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How to win friends and influence people pdf


How to win friends and influence people pdf

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How to win friends and influence people pdf 

Details of How to win friends and influence people pdf

  • Book Name: How to win friends and influence people 
  • Authors: Dale Carnegie
  • Pages: 320
  • Genre: Self-help
  • Publish Date: October 1936
  • Language: English

Book Review:

How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie this book is how to still achieve these results but be loved by people and still like do it let's say with less effort and less fight I know that this probably won't be the style of everybody probably Michael Jordan wouldn't be

that the ideal number of like how to win friends and influence people but they are people that say like Warren Buffett, for example, is the richest person in the world very very powerful 

he is always perceived as someone super friendly if you google him like you see he's smiling and in most of his pictures you definitely the aura around him is of a friendly old chap rather than an evil industrialist and like cold financière 

so these are all the lessons from the book on how to be perceived as someone who is good-natured the main rules of handling people are do not criticize always first appreciate sincerely 

the person for something good that they have done and finally make sure that I actually have an intrinsic important eager want in order to do what you want them to do when leadership situations always make sure that you praise 

the person sincerely about something greater they have done and you can always think of something good this person has done make a compliment make appraisal recognize all the good things and people want to live up to 

this reputation he gives also an example in a school when the teacher had like the worst kid in the school like everybody was saying that this kid is going to make her life hell what she did on the first day she met the new class she spoke to every person told something nice to each of the students and when she came to him she said oh I heard that you are a great leader 

I would really rely on you to help me to handle the discipline of this class and she mentioned that several times in his following weeks how much she relies on him how much she expects from him and when you get this kind of reputation even

if your nine-year-old you want to live up to the reputation when someone says like oh she is the master of invoices she is the best one that you can find in sales and you want to live up to this reputation 

this is the cure when you praise someone they want to actually fulfill the role they want to play this role therefore they are going to act in a better way and even if they make a mistake they will correct themselves because they want to fulfill this role that you have created for them on how to make people like you this one is actually 

I love this part because it has made my life so much easier when I started following some of these things for example being genuinely interested in the other person smiling remembering the other person's name talking about the subject that's interesting for them 

also letting the other person talk more than you talk this is fundamental let's say whenever in your situation where you have to do small talk let's say you are the party that's the worst situation ever let's say you're in a cocktail or networking event 

you have to talk with people and you just run out of topics so quickly and it's so much pressure on you to come up with something to talk about and this is the best tip ever you just start asking the other person questions and you the more you ask they want to talk about themselves

the more important they feel significant they feel they talk about things that are interesting for them because of course everybody's going to talk about I me what 

I have done what's important for me was the most interesting part and of course you you will first learn a lot of very good things because people will tell you interesting stories and good things 

you will learn about them like what's important for them and second of all they will think that you are the best person to talk to ever because guess what you didn't even open your mouth you were just asking your questions 

it's just such a relief from all the efforts for you to come up with topics with jokes or that kind of stuff you just keep asking questions and you're just listening and attentively asking more questions acting as

if this is super interesting for you here's one example from the childhood of President Roosevelt when he was very keen on boats he was a young boy and he was very keen on boats and he met at the party 

in his aunt's house, this gentleman who was talking he started talking with him about boats and they spent the whole evening in so much detail about boats and after that 

he was so excited like wow this man is amazing and then she's aunts told him oh he's a lawyer from New York yes no clue about boats and he was so surprised like then why did he speak with me about boats all evening well

he's a gentleman he wants you to talk about what's important for you he considers your interests more important and he wants you to like him that's why he was talking about what's important for you very good lesson two especially if you want to be like smile ask questions be genuinely interested 

in the other person's achievements in what they will have to say and let them do the talking that's all there is very important rules on how to handle people and how to win especially how to win arguments and way especially 

now you can be very often into situations where people are getting emotional like there are different political topics or important events happening and people are getting very emotional and such a thin ice

it's very easy for you to slip down and get into an ugly scene so the best way to actually win an argument is to completely avoid it or to agree with the person you might say well I don't want to agree 

I have a different opinion doesn't matter let the other person win let you can just accept what they're saying again listen to them ask them questions but do not start an argument the best way you cannot win an argument especially 

when it comes to political beliefs or like things that people believe that they there is no way to convince them to send the best strategy in that way is that you just avoid the argument 

let them win it doesn't matter it just pacifies the other person it gets the emotions out of the way they make it makes them feel better and you can have a better conversation with them also you must show respect for their opinion even 

if it's very different from yours just make sure that you understand you appreciate it you understand it's important and you don't say you're wrong this is the worst way 

this is like the easiest way to pick a fight and to get into a situation that you don't want to be is to start saying you are wrong and arguing because this builds up immediately the defense mechanism means be in people once they are in defense mode 

they can start getting aggressive means can get out of control even very normal educated and calm people can turn into monsters so be very careful at this kind of moment just appeal to Noble thieves and make sure that you don't over you 

don't argue with the person be nice and be in a way interested and respectful to what they have to say and essentially this will kind of take away the steam take away

let them lose the the power and the rage that's inside them and at some point you'll be see that you'll be able to have a very normal conversation with them once the emotion has passed if you are leader those 

this can mean your parent a teacher a manager company owner business owner there is very important lessons here that you have to take especially when you deal with your subordinates so when you are in a position of power 

it's very easy that you become a hated person and once they starts to hate you once they start to despise you it's very difficult for you to establish power you can kind of force people to do things 

but they will just hate you in the mean time and they will do things badly the best way to actually make people do thing is to convince them that it's their own idea and to convince them in this way with a very subtle way 

so I always start with praising praise every small thing that the person does well and you will see that there are a lot of things that they do well even in people that you absolutely hate if you just start thinking like well they're doing something good like oh well she puts very good makeup on 

I can tell her about that or like oh she did this very well today like it can be like a really really minor thing but you just say it and this kind of makes the other people lose a little bit of the rage and they start to like you of course then always 

when you have to address some kind of fold some kind of mistake never do it directly it's better to actually ask questions instead of giving orders for example what would be a better way for doing it for us to do 

this can you think of a way how can handle this better one will improve your conversations with your clients and the way you're coming from a position of someone who is interested in this person to do better 

You asking them you're giving them the opportunity to actually be significant to come up with their own solution because internally they probably know what it is 

it's a great way for you to speak to people your employees to your classmate's students or to your children if by understating them understand that they have the solution to the problem and a lot of people understand 

They have done a mistake and they feel ashamed so if you rub the mistake on their face it can provoke the defense mechanism and it can go bad like they can be like all this hateful boss he's doing this to me people hate accepting 

When they're wrong so when someone somebody is wrong you can just do a small trick like indirectly pointing the mistake one example was a story where a lady had some builders in the house and in the evening 

They left the whole loan really dirty there was chips of wood everywhere trash and she and her children took all the trash away the next day when they are the builders arrived again