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The Boys from Biloxi by John Grisham PDF Download


The Boys from Biloxi by John Grisham PDF Download

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The Boys from Biloxi by John Grisham PDF Download

Details of The Boys from Biloxi by John Grisham Book

  • Book Name: The Boys from Biloxi   
  • Authors: John Grisham
  • Pages: 650
  • Genre: Thriller, Legal thriller, Suspense, Legal Story
  • Publish Date: 18 October 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Boys from Biloxi by John Grisham this book I gotta tell you it's a real departure for John Grisham um from what he normally does uh normally he does lawyer procedural novels courtroom dramas um that's 95 of what 

He writes once in a while he branches off and does something else this does have lawyer stuff in it it does have a bit of a courtroom drama in it too but this is more of a generational it's not even a generation well yeah it is kind of like a history of Biloxi and the mob that was down there 

It starts off uh it's The Saga of two families really um and it starts off with a handful of chapters that just kind of um I mean I'm saying like so it's a good 20 pages of just the history of Biloxi itself um and it moves very fast i

It's just like it's just like reading a Wikipedia article about Biloxi how it was formed who immigrated there who settled it um from the early days all the way up until now and just how the mob stored it started to form there and how government was formed there and different things and then 

It goes all the way and then so so we've got just a just the opening bit is a little bit um of a slog because we're not really getting to know any characters we're just getting to know how the uh the the kind of the lineage of the characters really it's like this is our two main characters are going to show up soon but this is how their father and grandfather and great great grandfather sort of came into Biloxi um what happens is um now this got has this has got the largest cast of characters of any John Grisham book I have seen in fact 

This book reminds me a lot of how Dennis lehane when Dennis lehane jumped out of his wheelhouse when he was writing all these Kenzie and Gennaro mystery thrillers set in Boston and then all of a sudden he started to do like a historical fiction like a generational and all gangster novel and it was a live by night and the living day or the 

Live by Night and the given day those were the ones that he wrote it really reminds me of that that's kind of what John Grisham was doing here sort of a gangster sort of an epic gangster story set in Biloxi with a large large cast of characters but really the only two characters 

I'm going to talk to talk to you about in this um story are Keith Ruby and Hugh uh Malco they're two young friends uh they grow up and they play Little League together they are just really good friends the thing is though their fathers are on opposite sides of the law um Keith's dad is 

sort of this legendary lawyer who fights against the mob and Hugh's father is well he's a mob boss he's the luxy's he's the in charge of Biloxi criminal underground and so anyway as these kids grow older they start to realize that their fathers are on opposite ends of the spectrum they start to even though 

they're best friends is the little they start to grow apart as they become teenagers different things start happening that separate them a little bit that kind of ruin their friendship um Keith slowly turning into just being that good lawyer son Hugh is just becoming more and more of a party boy starting to 

snowballed down into the uh you know he's gonna take over for his father right um the whole thing comes down to a um big kind of criminal because these guys grow we watch them as kids to teenagers to adults to even beyond that to where they 

we see their relationship and all of the characters that surround them and how all of that affects their relationship together and how they go from being tight as kids to Rivals really in the town of Biloxi um there is a courtroom drama there's like a kind of a lengthy courtroom drama that's sort of it's the book is really kind of put together in several different acts whether 

It's the Young The Young years the uh Coming of Age teenage sort of in their 20s years and then this courtroom drama kind of a thing shows up and so uh All Things Considered I've got to give John Grisham props for uh trying to Branch out and to do something a little different here 

I just like his courtroom dramas better I just do I like them better this was one of the um I would give this I mean it kept my attention for sure it just didn't thrill me like most Grisham books do I'm gonna give this about a 7 out of ten 

still a good book to read um it did sort of the same thing like Dennis lehane books are usually 10 out of tens for me but then 

When I read uh his mobster stories uh set in Boston the the given day and uh Live by Night those I didn't like them quite as much the same thing here I love Grisham I just don't know if I liked the mobster story as much.

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