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The Shadows Between US Pdf Download

The Shadows Between US Pdf Download

The shadows between us pdf download 

  • Book Name: The Shadows Between US
  • Authors: Tricia Levenseller,
  • Pages: 247
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction
  • Publish Date: 25 February 2020
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Shadows Between US by Tricia Levenseller, in this book, we follow our antihero, Alessandra, as she is inevitably trying to woo the king marries the king and then kill the king this was all I really knew going into the book I had no real knowledge besides the king is called the shadow king and yet again this was a fantasy novel 

So I was kind of thinking that I had to do something with the king in this book we do follow Alessandra like i said and she is an antihero she is someone that I found at first was harder to like the love 

But I found over the duration I really did see her in a different light this was something that I knew was going to be more political and courtship based 

I really enjoyed that about this book I enjoyed the fact it wasn't entirely about the romance but obviously the romance is a huge factor as well 

I know this summary isn't the best but this was literally all I knew before going into this book and I do feel like this book really does take you along the journey and you don't really need to know too much when it comes to it 

Let's talk about the characters so why this was a very conflicting book for me and kind of harder for me to figure out what exactly I would rate it is the characters and the beginning kind of first like five-ish chapters had me viewing this book in a different light like 

I said Alessandra is a very anti-harris or heroine character she has these inevitably flawed things about her that make her herself but she's nonconformist she doesn't really fit into a certain space he does have this drive and this sort of almost selfish implication on how she's going to ultimately get her way when it comes about doing things 

So her plan which is to eventually kill the king is kind of a calculated scheme she really does take in this kind of role where she is consistently looking and calculated 

I think this is a very interesting quality of her this was something that was kind of insightful throughout the book definitely something I saw throughout the book funny enough because I just read one of my favourite books and read its sequel 

I found that I could see some parallels between these stories what I found to be very different between this book and the other book I'm mentioning is Alessandra Alessandra is those characters or one of those characters that at first when I started this book 

I really didn't like and it wasn't that I found that I couldn't really love those characters that I hated it was one of those characters that I just didn't really understand the intentions behind it I really did have the deep deeper into the story and really get to read and eventually when I saw her interacting really get to see more of her characters in when it comes to other characters 

I really got to see her true personality she ultimately did show all of the readers from her perspective her entire personality but it's the parts of the personalities that I personally didn't love that kind of started off this book and eventually when we don't deeper into the book 

I started to really enjoy her character and I can't help but also root for her at the same time even if it is in the end very different from what happens in the end compared to what kind of the game plan is, in the beginning, it's still something that ultimately 

I enjoy the kind of following her story throughout now another character that I really wanted a little bit more from is her romantic interest the shadow king 

I don't really think that's a spoiler I think that kind of can be implemented when it comes to her obviously trying to woo and marry the king 

I really did enjoy his character I found at first he was someone we didn't really know a lot about and I kind of had some predictability when it came to his character and some things that ended up happening I did kind of predict it through and through 

But his character specifically the fantastical elements involves was something I really wanted more of and wanted to learn more of because that made this book super different for me 

I found that this was yes of romance sort of emphasis plot but a lot of it had to do with the court, so like I said this was very much a kind of politically court driven story 

I think the romance definitely was a huge part of it but I think inevitably the courtship and the court world itself were a huge factor it really did rule so much of the plot development I really did enjoy it 

I did want to see more of the world itself I did feel like we only really got to see the core and I felt like there were countries or certain phrases thrown that I not that I didn't understand because eventually they were told 

But I just wanted to see more of I wanted more of a wider spectrum on this kind of smaller story that we saw in a huge wider world I mean the ending is one of those endings that I can ultimately see as being standalone it's very much is a non-cliffhanger ending 

But I would love to see maybe more of this world this is something that did hell a lot of in treatment for me and I did want to see what more she could do with either the characters involved or the world itself now characters being of characters we have obviously the ones that I've mentioned 

I know I haven't really talked a lot about the king but I feel like the king is something you get to learn as you read a story and I don't really want to keep too much away his character is very alike to Alessandra and that's

 How I feel like both of this flourish because they are very much equal and that is something that I found that both characters struggle to find but they found that in each other 

Now other characters involved ones that Alessandra finds in the court I found it to be really exciting to see these characters we have some female friendships which I love seeing female friendships 

I love seeing these characters actually have their own plots and stories as well and makes it so much more exciting than just seeing our solitary character having these plots and seeing other characters and her involvement in these other characters' lives 

So I really enjoyed that I think ultimately why I find this book to be really hard for me to give a full-on 5 and a 5 star or something with it 

I felt like the beginning was a little bit we needed to break into when it came to me it was ultimately like this shift happened 

Where I looked at this book in a different light and I actually found to really enjoy it for what it gave me I felt a little bit maybe that 

I had the book that I just read which featured not an exact dynamic a very similar dynamic where someone is ill-treated in a court and she is ultimately trying to kill or in that case steal the king's heart or the prince's heart 

So it was hard for me to not see parallels between these two but ultimately this book is entirely itself with things like the fantastical elements of the courtships and the plots involved and these characters are so uniquely themselves that it really did fly off the page 

I still feel like I would give it a 4 to 5 star it's like I still even talking about this I know i'm like and it is one of those stories that I know i can't ultimately give a 5 even though 

I did really enjoy it, especially towards the end and everything like how it kind of came to be the word predictability me predictability elements for me

I did see some things way in advance that it was going to happen this was a book that I flew through and I really did love it for what it gave which was really unique characters a Romans that really did build on themselves and the court and political dynamics those are things that

 I love the stories and specifically, this story did them very well some things that I didn't like I'm just going to summarize i found to be a little bit slow 

I wish for more of a world-building element I also wish a little bit more from our characters that we did get these secondary characters 

I always do want more when it comes to characters are like my favourite thing but these did have some great ones, especially our main characters we get to see the majority of our attention which makes sense 

I would love to see everyone's opinions on this book because I think this is one of those books that either people love or people hate and it's funny because I am definitely an in-between 

I can definitely picture myself rereading this book and seeing it in a different light but it is one of those stories that's so hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I would give like maybe even after 

I do this review and I really think on it I would give it a 3 out of 5 or 3.5 out of 5 stars it is one of those books.