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A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy pdf download


A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy pdf download

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A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy pdf download

Details of A Hundred Little Flames 

  • Book Name: A Hundred Little Flames 
  • Authors: Preeti Shenoy
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Hundred little frames a vacation right now brief background about British you know it she's one of my favorite in an office I have owned read a lot of women authors but petition is one of my favorite 

I feel the reason I didn't enjoy reading her books is because she describes whatever is there in one of detail so a lot of the characters any of the scenes on any of the places that are present in her books 

I described very much in detail and that is why the visualization that is done by reader is a great extent very much activated so today the book that I want to talk about is 150 games 

now this is home that I had picked up a long time back but I had returned it to some reason 

I decided to read it again during this period and I was thoroughly mesmerised by kind of writing which she has done in this form so unlike a lot of other books of course this one is based around rural scenario 

so if you have read previous few books of British annoy they all are mainly sounding the urban areas or characters who live in these urban areas 

but this particular book is mostly placed around a village and that is where most of the story takes place the second character the protagonist of the book is ayaan he has recently been fired from his job 

due to new mistake of his actually and his father is not very much happy with this situation that is there 

his father is not in any way happy with the sun's performance it is like without this incident aggravates that either even more 

now what his father wants him to go is to leave the place he wants him to go to another place to a village and live with his grandfather 

now this village is based in Kerala that despite ion is too cool since he does not have any job as often all that he decides that let me 

just go there and he decides to meet his grandfather and live with him the main reason being that he's not in a very good shape at the moment he is very old and he requires some kind of supervision 

so one thing that I really enjoyed about the book was that I never expected a village or a rural area to be as much fun for the most part of my life I have lived in an urban area 

I have visited my village a few times but I never really enjoyed staying there I feel that when you live in such an area for a long time you definitely become a lot more frame 

you definitely become a lot more down-to-earth because a lot of facilities that we see around us where we live are not present 

so it becomes very important for people to help each other because if people don't help each other things can become related to that that is where the rural areas are very different from urban areas 

you will find people a lot more helpful in these areas so that is something which everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime and I do believe that sometime in the future 

I might visit my village as well and live there for an extended period of time I have never stayed in my village for more than a month or two 

so that is something that I definitely look forward to after we make this book this book takes you through a very long journey in the village the mean journey 

the main reason for that journey definitely was for ion to meet his grandfather and stay with him later on all this relationship develops with his grandpa it's also been described in the book 

the main theme of the book is how people forget their bearings so easily ion's grandfather has gone being taken care of by his father that his father has not visited him for a long period now and even in the future 

he does not have any plans of visiting him his father feels that at this age grandfather is much more a liability than an asset and he has done a lot of things in his book 

which I don't think any son should be doing to this father at that point of time I think my on becomes much-needed support for his grandfather and that is something we should all look forward to me 

I don't think that we should be only as a ransom as a noun was we should also be as would a son as I almost he was much more supportive to his grandfather than his son 

I feel that is something which at the top of this book overall reading this book was a great experience I think every one of you should read this book 

I would generally say this thing about a lot of books that everyone out there should read it but I don't think this book will disappoint any one of you you can just pick it up and be ready to give us well eyes find it, it is that kind of that is one word I will use for this book.

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