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How to become a people magnet pdf Download


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How to become a people magnet pdf Download 

Details About How to become a people magnet PDF

  • Novel Title: How to become a people magnet
  • Author: Marc Reklama
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Pages: 158
  • Publish Date:25 October 2018
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Do you sometimes not know what to say or how to start a conversation do your people not listen to you do you want to improve your relationship with others in how to become a people magnet international book selling author and personal development consultant mark reflow reveals the secrets behind successful relationship with people 

in this practical and straightforward guide, you will learn specific principles that will help you to build more powerful relationships and stronger connections and leave a positive lasting impression on everyone you get in touch with so 

Number one shake it when you meet someone for the first time always offer to shake his or her hands first this signal that you are in control of the conversation it is a power move 

Number two gaze deeply do not avoid eye contact do not stare of course but looking in someone's eye shows that you're paying attention it will make you look less nervous it will make the person you are communicating to feel more special like you value what is coming out of his mouth 

Number three put yourself in someone else's shoe this basically means to think from someone else's perspective but that is not all you also need to put these thoughts into actions dot this works extremely well with strangers 

Number four be ready to engage when you arrive at a meeting event party or any conversations will take place to prepare yourself be ready with conversation topics questions and stories in the back of your mind as soon as you meet someone this will help you avoid awkward small talk 

Number five focuses on cpi, cpi stands for a common point of intercept it's an essential element in every conversation and interaction your duty as you meet new people or even as you talk with those you already know is to discover the cpi as soon as possible it helps establish a bond between you and others it increases your approachability and allows them to feel more comfortable talking with you.