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Master of Crows by Grace Draven Book pdf download



Master of Crows by Grace Draven Book pdf download

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Master of Crows by Grace Draven Book pdf download

  • Book Name: Master of Crows 
  • Authors: Grace Draven
  • Pages: 393
  • Publish Date: July 2009
  • Language: English
  • GenreGothic Romances, Fantasy Romance

Book Summary:

Master of Crows by Grace Draven, Sahara of Neath also known as a master of crows is a renegade sorcerer he also has a problem a god named corruption has chosen him as his avatar Sahara asks the Conclave for an apprentice like the Conclave is like I'm it's like a group of mage priests they like govern mage Jesus made 

The Conclave agrees to send him an apprentice and they send over a woman named Marty's of Ashur and she is like one of the ok ones of the main I guess governing men of the Conclave is Ash Marty says technically her master 

So he's like hey go there and be his apprentice now the Conclave really believe they're sneaky because Marty's although she is very learned in the ways of magic she cannot actually do magic 

her powers like they've never manifested or anything so they're trying to be sneaky with that and Marty's degrees because basically, she's kind of being blackmailed 

part of I think I believe it's her soul is put into this gym or something like that and her master it's like hey if you do this for me 

I'll give you back the missing piece of your soul or something so she's basically being blackmailed into uncovering any proof of Sahara's treachery which by the way being chosen as the avatar would count as Sahar was being treacherous 

So sorry I was kind of crappy rundown and then today together they find artists hidden power and it's a power they don't really want any other one knowing about 

so they kind of form a bond of sorts through that okay we are given very very little about Sahara's past he's super sarcastic and snappish and I only like I honestly just felt disconnected from his character I didn't really kind of sink into 

I guess you could say it like his mind pretty much you know like when you connect with another character you connect with him what like through their mind and their actions and such I didn't really feel that connection with him okay and then 

so Marty's so, in the beginning, we kind of see glimpse a little bit of him like who she is and kind of what she's gone through and you can tell like there's some beatin going on so you like you'll read something 

It's like she holds back what she won't really want to say because she's expecting to get hit and stuff like that and I'm not a fan of that like being beaten into submission I'm just not a huge fan 

So that kind of like had a had its drawbacks for me but I will say that Marty's like as the story progressed Marty's kind of grew and in part because Sahara didn't hit her if she said something against what he was trying to propose or anything like that 

if she likes sent up her stuff he didn't hit her so I think that helped a whole bunch and as a victim of domestic abuse not in my marriage but previous domestic abuse I can definitely first-year say it helps when you go to stand up for yourself and nobody hits you for it 

I can't I'm nowhere near as scared and shy as I want to used to be so I can definitely say like in regards to her growth in that area 

it's it was believable you know if you don't have someone hitting on you every time you open your mouth then there you go you know you like you're gonna feel free like there are things 

I don't know if grace Draiman like look this looked into this or maybe has a past or anything like that but I can say for sure that that that that rings true to me and maybe some other people I guess everyone handles situations like that differently 

but I can't say for the most part that it really rang true for me anyway moving on so the only magic that was really explained in this book is Marti says just because I think his you know they found out what her power is and how kind of how 

it works so they had to kind of work with it a little bit to really see what she was capable of other than that like I really like to know the magic was explained and it kind of felt hard to imagine it in your head you know 

now I don't know if I should have read other books before this one because this is the Wraith Kings number and I know there's another I believe trilogy before this one so I'm not sure if maybe the magic system is really explained in the other books so it may be 

if you've read those books let me know but I really just felt a big disconnect with the book because of that like I like how did how do you do this some parts were explained up just a little bit but for the most part I 

just didn't know what was going on in terms of the world does world-building I was okay with it they didn't really go a whole bunch of places there was Sahara as Manor or something like that it was like really rundown and crumbly and you know a lot of the inside was like just full of dust and things like that 

but it was explained in a good enough detail where I could see you know like the orange trees and the dark wood that kind of acted as a barrier for the manor it's like keep people out or something like that 

I found the layout really interesting as they were running through that custom I can't remember the name of it but the world's waiting building was good I believe there's only like there was only like three places the two manners and then at the very end that heals 

So it was good overall I did find the book to be kind of I don't know kind of shallow it didn't really like go into a bunch of explanations about things and I really felt that if given a little bit more just in general 

I believe it would have been a lot better for me this is the first book I've read by grace Draven and like I said I'm not sure if I should have read other ones before 

If you have or if you know anything about that just let me know all right so that is it for my spoiler-free review of master of crows by Grace Draven.

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