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Unscripted life liberty and the pursuit of entrepreneurship pdf download

Unscripted life liberty and the pursuit

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Unscripted life liberty and the pursuit of entrepreneurship 

Details of Unscripted life liberty 

  • Book Name: Unscripted life liberty and the pursuit of entrepreneurship
  • Authors: M. J. DeMarco
  • Pages: 432 
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Publish Date: 23 May 2017
  • Language: English


life liberty and the pursuit of entrepreneurship by M. J. DeMarco, let's first understand what actually the meaning of scripted here, it means you follow a script to live your life and that particular scripted mind don't allow you to think outside of the box of course

It's not your fault since your childhood all started to install scripts in your mind for example grade decides your future business is very hard you need money to run business by using modern hyper-reality they only do your brainwash more than hyper-reality means a carefully crafted image that totally deference from reality unscripted book summary 

Today's education system is deploying employees rather than trying to become them as problem solvers and today's mega corrosion spends trillions of dollars on the advertisement and creates a hyper-reality for scripting your mind like 

If you want happiness then we need to buy their product they need only your attention and after that, you are scripted accordingly them plan for making money you are a product for them and they also pay money to for buying your attention by advertisement and earn more than 

They spend for principles for becoming unscripted one become a producer, not a consumer if you spend your salary to buy a new smartphone then remember for that month you work for that smartphone company, not for your image for the post rather than buying products 

After watching ads produce a product for selling study the product how the packaging of the product is done and how it is how they put the product on the market how they present 

Their product takes off the glasses of customers observe the product and become a producer in a gold rush don't dig for gold sell shovels for becoming producer you need to know about the low of affection affect a lot of people scale sell 10 product to 100 000 people and earns 10 multiplied by one hundred thousand 

equals one million dollars affect people a lot magnitude sell one hundred thousands dollar product to ten people and earns one hundred thousands dollar multiply by ten is equal to one million dollar 

if you want to start a business and want to become a producer then focus on observing people rather than a big master blaster idea people's complaints equal opportunity code words when people say I wish or I hate then listen to them carefully 

It is an opportunity for you business exists only when your business does something that others can't do or that work is hard for people or they don't want to do that particular work two don't chase event follow the process 

what we see at the end is the results of many hours of dedicated work practice and efforts who lives scripted life they think that it is a very easy and quick process they believe it is simple and short 

But it is a very long process that usually doesn't see by many people result or event becomes a reality by making changes in your tiny decision not from one decision for example if you want to lose your weight then start with a small decision that you stop buying products from the grocery store that makes you unfit after eating them 

When a person or people get a business idea you have always seen that first they make logo and business cards and right founder and CEO of XYZ company CEO of a company that has no product no customers even no profit otter says this action to action faking an action that gives no results that are only thoughts for example 

buying Nike's shoes before going to the gym or to the gym become action taker people want the best solution for them your degree awards and other things are never better for them to matter's only 

What type of output or service you are giving to deliver them but for that desired output you must follow the process don't chase the events follow the process for some days amazon is started from one line of code and harry potter's book series 

Also started from one paragraph three build a brand, not just a company whenever you buy any product you ever asked the owner of the shop that producer of this product have a college degree or not good product matters for you not producers degrees 

so build your brand of good product or service we also choose doctors based on people's recommendations not from their degree your service more matters for people here is one point to be considered 

When you build your brand that knows your targeted audience and be specific we have never seen ads of expensive products on tv because they know who watch tv they don't have enough money to buy their product brand does not build from logo statement and website 

it earned from your constant action and reputation for graduation is not the end of the education people believe that graduation is the end of education 

actually, after graduation, your real education is started now actually question came that how are you going to use it to learn something all the information you need is available on the internet you just need to decide

what problem solution you need and then find out the solution to that problem by using a step-by-step process when people start they have questions when their minds 

that what should I read first you need to read that book they provide you with the solutions to your current life problems if you don't have enough money then reading an investment book is not recommended for you

you need to read that book that teaches you a new skill and that helps you to earn at the end if you are a student then read books of self-discipline and habit building books that help you most.

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