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Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson

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Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson Pdf Download

Details of Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson Book

  • Book Name: Grown 
  • Authors: Tiffany D. Jackson 
  • Pages: 317
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological Fiction
  • Publish Date: 15 September 2020
  • Language: English

Book review:

Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson this talent competition at the talent competition she meets corey fields and corey fields is the super famous r b singer and she admires him and loves his music and he ends up sort of becoming her musical mentor and things kind of go from there in like a very alia-esque um reminiscent fashion 

It turns into almost like a murder mystery because we encounter like these flash um these flashes forward um between the present day where cory field is murdered which is not a spoiler because you find that out at the beginning of the story but uh present day 

when cory fields is murdered and sort of finding out what has happened and then these flashbacks taking us from the beginning straight through what i think is so great about groan and a lot of people's critiques about this is the fact that it is very similar to the r kelly story and for those of us that do are very familiar 

With all of the details of the r kelly story you kind of know what's going on but what i think is so important about grown by tiffany d jackson is this we all know what happened with r kelly we know that our kelly is guilty however and this is coming from somebody that teaches high school

Students and i also know people like this there are people that even though with all of this all of the mountain of evidence that we have against r kelly the fact that he married leah the fact that he literally was like holding girls in a home against their will and sort of brainwashing them the fact that 

he literally had he himself and the people around him were scouting like playgrounds like high schools and middle schools for his next victims even with all of the surmountable evidence against our kelly there are people that still hold very strongly that the world is just out to get another black man 

That r kelly didn't do anything wrong that these girls wanted it you know all of these different reasons like sort of blaming the victims dismissing all of these claims and not only are there people that believe in r kelly and still worship r kelly there are people that talk like this around their children this is a why a book and there are i have had students because of course 

I have very real conversations in my classroom um and i you know topics pop culture topics come up in class and i have had students vehemently defend r kelly i have talked to younger people that just continue to sort of like parrot the rhetoric defending r kelly and they hear all of this coming from their parents their aunts their uncles people in their lives 

They in their minds have begun to really attached to them attach themselves to that sort of rhetoric that um dismisses the claims of black women that you know victim blames that um that just does all of this stuff even though they're not even in the age group where you just grew up listening to r kelly 

I personally i come from a family that did not listen to r kelly um you know i of course i heard like the songs you know the um i believe i can fly it wasn't my graduation song um it wasn't my my elementary school song at all um but i did hear r kelly's music you know outside of my home but it was 

I wasn't raised in sort of that like this is an r kelly household we're playing step in the name of love at family functions we play gospel music so that wasn't like a a thing for me but there are kids that literally just these uh the adults around them have really turned them into r kelly defenders 

So since this is a why a book since grown is a why a book i think that young people need to read this and because it you know piece by piece really deconstructs all of those arguments that people have to defend our kelly we see um enchanted you know sort of um parroting 

A lot of these conversations like in her own head parroting a lot of the rhetoric in her own head you know even to the point where she is like um she's sort of showing that process of you know brainwashing and that cycle of abuse where she becomes very dependent on him 

He shows her that she care that he cares and you know sort of like he and this is where this is where the the title groan really comes in where he says you know there aren't girls like you um there aren't other girls like you your age you're very like you're very grown you're you're very mature for 

Your age you have very mature tastes sort of like grooming her like literally grooming her and so you see that process and there's no possible way that after reading this book you can say that somebody like an r kelly isn't a predator and i think that that's very very important because you know you know kids are very aware of a lot of things that are going on 

Now but also at the same time a lot of them are in households where they listen to the adults in their lives and what they're saying and a lot of their takes on social justice and different issues that are going on in the world today and they begin to repeat that along with attaching themselves to 

A lot of the rhetoric and a lot of the things that people say online because there is a very large community of archely defenders online on twitter i think that groan does a really good job of laying it out 

You know and sort of seeing the way that money money can really get people to do some disgusting things and the money definitely made enchanted parents turn a blind eye to a lot of the things that were happening 

You see corey feels buying them getting them tickets to concerts introducing them to celebrities paying tuition it's that it's that thing that r kelly intentionally targeted girls from um from less fortunate backgrounds from uh poor communities um and 

You know from the hood and where people literally would turn an eye if he wrote a check and if they were taken care of and then you see the people around around enchanted in this story the kids the um corey fields team turning a blind eye knowing exactly what's going on but just like 

You know looking away walking out of the room while they know exactly what he is doing and it has a lot of the elements of r kelly's story the story of you know r kelly and his victims but it does it in a way where kids and younger people can read this without necessarily all of like the the possibly like triggering some of the possible possibly like super intense details 

you know because i mean the details of the r kelly case are deeply disturbing um the things that he did but it it sort of it definitely makes it a little bit more gritty and accessible for younger people where they go into this seeing the murder mystery and then it takes them on this ride where you see what happens when people fail you when the people around 

You the adults the people that are supposed to be responsible for you fail you and so i think that really at the end of the day you know simply saying that tiffany jackson is retelling the story of r kelly does 

It a disservice she really goes beyond just the rumors the allegations and the blatant industry cover-up of the actions of r kelly r kelly's abuse of minors for like over 20 years since like the early 90s and really just gives voice to a young girl that was completely manipulated by the man that 

She thought was her mentor and looked up to as a mentor she touches on the failures and the complacence of the music industry complacency of those closest to the perpetrators and really most importantly the failure of the justice system failure the justice system in society to really protect black women really piling on that failure 

by then not believing the women that they failed this is really you know of course it's set up as a murder mystery but but groan is really it's full of all of these twists and these turns and and moments where you really almost don't know who to trust you really close this book with the sobering realization that this fictional enchanted tale is the reality of so many black girls out there.

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