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Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

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Before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi  book pdf download

  • Book Name: Before the Coffee Gets Cold
  • Authors: Toshikazu Kawaguchi
  • Pages: 156
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction
  • Publish Date: Sep 19, 2019
  • Language: English

Book Summary:

Before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi  before the coffee gets cold is a book that is split into four sections in which a character is going to travel in time 

So basically you have this cafe and this cafe has a special seat in which you can set that will transport you in time to wherever you are thinking about in your head where you want to go in this one 

We have four separate sections we have the lovers in the first one then we have husband and wife then the third one is the sisters and then the 

The fourth one is mother and child and in each one of these it's centered around the characters that are going to be deciding to sit in that seat and travel in time 

Now you would think if a cafe had this special ability to let you travel in time that everyone would want to be doing it and at first that was the case 

But then when all the people trying learned about all the rules they realized it's really not worth it to them to go back in time because of the rules 

For example one of them being you have to sit in a specific seat for it to work and if it's occupied then obviously you have to wait until it's unoccupied 

Another one of the rules is that you are only allowed to be travelling back in time for as long as the coffee is warm so you get a cup of coffee the reason it's called 

Before the coffee gets cold is because if the coffee gets cold and you are still not back in the present then basically there are terrible consequences for you if that happens 

So you have to make sure that you are back into the present time before the coffee is all the way cold So it's okay if it gets warm but if it's cold bad consequences are coming to you 

When I first started reading this and got done with the first section I was worried that this was going to be just a book of four short stories

Because I personally don't care for short stories as much as i like a book that has the same characters all the way throughout 

So that I can really grow to love these characters and so at first i was a little worried that it was just gonna be four short stories about different characters 

Different events that just happen to do with the cafe in it at some point luckily that's not what it is so it does it is about four different like characters 

As the main focus but it progresses throughout the book so the same characters from the beginning are still throughout the book it's not like a totally different set of people 

So it all connects and i like that i like the connection so it feels like i am still reading one book instead of four separate things that were put together in one book 

So that was a plus for me another thing that i really liked about this book is just the idea of it just the idea of being able to travel and only have to worry about 

Making sure that the coffee doesn't get cold i thought that was an interesting concept and i really think the cover is so cute like and the title is so intriguing and also this color of blue 

I really like i really it was just fun reading this i just make me feel happy when i'm reading a book of that color 

So anyway that has nothing to do with the book itself but just some plus pointers after i was done with the book 

I did look at a couple of goodreads reviews just out of curiosity and somebody had rated it down because of the time travel rules and stuff that made it seem kind of pointless 

That didn't bother me because it by the time you finish the book you get a better understanding of why there are those rules and how it can still actually be worth it to go 

It's just your reason has to be a good reason and that's really all it is another one of the rules is you can't change anything by going back the present has to stay 

How it is so that is the main reason why people think it's pointless so there's a couple more rules but i'll let you read about those ones and then one more thing i wanted to share is the writing 

So it was translated from japanese so that might be why some people are a little put off by the way it's written because it does seem kind of simple in its writing 

It makes it a really easy read though like you can read this in a day honestly i mean i took a couple days to finish it but you really could finish it in one day 

If you wanted it's just really simply written really easy to read through there are parts where it reiterates the rules again or it restates in each like 

When you get to like third section it might say another thing that you already knew from the first section about like the rules or something and it's just like recapping it 

So sometimes it's like okay we don't need all of that like we already understand we don't need you to say that again that might just be part of the way it was translated 

Or it might just be because of the fact that it is kind of in sections and so it kind of wants it to be where if you just read one section randomly you could still understand it 

So there is that about it but it didn't really bother me because after reading pachinko right before this i needed a book that was more simple that 

I didn't have to look up terms to understand things that it was just an easy read and that's totally fine with me to me 

I thought that it was just right for just what i wanted to read right now and cute and simple and still had a good meaning to it still had good lessons and stuff that was in there 

So I do think that it was worth totally worth my time i did very much enjoy it there is another book after this i do believe and so if i can get 

My hands-on the second one i might do that and read that one as well since i did like the first ones a lot so here it is again oh here it is again before the coffee gets cold 

So check it out if you think it sounds like a good read for you again if you're looking for something that's not going to take too long to read this one you'll get through it really quickly and it's fun.