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8 Rules of Love by Jay Shetty PDF Download

Details of 8 Rules of Love by Jay Shetty Book

  • Book Name: 8 Rules of Love  
  • Authors: Jay Shetty
  • Pages: 325
  • Genre: Romance 
  • Publish Date: 31 January 2023
  • Language: English

Book review:

Love is a complex feeling that is difficult to define. Love has many forms and manifestations, making it difficult to codify. In the popular song 'All You Need Is Love,' the Beatles allude to a concept that has proven difficult to define. 

The song posits that love is something that must be taken as written. In this case, love is something that can be bestowed, received and dashed without reference to its origin.

Love can be described as a feeling of deep affection for another person. However, this word 'love' has many connotations and applications. For instance, in the American song 'Love Conquers All,' the word 'love' refers to a form of self-awareness. 

Similarly, the Greek word agape refers to an unselfish affection for others. Therefore, true love is an altruistic and unselfishy inclination towards another person.

The way one demonstrates his or her love for another can vary greatly. For instance, a man who loves his puppy will lavish attention on him. He will play with him, feed him and clean him up when he soils himself. 

In contrast, someone who does not love his puppy may ignore his pet's needs altogether. True love involves concern for the loved one's well-being; it must involve action as well as thought.

Love can also be classified by geographic origin. The concepts of romantic love originated in Greek philosophy, where the three primary forms of sent were eros, thanatos and erophusis. 

Eros is a form of love that ignites passion and desire. Thanatos is the eternal or deathly aspect of love; it refers to the will to die for one's beloved. The third form of love is erophusis; it refers to the act of loving another person.

However, there are other qualities required in order to demonstrate true love. First, one must exhibit qualities that others find desirable. Jesus Christ demonstrated this quality in his Sermon on the Mount when 

He said His disciples should 'be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.' In other words, He was challenging His disciples to reach their full potential- with excellence and perfection in mind. To this end, Jesus reached out His hand so that His disciples could grasp Him through true love- the type of unselfish affection known as agape.

Another quality that should characterize those exhibiting true love is kindness- something known as 'maithun.' Maithun refers to being kind towards others without expecting anything in return. People with this quality will perform good deeds without expecting anything in return for their kindnesses. In fact, there should be no expectation at all; kindness should simply be a habit with no expectation of reward.

True love must manifest itself physically in order to fulfill its purpose: namely, procreation or the creation of new life. One must first demonstrate physical affection before he can demonstrate spiritual affection towards his beloved. 

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