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The Whistler by John Grisham PDF Download


The Whistler by John Grisham PDF Download

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The Whistler by John Grisham PDF Download

Details of The Whistler by John Grisham Book

  • Book Name: The Whistler 
  • Authors: John Grisham
  • Pages: 325
  • Genre: Doubleday; First Printing edition
  • Publish Date: October 25, 2016
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Whistler by John Grisham this standalone novel came out in probably let me see let we'll look it up we'll see the publication date's going to be right here and it came out in 2016. well his most recent book 

which is over here in my collection of john grid let's go over to the john grisham collection and look at the john grisham collection right there i've got every john grisham book right there 

His most recent book is right here the judges list and that is book two in his lacey stoltz series now what does lacey stultz do well she's a what does she do she's an investigator that's right she's an investigator for the florida board of judicial conduct 

Now what does the florida board of judicial conduct do well they uh make sure the judges and stuff don't you know do uh you know shady that's basically it um before we get into all that though let's review the cover you know 

I love covers sometimes i forget to review the covers of the big huge thrillers because they're kind of plain and here we got a kind of plain big huge thriller cover it's got the john grisham big bell letters 

Then the whistler and then we've got some boats a lot of this does take place a lot of the secret rendezvous secret meetings behind the scenes backdoor meetings happen out in these boats on the docks thus they're that's why the cover you know florida board of judicial conduct lacy stoles scholz stoles 

I knew i had it right she is our main protagonist she is single she wants kids she wonders if maybe pursuing a career as hard as she has wasting her twenties just going through the law school and just focusing on herself and then 

She wants kids and a family now but now she's 36 and things are getting a little harder to do i mean guys ain't paying attention to her like they used to and her partner hugo is this black guy who's married to this woman and they've got the perfect marriage the perfect little kids 

She just wants that for her life she and hugo um is married to verna and verna is what happens is let's get into what happens so greg myers he has a case um and he wants lacey and hugo to um investigate this judge who has uh stolen more money out of the court systems than all the judges 

In the world and universe combined or so he says and they're like well okay but you know you know you you would be better to just file a complaint than try to have us investigate this on the down low just file a complaint and then we'll investigate it on the up and up 

He's like no this cannot be investigated on the up and up because very evil bad horrible people are involved and um we're all gonna die now that you know about it you're gonna die so everybody's gonna die so we might as well just do this on the down low and hopes that we don't die and 

So now lacey's like okay and then hugo's like okay so they're gonna do it and then hugo sort of tells his wife verna that you know the next case that me and lacy are gonna go investigate uh it's probably going to get us killed there and she's just like freaked 

So now he's freaked his wife out and then we've got um a whole bunch other going on because they do run into some baddies they some very baddies as they investigate this judge it goes deep and deep and deeper and deeper and more evil and evil and people you know hey the dude was right greg myers was correct when 

He pulled him onto the boat to because it's the only place that they can talk in secret you see is the boats they have to be on the boat and when he pulled him under the boat he said hey uh yeah we're probably gonna die but you know hey let's do it anyway let's investigate so anyway all things go

To hell half you know everything goes sideways and ass over teapot and all that stuff great twists and turns you typical john grisham legal thriller i just you know i loved all of it i loved the interplay between lacey and her partner hugo

I liked their conversations that they had back and forth that every moment and every step of the way it was just done perfectly and the uh wrap up and tie up although a little um predictable and comfortable doesn't matter delada john grisham is like.

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