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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling Pdf Download

Details of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Book

  • Book Name: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  • Authors: J.K. Rowling
  • Pages: 352
  • Genre: Children's literature, Fantasy Fiction, Novel
  • Publish Date: 3 September 2014
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Philosopher's Stone by J.k. Rowling is the series that is Harry Potter all about and what was this big first that's going on about this whole series I suppose no this C's conscious of a total of seven books 

As I Told Before and It Deals With This Boy in Harry Potter Who's Put Into This Magical World Called the Wizarding World and His Life in Those Seven Years Throughout in His School 

If You Didn't Know There is a School Called Forwards in This Universe and Harry Goes for Training Into That World and We Just Get Into the Plot of the First Book Now if You Ask Me There's Not That Much of a Plot Element That is Fixed on the First Book 

While Starting the Series Jk Rowling Mostly Intended the Books to Be Children's Books So These First Two Books That is - a Philosopher's Stool and Hi Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Are Mostly Focused Towards the Middle Grade Audience That is Kids So These Stories Might Sound a Bit Kids 

I While Reading but the World That the Story Has Been Put in and the Amount of Emotions That We Get From This Story Are So Good That It Will Be Loved by People From All Age Ranges Throughout the World and It Also Made Jk Rowling 

The First Billionaire Author to Ever Become in the World and the Series Has Sold Over Like Five Hundred Million Copies in Many Different Languages Throughout the Words Nothing to Talk About the Plot 

I Just Went on Rambling About the World Just Fan Going Throughout the Universe but Coming to the Plot This Book Mainly Deals With Harry Finding His Way Into the Wizarding World in His 11th Year 

The Happenings That Take Place Inside the School and the Way in Which He Finds His Two Most Beloved Friends and His Life That is Wrong in Mining Their Friendship and How They Carry Out Different Deeds in Order to Find This Specific Object That Has Been Found to Be Hidden in Four Words in Order to Protect the World From an Evil Visit That's All That 

I Can Say About the Plot of the Book as I Said Before the First Book Doesn't Dwell Much on the Plot It Mostly Dwells Upon the Building of the World in a Very Exquisite Way and I Must Say That Jk Rowling Spends That Much Time in Building the World Such That It Feels a Feel It is So Vertical 

It Makes Every Reader Who Reads It Want to Be a Part of That World if You Are a Person Who Has Read Harry Potter as a Child You'll Be Able to Understand That Feeling Which I'm Trying to Convey in This Few Sentences 

If You Ask Me You Can Read Harry Potter at Any Instant in Your Life Because There Are Going to Be Multiple Characters Which Are Going to Resonate in Some Way or the Other With You for Sure Talking About the Characters 

We Have These Three Main Characters in Hi Potter Who Are Hypotenuse of Ronald Weasley Who's Ron and Hermione Granger Who's the Muggle-born Witch and Who's the Most Wise Ass Which of All the Students Present in Her Words at Present and to Give a Small Character Description of All These People

The Boy Who Left the the Boy Who Left the Clinical Studies About a Kadabra and Wrong Leaves Me as the Youngest Son of in His Family and She's All Shadowed by All His Elder Brothers and Fishy and the Sisters Well and Apart From This We Also Have Money Granger Who's the Genius Throughout the Story 

If if I Have to Admit Harry and Ron Shall Not We Make Even Past the Last Chapter of the Book or the Last Few Chapters of the Book Without the Help of Money Being There I Can Describe Certain Things but I Said That the City Was Going to Be Spoiler Free So I'm Just Trying to Control 

My Time and Contain the Words Within Myself and the So Tough to Give This as a Spoiler Free Review and Apart From These Three Characters We Have Multiple Defeat Atticus by the Way Just on Seeing the Cover 

I Remembered Having Who's This Darling for Teacher Who Everyone Will Want to Have a Class With and Apart From That You Could Get This Introduction to My Most Favorite Character Let's See Whose Albus Dumbledore 

He's the Headmaster of Hogwarts and He's Such a Funny Quirky Intelligent Wise Character Whom You Will Fall in Love With While Ending the Series and You'll Also Be Shocked by Some of the Decisions Which He Takes Throughout the Series Apart From That 

We Have Different Professors Who Teach Different Types of Magic in Howard I'm Eating Every Character of Each and Every Professor It's Described in Such a Way That They Feel Like Real People They Don't Just Feel Like People Who Have Magic Just Spoiling Off Them She Puts Out Practice as One of the Main Things 

Which Will Bring the Magic You Know Powerful Way Out of You and That is Portrayed Very Well by the Teacher Characters or the Professor Characters Within the Whole Hypotheses Going on to the Important Aspect of the Book as I Said Before the Strongest Point About the Whole Harry Potter Series 

This Particular First Book in the Series in Specific is That I Can Say That the World-building Was So Strong and It is One Which Will Make Us to Be in Need to Be a Part of That World Jk Rowling Has Written This World and Commented It With the Real World in Which We Live and That Sucks and and the Ways in Which This Was Early World is Much Better Compared to the World in Which 

We Live in and She Also Shows Me Many Things in Order to Show That It is Also a Normal World Just With Magic Because It is Not a World in Which There Are No Problems at All You Can Just Waver Won't Terror Still and Come Out of All the Problems That You Face in Life 

But Even Though You Have Magic There Are a Lot of Misgivings and Was Happening to Happen and There Are a Lot of Limitations to the Magic That You Can Perform and Also She Also Carries All These Reserved Characters Who Are People Who Can Do Magic and She Portrays in a Very Human Way Which Burns

This Void in a Very Real Way Although We Can Sense That It is Auctioning World With a Lot of Magic Presently There Will Be Some Elements Which Will Compel to Believe You Which Will Compel You to Believe Believe That That is This World Which 

Actually Exists in Some Part in This Whole Universe Wrapping Up the Whole Video You Might Have Seemed That I Have Stumbled a Lot While Talking About the Scenes as a Whole That's Because That's How Much 

I'm Connected to the Story of Harry Potter Because There Are Characters to Interpret as Me but Anyone Trough All the Books and Some of the Characters Did Resonate With Me in Some Specific Instance and This is a Book of a Commoner Who's for Them to the Magical World 

Rather Than a Person Who Has Just Blushing Talent or Who's Explicitly Famous or Host Specifically Rich Being Put Into a World and Experienced in That World in His Leash of the Way This is a Series Which Will Make You Creep 

It Will Also Make You Think a Lot and Also Learn a Lot Just by Reading These Seven Books Which Will Be an Amazing Adventure Ah So Cool I Have Been Rambling Throat I Can Understand That but to Stop My Rambling 

I Gave This Book a Total of Five Stars I Started the Book Knowing That I'm Going to Overrated Five Stuff Because I've Already Had It and It Was a Reading and This Experience of Reading Reading Reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Has Made Me Enthusiastic to Pick Up More Books 

Read a Lot More in the Future So if You're Looking for a Magical Tea and if Want an Escape From This Oarsmen World but Just Not That Good Then Please to Read Harry Potter and Give Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone a Chance to Grab You and Pull You Into This Magical Universe.