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Better than the Prom by Lynn Painter

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Better than the Prom by Lynn Painter Pdf Download

Details of My Big Fake Wedding by Jessica Hatch Book

  • Book Name: My Big Fake Wedding
  • Authors: Jessica Hatch
  • Pages: 258
  • Genre: Romance Fiction
  • Publish Date: Aug 18, 2022
  • Language: English
Book review:

Better than the Prom by Lynn Painter this book so I'm gonna go ahead and kind of explain what it's all about and then just get my thoughts on it and this is going to be spoiler free so better than the movies follows Wes and Liz and so the two of them are next door neighbors and it's kind of an enemies to lovers story 

I guess a little bit but basically the two of them don't really get along they've known each other since they were little kids he always used to like tease her and stuff and so she's just always kind of like not really liked him and they fight over this parking spot that's like in front of their houses and it's kind of been this like ongoing thing where they try to like meet each other to that spa or like hold the spot for their car that sort of thing and so at this point they are seniors in high school and basically Liz has kind of romanticized her life a lot 

I guess you could say just because her mom her mom was very like into rom-coms I think her mom was like a screenwriter and she was super into rom-com so she showed Liz like all of these like iconic rom-coms when she was younger and so she's kind of always had this idea in her head of like finding this right person and having like a movie of moment and just stuff like that and so at this point prom is coming up and she finds out that this boy named Michael 

who she used to have a crush on when she was younger but then he moved away so now he's back she has this idea in her head that like she's meant to be with him and he's like her person he's someone that her mom would like approve of and want her to be with because at this point her mom has passed away her mom passed away when she was younger 

so yeah she's just always kind of like had these little rules for herself and ideas in her head that were from her mom and she kind of sticks to them because of her like not really wanting to let go of her mother so now she's kind of stuck on this idea of getting Michael to notice her and to want to be with her and ask her out and all that 

so she runs into him again and she sees that Michael and Wes who's her neighbor have kind of hit it off again they were really good friends when they were little and now that he's back they've like reconnected and become friends again and so she realizes that the best way to get to Michael and get him to notice her is through Wes 

so basically she goes to West to ask him for his help in getting Michael to like notice her and to in the end ask her to prom that's kind of like her end goal so Wes ends up agreeing to it and basically they kind of start like scheming for her to get Michael to notice her he like brings her to like little Hangouts with his friends and she starts hanging out with them and trying to get closer to Michael obviously as all of that happens she's growing a lot closer to West so yeah that's kind of the summary of what 

This book is all about I'm gonna go ahead and go into some of my thoughts on it now so yeah this book is a young adult book I don't really read why a very often I have a few YA books on my shelf and a few that I've enjoyed but I don't typically reach for y a I feel like this one was kind of a very typical like what you would expect out of a young adult romance book where takes place in high school and the whole like prom moment all of that it just felt very much like a kind of typical like cliche teen love story but this one was kind of more of like a light-hearted romance I think that didn't really have too much seriousness going on well 

I guess it kind of did because it does deal with like the whole fact that her mother passed away when she was younger you don't actually like see that happening because she is already older her mom passed away when she was young but like she had a very close relationship with her mom and she misses her mom all the time and always thinks about her mom but like I said this one felt like a very just like cliche Love Story between teenagers like you would see in any like Teenage Love Story movie or book out there I enjoyed it I really did I actually thought this book was really cute and I did really really like it a lot but there wasn't anything like really special about it in that sense I guess I do think that 

This book felt very much like a movie I guess because like whenever I read books I like visualize it like it's like a movie playing in my head I know a lot of people do that some people don't do that but when I read I visualize it's like a movie and I feel like with 

This book it flowed really well to where it felt like a movie like I could literally see it playing in my head it was one of those books that just flowed so perfectly that I think it could like perfectly translate into a movie if they were to ever make it into a movie and something else I really liked about this book is that each chapter had a quote from a rom-com 

So I thought that was cute that there was like little quotes before each one I feel like a fake because I always talk about how much I love rom-coms and like rom-com movies and like a lot of the movies that were quoted in this I actually have not seen them but yeah but I did like all the little rom-com references in this book I thought it was cute and I liked that Liz was like really into rom-coms she was also really into music and like into making playlists and stuff 

So I thought that was like a cute part of the story and so I liked kind of those little additions like I said of like the quotes being included in the front of each chapter and then there's also a playlist for Wes and Liz at the end of it so I thought that was cute because it's basically like all the songs that they kind of discussed were in this playlist but yeah now kind of going into the characters I did really like them I liked them as individuals 

I really liked their interactions together I thought Liz was like a sweet character I liked her I liked her personality something I liked about Liz was that she was like very much herself and like not really like afraid to be herself and kind of like embrace the things that she loved and the way that she was because 

I feel like some of the people around her would like say stuff about the way she dressed or like the things she liked but she was never really like afraid to embrace those things and be herself so I did really like that about her and then Wes I thought he was so sweet like 

I loved him and like just the way he treated her it was really cute like you just kind of start to see this other side of him because the book is in Liz's perspective and so At first she kind of like sees him a certain way but then as time goes on he starts to show that he's not really the way she thought he was so yeah they were likable characters to me and then

I just think the two of them together were really cute they had like cute funny banter between them because he teased her a lot and she kind of would say things back to him so I liked that like they had their whole back and forth going on throughout the whole book and you can just see like how she is with him versus like everyone else in her life like she starts to grow really close to him and he becomes like a really good friend to her and then 

I also like to decide characters too and I like just kind of seeing her relationships with the different people in her life and kind of the way she handles that stuff there's times where she didn't handle her relationships that well with some of the people in her life but I feel like she was able to kind of like fix that in the end so I did really enjoy this book I thought it was really cute I mean it was a fun book for what it was I've talked about this book.