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A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond

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A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond PDF Download

Details of A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond Book

  • Book Name: A Day With No Words 
  • Authors: Tiffany Hammond 
  • Pages: 48
  • Genre: Growing Up & Facts of Life 
  • Publish Date: 09 May 2023
  • Language: English

Book review:

On March First, many people take a break from speaking to communicate by writing. The concept of silence on this day has inspired many people to write about the importance of words. Many poets use the word 'word' to describe the essence of their thoughts and emotions. 

Many works of literature are created using the ideas that come from speaking without thinking. Everyone benefits from the expression of thoughts and emotions through writing.

One famous work written without words was Winston Churchill's speech 'Titanic.' In this speech, Churchill used images and analogies to express his thoughts and emotions. Other speeches written without words included Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech. 

In each of these speeches, people used words to show their patriotism, faith, and hopes for a better future. In addition, works like Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Shakespeare's plays helped shape the history of culture and society. Although works like these take months to create, they would never be as impactful without words.

On March First in 2014, Ms. Hammond chose to teach her students about the power of communication by having them practice wordlessness- or a day without words. The goal of this exercise was for her students to understand how important words are in life. 

By removing the use of words from their daily lives, her students would learn how to better listen and communicate with others. This would help them understand others' thoughts and feelings so they could build friendships with everyone they met. By understanding these things, people could live in an honest and transparent world!

Tiffany Hammond was a student at San Diego State University in the 1980s who tragically died in a car accident at the age of 23. During her college years, she became involved with the Black Student Union on campus. 

After she graduated college, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a personal trainer and model. However, Hammond later focused on being a mother and homemaker after her son was born in 1989. She remained devoted to her family throughout her short life while fighting childhood cancer.

Ms. Hammond is remembered for inspiring others through her love for humanity; she forgave everyone who had wronged her throughout her life through letters written wordlessly on her deathbed.

On March First, everyone stops speaking so they can listen and communicate with words. This day allows everyone enough space to hear others' thoughts and express themselves creatively- which is crucial to our existence and creativity! 

Without words, history would be radically different- as it was shaped by the thoughts and emotions communicated through writing!

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