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Immune by Philipp Dettmer PDF Free Download

Details of Immune by Philipp Dettmer Book

  • Book Name: Immune 
  • Authors: Philipp Dettmer
  • Pages: 258
  • Genre: Scince Fiction
  • Publish Date: November 2021
  • Language: English
Book review:

Immune by Philipp Dettmer to ensure accuracy of the content philip detmer became interested in the immune system after he himself had a severe food allergy requiring him to seek medical treatment he also had cancer requiring chemotherapy and he wrote this book over several years read several immunology textbooks 

The book was in part edited by dr james gurney a microbiologist and dr thomas brocker an immunologist and i would say the author has a deep understanding of the immune system and kurtz kisak is known for explaining complicated ideas in plain english and detmer has previously said that if something is too complicated it's probably just not being explained well enough 

so in the book they avoid excessive technicalities and jargon and tell stories to explain the beautiful immune system for example i'll read you a quick passage but the most mind-boggling thing neutrophils do in battle is to create deadly nets of dna sacrificing themselves in the process to get an idea of what this means imagine 

you were a burglar and wanted to break into a museum at night and let your buddies in to have a stealing stuff party so you are doing a great job and sneak by cameras and security systems entering the vaults where all the valuables are things are going great you think as you begin stuffing paintings into your backpack but then suddenly 

you see a guard charging at you screaming you get ready for a fight but instead of swinging at you the guard rips open his chest splitting his ribs into countless sharp splinters while pulling out his intestines you don't even have time to get confused before he starts swinging his guts spiked with sharp bone splinters at you like the world's most disgusting whip 

you cry in pain and confusion as he mercilessly strikes you causing deep wounds and leaving you stunned and unable to flee and then he punches you in the face so now i'll move on to the content of the book explaining the different concepts of the immune system that are covered he starts off very basic explaining things like cells and proteins and dna and blood vessels 

so even someone with no background in biology whatsoever could probably follow this book fairly well the immune system i always found to be very difficult to learn it's kind of weird obtuse interconnected it's amazing that it sort of functions unconsciously but i think 

he does a pretty good job explaining it in plain english to get you interested in the immune system he tells stories of people acquiring infections for instance he starts off with a hiker who steps on a nail that pierces their shoe and causes a cut and introduces soil laden with bacteria 

who acquires a superficial bacterial infection and then he goes on to talk about the different immune cells which are activated later on he tells the story of someone contracting the flu he starts off by talking about the innate immune system the part of the immune system that 

You're born with that doesn't really evolve over time these are cells like neutrophils and macrophages and dendritic cells and microglia within the central nervous system then he goes on to talk about the adaptive immune system 

The part of your immune system that evolves over time like the b and t lymphocytes he explains the difference between helper t cells and killer t cells he talks about the development of the immune system organs like the spleen and the thymus and he explains how immune cells learn not to attack 

The self through positive and negative selection he talks a little bit about how the immune system generates the genetic diversity of immune cells he doesn't use this term but he explains vdj recombination then he talks about antigen presentation this is how the immune system recognizes a foreign protein or a portion of a foreign protein and presents it 

To the immune system through the major histocompatibility complex one and two he also explains the complement system the complicated proteins in the blood which fight various infection and he talks about natural killer cells which are the cells involved in fighting virus-infected cells and cancer cells and also how they kill cells that do not express major histo compatibility complex one.