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Raavan The Enemy of Aryavarta Pdf Download

Raavan Enemy Of Aryavarta book

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Raavn The Enemy of Aryavarta Pdf Download

Details of Raavan Enemy Of Aryavarta book

  • Book Name: Raavan Enemy Of Aryavarta 
  • Authors: Amish Tripathi
  • Pages: 400
  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Mythic Fiction, High fantasy, 
  • Publish Date: 1 July 2019
  • Language: English


Raavan's enemy of Arya Varta focuses completely on Raavan's life and his personality as is apparent from the name of the book itself, so this story talks about Amish Tripathi's interpretation and retelling of Raavan's personality how he was as a child how he was as a teenager he became as a proper grown man 

So Raavan is born to receive Raavan and his wife Kakashi and even as a child Raavan shows a lot of promise of brilliance and intellect but along with that another thing apparent about Raavan's character is that he's equally capable of being cruel to other creatures 

So circumstances become such that after the birth of his brother kumbakaran Raavan is forced to flee his father's ashram along with his mother and his brother and his uncle's marriage and a lot of difficulties obviously come from Raavan's vague but he is shown to be the one person who never backs down 

Raavan'scharacter is shown to be extremely strong and of a person who doesn't get scared of difficulties but he fights back and how in the story we get to read about Raavan's rise to power as he goes on from being a smuggler to becoming a trader to become the Lord of Lanka and how he does that with his cruel and ruthless ambition and his clear-minded approach towards life which is being practical 

Raavan enemy aryavarta is my favourite book in the Ram Chandra series there I have said it the kind of grip that this book had on me as a reader was something that was far more than what the other two books had.

Honestly, I had really liked Sita Warrior of Mithila but this book for me is on another level and there are many reasons for that for one I love how Raavan's personality has been fleshed out time and again in the story, you see how Raavan can be ruthless how disciplined he is and how ambitious and how focused his mind is.

So when you read those parts in the story you come to the conclusion that Ravan is actually incapable of being kind or incapable of being compassionate and yet when you read about such portions in the story where you see him communicating with the people we care about you completely change your perception 

For example, when you read about Raavan and concurrent's equation that ends up moving you that moved me there were many times in the story that despite knowing how cruel Ravan can be at times reading about his communication with kumbakaran brought tears to my eyes.

Ravan's personality is very complex to be able to pull something off like that where the author Amish has created his character with such contrasting personality traits to be able to convince the reader of each and every aspect of his personality is no mean feat and the way author Amish has done that in this book is absolutely praiseworthy and I love this book for that.


The story was moving at a very comfortable and very enjoyable pace because of which I wanted to know what's going to happen next kumbakaran character is the one that you really look out for 

what makes concurrent stand apart is that despite being the brother of somebody as intimidating and as powerful as Raavan he retains his own ideals and hone principles and doesn't get swayed his love for his brother does not let him diminish his own personality.

Another thing that I have to mention is that in the story again like Amish Tripath's other books it is quite apparent that what is happening is a part of a much bigger scheme that nobody is able to see, but you as a reader are obviously privy to that because that's your advantage and that is a good value addition to the story 

What is an Amish Tripathi methodological fiction without an element of surprise Raavan does not disappoint more than once there are things that are revealed in Raavan that you did not really expect 

I had formed my own explanations and reasons for certain things in the story but as it turned out I was wrong and that made me really happy, it was really fun reading about Raavan it's really fun always to read about somebody who is so sure of himself and who is so savage that it doesn't care about anybody else.

Amish Tripathi has slipped in some dialogues from time to time that takes you by surprise because they end up tickling your funny bone it happened with me quite a few times when I was happy that it did

because it's nice to get something light-hearted out of a book that is largely a serious read obviously this book talks about how circumstances lead a person to become the way he is but this book also through its,

the story conveys the message that a lot of times even those circumstances can be the reason why we turn out a certain way a lot of it is our own choice as well that is what he has shown to Raavan's character and that is a lesson that is a key takeaway from this book.


So my conclusion for this book is that the only reason for you to not pick up this book is if you hate the methodological fiction genre or if you are simply not interested in it if you do not fall in that category then there is no reason why you should not pick Raavan enemy of aryavarta because it is definitely something that you can invest your time in, so that was my review of  Raavan enemy of aryavarta written by Amish Tripathi.

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