you watch a lot of content on youtube then you might have come across Ankur various videos with over one million subscribers on youtube uncle varicose has created quite a name for himself 

So when he announced the release of his first book Do epic Shit, fans including me were ecstatic did the book live up to my expectations is it worth the hype 

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur a highly sought after public speaker angel investor a very popular YouTuber and the founder of 

His content is deep witty and brutally honest his thoughts on success and failure productivity money and finances investing relationships appeal to people across all ages and perhaps that is why he is one of India's top YouTubers 

Do Epic Shit is  Warikoo debut book in which she shares his thoughts about different aspects of life in various words this book is a reminder of how life happens to all of us in a similar yet unequal fashion 

The book is divided into six chapters success and failure, habits, awareness, entrepreneurship, money, relationships 

Warikoo shares his failures and what he learned from them and how these failures help him in becoming the person he is today he says that failure isn't the end of the world surely not the end of you he shares his own set of failures and rejections not once but several times in the book 

He shares how he had appeared for JEE twice and didn't clear it, he also tried IIT for MSC in Physics but didn't clear 

Warikoo also recalls the time he went to u.s but eventually dropped out of his PhD and returned to India he was just 24 years old 

at the time everybody including his family was in shock Warikoo has seen multiple failures in his life but that didn't stop him from trying and taking risks 

That is really inspiring and appreciable of all the chapters I found the chapter on money as the most insightful 

When he shares about the mistakes he made with his money I could identify with him he talks about the money mistakes to avoid and the lies which we are told about money and now most of these things 

I know now with experience but I wish somebody had told these things to me when I was in my twenties

In the end, Warikoo has written some brief letters to his kids which are just lovely there is a lot in this book that you can relate to and a lot you can learn 

some thoughts shared here will inspire you well some will hit you hard and force you to think and all this is conveyed in simple and easy to understand language

I like the format of the book, you can literally open any page and it will make sense Warikoo suggests opening a random page every day and reading one or two pages and then reflecting upon them 

I feel this is the best way to read this book if you actually want to gain something out of it this book is a curated collection of Warikoo social media content on various aspects of life 

Warikoo himself says in the introduction of the book that this book is a compilation of his thoughts that he has shared on different social media platforms in the past 12 months 

So from the beginning, I knew what to expect still I was a bit disappointed most of the content in this book is a repetition of what we have already seen in his videos 

I had lots of expectations from this book but this book turned out to be an assortment of scripts of his previous videos 

Content structuring is also a bit off and there is no proper pattern after a point I felt that there is nothing new in the book and it is all repetitive because I had heard the same things in the same words from the very same person

In an action go for this book if you haven't watched a lot of Ankur Warikoo  videos you will surely love it then 

If you are a big fan of Ankur Warikoo and you have to have this book on your bookshelf then don't keep your expectations too high 

So this was my review of Do Epic Shit, by Ankur Warikoo have you read this book if yes then do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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