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Farther by chaitanya desale book review

Farther by chaitanya desale book review

Farther by chaitanya desale book review

Details of Farther

  • Book Name: Farther: A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father
  • Authors: Chaitanya Desale
  • Pages: 448 
  • Publish Date:  06 July  2021
  • Language: English
  • GenreContemporary romance

Book Review 

Farther a fabulous tale of a troubled father by Chaitanya Desale, Manbir and Nivia are married to each other and they live with their little daughter Ruhi, so even though both Manbir and Nivia have been disowned by their respective families for marrying each other their little world is a happy one.

They met in college and fell in love with each other but because they were from different castes their parents didn't support their marriage and their love despite this emotional setback Manbir and Nivia managed to set up a happy home and that's where the story begins 

Manbir is a robotics engineer and Nivia is a poet their marriage is a very successful one and they love each other dearly so it is one beard's dream to be able to build India's first ai robot and his life seems to be going perfectly well but then his life takes a sharp turn for the worse Manbir 

First loses his dream project and then he goes on to lose his wife because of her demise so Manbir's life changes from being happy and content to becoming absolutely miserable

 The plot of the story is revealed in the title itself and as the title says that it is a fabulous tale of a troubled father that is what we get to read majorly in this story 

This story is about Manbir's struggles and challenges and his emotional trauma after he loses his wife and his responsibilities and his love for his daughter Ruhi and how he tackles all of that it talks about his professional life as well but his love and his responsibility towards his daughter take precedence over his professional aspirations 

This story has quite a few themes and the ones that stand out the most are the grief of losing your loved one the challenges and struggles of being a single parent the relationship between a father and a daughter the hopelessness one feels when one's professional dreams get snatched from them

The consequences of leading your life with negative thoughts and emotions and the consequences of jealousy and overall this book also deals with the theme of family drama 

For the most part, the story has been told in the third person but from time to time the narration switches to first-person mostly when the characters are dwelling on their pastor when they're sharing their inner dialogue with the reader and mostly the story is taking place in the present time but we also get flashbacks 

So this story has quite a few characters there's obviously Manbir, Nivia and Ruhi and apart from them there is Dany who is one of beard's neighbors and his colleague in the new era of robotics 

Now Dany is Manbir's nemesis in the story and he is quite jealous of Manbir's success apart from that we have Priyanka who is Manbir's childhood friend, so this book has the main story going on and there are few subplots connected to these characters as well 

So now talking about my experience of reading this book I definitely did not rush into finishing this book at all because I took my time with this one and the reason for that was that this book dealt with some rather serious and intense themes and I did not want to just finish it super quickly because I wanted to process what all was happening in the story individually and properly.

So the title of this story is farther and farther means far away so the emotion and the sentiment behind this word has been showcased in different areas of this story the importance and the significance of the word father is something that you cannot miss out on literally the sentiment behind the word father is entwined in the very fabric of the plot of the story 

So this story is altogether very moving and emotional and I did have some favourite parts in the story too so the portions where the descriptions revolved around the toddler Ruhi were just lovely to read I found those descriptions to be very cute and they made me smile so much 

Another thing that I really liked about the story was the bond that Manbir's shared with his grandfather that was just so precious and so moving to read about and all those scenes where he talked to his grandfather were definitely the highlight of the story for me 

So Manbir's love for Ruhi and the lens he goes to for her happiness was just simply heartwarming and lovely to read about all together I felt that Manbir's was a good character and that he was a good choice for the protagonist because his character gave me positive vibes on the whole so 

Now I would like to talk about Danny's character I felt that the story handled his character rather interesting because it provided his side of the story and his thoughts as well and as a result of that I got a peek into his character and I was able to connect with him, not in a way that I liked him but at least I understood his character because of that and as a result of that the story had depth and it wasn't one dimensional thankfully 

Because you see Manbir was the good guy so it was automatically easy to root for him but when I read Dany's side of the story I was able to form some emotional connection with him too and I think I liked that about this book 

I liked Priyanka's character too honestly I couldn't help but feel sad for her but at the same time I loved her for being so kind and patient and altogether she added positivity to the story so this is one book that puts emphasis both on its plot as well as its characters because the story had many themes and the characters had many shades in their personalities 

One thing that I did feel sometimes was that some events in the story were rather incredible and unbelievable but then I thought to myself that at the end of the day this is a work of fiction and as long as the story does not deviate from its core message it's fine 

So the language of this book is simple and the writing is easy to follow and there are certain parts in this book where the editing has been taken care of but then there are other portions where the book definitely lacks the editing 

The more enthusiastic you are about impeccable editing in a book the more it will bother you on the other hand if you are somebody who puts more focus on the story and the characters then the lack of editing in certain portions might not bother you at all 

The end of the story brought tears to my eyes and I liked that because I genuinely did not see that coming to the overall theme of the story is this too shall pass this is an engaging story for the most part but when you pick it up you have to know that this is a journey that will take time, this is an intense story that is best read with a lot of patience. 


This story is the embodiment of how you plan one thing in life but life throws a completely different set of problems your way and no matter what happens you have to pick up the pieces and keep going so that was my review of the father by Chaitanya Desale.

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