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The billionaire's surrogate pdf free download

The billionaire's surrogate pdf free download

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The billionaire's surrogate pdf free download

Details About The Billionaire’s Surrogate by Jami Gallardo PDF

  • Name: The Billionaire’s Surrogate
  • Author: Jami Gallardo
  • Publish date: 17 June 2015
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Language: English
Book Review:

The billionaire's so I set it on the counter and pace around the kitchen this letter isn't the kind of good you know you have to do but don't want to like when you know you have to clean your bedroom 

But you'd rather lay in bed and watch tv or when you know you have to do your homework but you want to go watch a new movie at the theater that kind of good they kind of has a worthwhile result 

but involves a sacrifice, in this case, a huge sacrifice Emily i look up and realize that peter my roommate is looking at me yeah I say reaching for the letter quickly are you all right he asks eyeing me with his dark eyes yeah just tired I'm going to take a nap 

I announce making my way to my room I met peter almost two years ago at the beginning of my junior year at new york university we decided to move into a two-bedroom apartment together after becoming good friends 

i go to my room lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling i have three exams this week and a ton of homework to do but i can't bring myself to start studying a few months ago i received the worst news i could possibly receive my dad had a heart attack my mom didn't tell me until he was out of danger 

but that didn't make me feel any better my family lives in Arizona where i was born but since i'm at nyu on scholarship i couldn't even see him ever since my father has been sick and my mom has to work more to pay 

the bills leaving my little sister in the hospital staying with my dad I've thought about leaving new york a lot i was supposed to be the miracle of the family the financially successful one able to buy my parents a house the reliable one 

yet I'm here useless unable to do anything to help part of me wants to pack my bags and go home but the other part of me knows that I can't throw all of this away 

i'm so close to finishing school so close to graduating and becoming a nurse i can't give it up now but i won't forgive myself if something happens to him while i'm here i wipe away the tear rolling down my cheek i have a job 

but it is barely enough for me to pay bills and feed myself i don't have enough money to send and help while I'm trying to finish my education my dad is gaining more debt with the hospital life isn't supposed to be this hard my phone rings making me jump hello Emily it's Elizabeth 

i say relieved it's not my mom with bad news oh i totally forgot we were going to have lunch together i'm sorry i'm on my way i reach for my purse it's okay i'm outside take your time elizabeth is my one and only true friend we met at freshman orientation she was my first friend in new york and we've been friends ever since peter is nowhere to be seen when i emerge from my room 

so i head out lock the door behind me and get in elizabeth's car it's a sunny afternoon but still chilly enough to be considered sweater weather people always say elizabeth and i could easily be sisters 

I can see why we both have long brown wavy hair brown eyes and fair skin we are simply different in the way we dress she always dresses up compared to my casual jeans blouse and sweater combo hey 

I climb into the car and smile at her as she pulls away from my place everything okay she asks yes i pause sighing no she glances at me you can tell me over lunch right now i need food 

I laugh same we go to our usual food spot a few minutes away patty's diner how's your dad elizabeth asks after we order the same i think i don't know i haven't talked to mom since last week 

I reached for the letter in my sweater pocket i got this though i say sliding it across the table she gives me a weird look but takes it congratulations she reads your application to the growing generations program has been accepted you may now proceed to step two she reads the rest before looking up at me eyes wide this isn't my nod slowly 

I don't know what to do i mean this is crazy right i've never had a baby i've never even had s*x okay she says placing her hands on the table this is obviously a really serious decision to make 

I sip my coffee this could be a good thing right my parents they need the money like really you need it emily this is big you have to be super sure that you are ready to do this becoming a surrogate first came up when 

I overheard a conversation between two girls in my class they were talking about how college students are always broke and one of them brought up stripping for money the other one brought up surrogacy of course 

I already knew a surrogate was someone who carries a baby for someone else that wasn't what caught my attention though what caught my attention is how much money surrogate mothers make forty thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars easily that kind of money is life-changing that kind of money can mean the difference between life and death for my dad i've decided to apply 

I was feeling vulnerable and not really thinking about what i was doing at the time i was simply desperate now i'm apparently ready to move to the next step my dad needs the money 

I say again trying to convince myself yes but you'll have to be physically and mentally prepared for this it won't be easy you'll have to go through tests and checkups after you get pregnant and then you'll have the baby and you'll never see the kid again 

I shake my head i don't want a baby anyway you have to think about this really think about this emily the waiter comes with our food and we sit silently waiting for her to go away before continuing the conversation 

It's perfect timing too i continue by the time the baby is born i'll be out of school you'll be pregnant for graduation elizabeth interrupts graduation emily your graduation pictures would be ruined forever 

I know you need the money but there has to be another way there isn't i can't work more because i need to focus on school you're going to be pregnant do you know how hard that's going to be not as hard as losing my dad i whisper she looks at me her gaze softening i'm sorry it's not your fault i know i sigh i know this isn't going to be easy 

but i have to do something to help my family i can't be this useless this is what we're going to do elizabeth says after a moment you're going to proceed to step two but while we wait for more information we are going to look for another way to earn money fast i nod already knowing there isn't another way i thought about finding another job 

But i'll get behind in school i don't have anyone to lend me that kind of money it's just me and my family no one else no one who can help us my only option is to become a surrogate unconsciously my hand goes to my flat stomach and my cheeks flush i will be pregnant without ever having s*x am i really ready to be a virgin surrogate.