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The Magicians of Mazda pdf download


The Magicians of Mazda pdf download

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The Magicians of Mazda pdf download

Details about The Magicians of Mazda 

  • Book Name: The Magicians of Mazda 
  • Authors: Ashwin Sanghi
  • Pages: 492
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: 21 May 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review 

The magicians of Mazda now this book dives deep into the origin and history of Parsi culture and finds an amazing India because you know they had to protect their faith and their culture because Mahaprabhu Muslim invaders and they wanted them to either convert or then torture them 

But you know a few people they managed to run away from Iran and this is all this happened in 720 ce and they came to India with a Parsi scientist whose name is Jim dastur and he's actually managed to create something really special with that secret and you know

He wants to use it for the service of humankind now but he's kidnapped from his house in seattle and now starts that electrifying journey of him being kidnapped being saved being kidnapped again escaping and then again getting stuck in one country to another jim the store's wife Linda 

Who's actually a renowned historian manages to crack even a certain code associated with that secret but because jim and linda are actually surrounded by people who cannot be trusted 

They are actually involved in those particular gangs who wants to who are after this special secret so uh linda and uh of course jim they don't know whom to trust but will they be able to you know save this secret from going into the wrong hands or 

You know will they be able to unravel the biggest mystery of the magicians of mazda for all those questions you need to read the book now my favorite part in this book is 

You know how ashwin sanghi has managed to find a solid connection between zoroastrian culture and hindu vedic culture examples sanghi the way he's given detailed description of everything you know all these cultures and their roots with examples 

It only proves that knowledge i got to learn so much about zoroastrian culture from this book and also what the basic understanding and the basic learning that i got from 

This book is how uh you know the objective and the real purpose of any religion or faith is always to spread love but it rarely does that because you know history you know every religion tries to convert they want people of different religion to convert to their religion 

You know maybe you can convert their ideas their thoughts but you cannot convert their hearts and also there's a very very interesting piece on kashmiri pundits in this book 

Which is amazing and i think for that you know you should and definitely you must read this book reading this book is like diving into an ocean of knowledge of different cultures 

You know different religion and mystery science history and many other things and i hope you find this review useful because this is very very latest book from ashwin sanghi.



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