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From Blood and Ash Pdf Download


From blood and ash pdf download 

  • Book Name: From Blood and Ash
  • Authors: Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Pages: 350
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 29 March 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Blood and ash by Jennifer, I have wanted to read this book for months now I have not been able to get on my that includes, this as a recommendation like I knew it was right up my alley everything about it 

I think the title is stunning I think the cover is stunning like it is just completely my vibes my trope my genre 

Like I knew I had to read this but it was just on the list it was in the queue and finally, my friend ended up sending it to me from my wish list 

Oh my god she was not wrong when she said I had to read this and that I'd be obsessed with it every video on this channel is typically fully with spoilers 

The whole point of this channel for me is that it's a place for me to come and decompress after reading a book just get all my thoughts out there spew 

It out talk to somebody about it that's somebody being you but this is one of those cases where I loved this book so much that I want you to go read it 

I want anybody that is watching this or considering reading this to go read it so I am not going to give spoilers I'm just going to generally talk about this because this was stunning this to me was a perfect fantasy

I love that series but like it's I like to call it trash you know it's trash that I can't stop reading 

It's hard to put down but like the writing of that is very juvenile it's very you know it's not anything like insane it's very simple to grasp the dialogue is very just like straightforward going from that to this the first 15 pages 

I was like whoa kind of felt like I was in for information overload because it's a whole new world it is a high fantasy like it is a kingdom a land you've never heard of like tons of people tons of things to kind of absorb in the first 15 pages 

So at first, I was a little worried I was like this might be a lot like I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this that passes very quickly 

If you start this and you're like concerned trust me like I I'm a person where a lot of that stuff like too much information is in one ear out the other I can't do that like I need you to slowly feed it to me 

Perfectly, it ends up being perfect so this book essentially is about a girl named Penelope she goes by poppy and she lives in a kingdom where she is the maiden she essentially is the chosen one 

She lives in a castle her face is covered she can't speak to anybody so people in this kingdom are chosen to go through this ascension 

They're very vague about what that is nobody really knows but her whole goal in life is like she is gonna grow until she ascends and she's like going to save the kingdom like the whole kingdom is dependent on her ascending 

You know poppy is very hesitant she doesn't really know what that means she's lived her whole life very guarded by this duke and duchess and they don't tell her anything 

She's not allowed to speak she's not allowed to step out of line um her life is very like wham bam thank you ma'am but you know 

She has a little belly streak in her she sneaks out at night she doesn't follow the rules um she just wants to know she wants more she wants to want to live her life 

But she you know feels bound by this duty and basically, you're kind of following her so at the beginning of the book she talks about there was basically this massive war that happened many years ago that they call the war of the two kings and it was their land versus the badland the bad people 

The Atlanteans are essentially vampires it's like this story's version of a vampire they're responsible for creating these creatures these monsters called cravens that like ravage 

The kingdom it's horrible horrific and whatever the Atlanteans are horrible people but like we defeated them long ago and like they're not really to be worried about 

But they still have a prince that is called the dark one and like some people still believe that he is like the rightful heir and he is the prince and people that believe that are called the centres 

So it's just like some general background information and at the beginning of this book uh Penelope slash poppy needs a new guard 

So this boy hawk ends up taking the place of her guard and he's you know tall dark and mysterious and you know tensions rise things ensue but there's just 

So much to this book, there's like you're just trying to figure out what's going on the whole book you don't know like I feel like I am a person that typically like I've read a lot of books 

I've watched a lot of movies I feel like I'm very good at like figuring things out like I typically guess things before they happen and with this book the whole time I was just like on my toes 

I didn't know I was so convinced I had things figured out then I was like oh no you have no idea I just loved the characters in this book she made you love the character she made you care about them one thing that typically happens for me which is kind of sad 

When it comes to like the female protagonists in fantasy books I either tend to not like them or just have no feelings about them a lot of times 

I feel like the female protagonist they try to almost either make her like too overly like I'm an independent woman watch me go to the point that it's like cheesy and annoying or she just has like 

So little of a personality which I think that authors do that because they want you to be able to like almost step into that role which like I'm not gonna lie like every book I read, of course, like I'm the main character you know like people do that 

So I don't a lot of times I don't mind that if she's like doesn't have that much of a personality but poppy is literally my favourite female lead I've ever read in a book like I truly loved her 

She was independent without being over without talking about it like she was independent without her having to tell you every five minutes that she was independent 

She didn't need no man's and like she was just a badass and she just like she questioned things but she still felt like she was like bound to like serve her kingdom follow her duty do what she's supposed to do 

But you know it's just she was very normal like she had internal struggles she questioned things but you know she wasn't gonna like shake up the status quo like 

She has to try lightly and like she was just so smart she was so strong she was so brave she was just she her humour her like her little one-liners 

She was sassy but she I just loved her I literally fell in love with her she was incredibly beautiful amazing talented never been done before talented brilliant incredible amazing show stopping spectacular never 

The same totally unique completely not ever been done before that lady gaga meme is like my favourite but yeah poppy was great hawk oh my goodness he had some quotes in this book 

That like I had to go back and highlight like some one-liners that were just like oh I mean funny ones but ones that just like really made you think for a second and you're like 

You clever dog like whoa like I their relationship everything about them I loved it I love this freaking book guy some plot twists in this are absolutely insane I read this 

So quickly I literally it's like 700 pages I read it in about 48 hours like I did not put it freaking down I'm so excited to start the second book but if you're thinking about reading this at all read it it has every element of an amazing fantasy 

I mean it has world building but it's not like too hard to grasp I also find a lot of times in like fantasy books that are where it's like a kingdom and like that kind of almost has like a renaissance feel to it a lot of the times 

I find that like the writing is kind of hard to grasp like some of the languages are hard to grasp this would have that renaissance almost like old-timey feel but like the dialogue was just it was just normal 

It was so easy to understand without being immature like it just it couldn't have been more perfect like it was it was thought-provoking but it wasn't like I'm reading Shakespeare 

You know like it was just great it was great I'm obsessed with this book I've heard the second one is even better it's a kingdom of flesh and fire I am starting that today 

So my review on that should be coming very soon that's gonna have to be full spoilers at that point I'm sure I'm just gonna have to be like 

But yes go read this book it's incredible I love these characters I love this author I'm going to read so many more of her things now amazing 

So to be warned this is not a young adult there are some fairly explicit things in this book that I wouldn't recommend someone under the age of 18 to read 

It's not like full-blown 50 shades or anything like that but like there are some moments and I'm not complaining about any of them sorry mom and dad.