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Scarlett: Lost in the Five Lands book review


Scarlett: Lost in the Five Lands book review

Scarlett: Lost in the Five Lands book review

Details of Scarlett: Lost in the Five Lands 

  • Book Name: Scarlett: Lost in the Five Lands 
  • Authors: Rajendra Sarilla
  • Pages: 169
  • Publish Date: 22 March 2020
  • Language: English
  • Genrefantasy novel


Scarlett lost in the five lands by Rajendra Sarilla, Scarlet lost in the five lands follows Scarlett the 15-year-old princess of sky kingdom the book starts with this prologue where we see Scarlett and her parents king Xavier and queen Adeline trying to protect their castle which is under attack from king Tristan the sworn enemy 

So through this short prologue, we get a glimpse into the world and the ways of the world this book is set in, when the story starts Scarlett has lost her memory and remembers nothing she has ended up in zendora one of the kingdoms of the five lands which is ruled by queen Edwina. 

Her peers here see her as the girl who does not have a raise the girl who was not assigned any weapon by the goddess and she is often bullied by some of her peers for this but soon they all realize that Scarlett is no ordinary girl, who is Scarlett really and why does she not remember anything 

Why is one of the most powerful queens queen Callista after her and is willing to stop at nothing three chapters in and this book had me intrigued as the story progressed I found myself drawn more and more into the story? 

What I loved the most about this book was that it had many new original and different fantasy elements in it 

It wasn't like the same old fantasy that you see in most fantasy books like that does happen a lot of times with fantasy books

I feel the author has been really creative in the world building the concepts the ideas he's put into the story and even the plot and story on the whole for that matter

All of these definitely played a role in making me feel intrigued throughout the book I personally enjoyed the second half very much it actually got quite dark and even sinister which I was not expecting 

Some scenes also had a very chilling feel to it and the second half had me hooked almost throughout another thing that I really loved was that we got to see the villains point of view as well our main villain is queen Callista she also has some other minor villains like Mariska rock 

So we get to see all the points of view which were really really nice and I personally love books where we get to see the villains perspective lot of times in a lot of books we only see the protagonist's perspective and I don't like that kind of narrative very much 

I love the kind of narrative where we get to see different characters perspectives especially that of the villains and that was there in this book and I loved this for that 

The book is well-paced and well-executed overall the second half can be called very fast-paced actually the book is also action-packed there are a lot of fighting scenes and battle scenes which are all quite well written especially the battle scene at the climax that was really great 

To take a look at the characters the book actually has a lot of strong powerful female characters we have Scarlett the protagonist 15-year-old princess of sky kingdom 

We have her parents king Xavier and queen Adeline who are the rulers of the sky kingdom, we have Tristan the sworn enemy queen Edwina who is the ruler of the kingdom of zendora, queen Callister the ruler of the kingdom of Brutus marishka noel and bert who like this trio whose services are used by queen Kalista 

Paramus the obsidian king rock a demon whose services are used by queen Calista we can't forget black viper who is like this amazing fighter who serves queen Edwina we have jasper Vivian Stella Roland Helena colin who are all from the same school that Scarlett eventually goes to the school of Lenora 

We also have some professors from the school of Lenora like professors Olivia duplex and so on and yes those are about the main characters we see in the book 

I felt it would have been nicer if we could have known Scarlett's friends better like a little more depth to their characters would have been really nice other than that I felt all the other characters were well made up 

I gave the book four and a half stars out of five and I immensely enjoyed reading it the book seems to be getting a sequel and I have really high hopes for that one 

The author I think has done a really good job especially this being his degree novel this is a book I would recommend especially if you are a beginner to the fantasy genre or if you're looking to get into the fantasy genre picks this one up it's really good.