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Happyish by Jeanette Escudero Pdf Download


Happyish by Jeanette Escudero Pdf Download

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Happyish by Jeanette Escudero Pdf Download

Details of Happyish by Jeanette Escudero Book

  • Book Name: Happyish by 
  • Authors: Jeanette Escudero 
  • Pages: 255
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: September 20, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

Happyish by Jeanette Escudero this sometimes surreal and often just flabby lament of middle aging and social media bald spots stumbles from its 44th birthday beginning with vagina surgery jobs porn Steve Jobs name dropping Mad Men slamming career in security and technophobia 

I bought some associate beeper pepto-bismol yesterday on the side of the package I swear it said follow us on Twitter who wants to follow pepto-bismol on Twitter with a misanthropic middle class guy dark comedy almost 

A Showtime cottage industry watching happiness has the very unexpected outcome I guess of reminding to me how good California keishon at least in the early days could be and by comparison 

this single camera show suffers add to that that from the NYC advertising agency workplace settings to the dilemmas of modern Parenthood to the cross generational rants there's just not much newish about happy-ish and far too much that is just all over the place now the show of course was supposed to start philip seymour hoffman in the lead role he even shot the pilot 

but when the oscar winners suddenly died in February last year happy-ish had to be rebooted or fade away now full points of Steven Coogan for stepping into the breach and with a tweak or two taking over from Hoffman as the aging and insecure and insulting ad exec on the wrong side of the digital divide but maybe maybe they should have just left 

this one on the Shelf to be honest because even with transparent actors Kathryn Hahn and Bradley Whitford on board with Coogan in the trying to get comedic blood from this stone happiest either meanders or faceplant in his OneNote modern life is rubbish premise that's life you know happy and soft or miserable and hard I would be totally fine with miserable and hard the thing is no one not even folk Seymour Hoffman could have made 

this stab at a 21st century really loam and shine without some serious editing and some serious cuts what happier could have used more than anything is a real story instead we have endless setup and they're occurring middle fingers against the likes of Thomas Jefferson the concept of happiness itself 

actually anything else I get it but going on and on and on about that as happy-ish does it doesn't make it any more insightful in fact it doesn't make it even more interesting and that just makes me sad i'm dominic patent for Deadline Hollywood 

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