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The invisible life of Addie LaRue by VE Schwab pdf download


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The invisible life of Addie LaRue by VE Schwab pdf download

Details About The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab PDF

  • Novel Title: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
  • Author: V. E. Schwab
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy, Action & Adventure Literary Fiction
  • Publish Date: 6 October 2020
  • Language: English
Book Review:

In the invisible life of Addie LaRue by V.E.Schwab so she is put into an arranged marriage and right before she gets married she makes a deal with one of the old gods to basically get to live her life and be free well 

She didn't word it very well as you know if you read any kind of like fairy tales or fantasy tales so the deal made was that she yeah she could live forever and she could do whatever 

She would be tied to no one therefore no one would remember her as soon as they leave the room they completely forget about her she can't write her name she can't speak her name she can't tell her story she can't really like have anything 

So then we follow her life all the way through up until like 2014 and her life throughout the years and how she copes with that the relationships that she tries to form the things that happen 

The good moments and the bad moments and everything in between this book does have triggers for loss of loved ones suicide drug and alcohol abuse and sexual assault but first off 

If you haven't heard before I tend to struggle with ve Schwab's writing victoria Schwab I either love her books or hate them 

I tend to dislike them I've liked some of her earlier stuff but some of her more recent stuff hasn't really been for me 

So I went into this cautiously optimistic because i really liked the synopsis but i wasn't sure how it was going to go and i was very pleasantly surprised 

So first off we talked about world building this world is one of those like magic is around the corner but no one's necessarily aware of 

It types worlds the magic really is the fact that there is this like god entity being or whatever that can grant wishes but obviously, it's sort of like a trickster there's nothing else going on as far as like any other paranormal creature 

So it's really just her ability to live long and some of that stuff that creates a realistic setting with some of these magical elements this is incredibly atmospheric we have the historical nature of things 

There's also a lot of inspiration from like art and stuff because Addie over the years tends to just attach and like being in the lives of different artists 

That's how she kind of finds a way to make a mark without officially making a mark herself by really being amused by a lot of artists over the years 

So we have like this artistic kind of feel the kinds of people that she's around it's just this very atmospheric setting and then in modern times 

She's in new york city in the past she spends a lot of time in like Paris and Venice and New Orleans and places like that that just have a certain vibe to them and you really feel that throughout the story because this is a character-driven story 

It's incredibly slow at first this really is a character study of Addie and how someone that would be cursed like this would live their life how that would impact any kind of relationships obviously and how someone would just cope with that 

So with that being said let me talk about the characters our main character Addie I end up really loving I traditionally have not liked the way that v.e Schwab writes female characters 

I particularly didn't like Lila bard and a lot of the other characters seem to have very similar traits to her 

But this felt like a softening of a lot of those traits that she usually puts in her female characters I know and I've heard that this book is a book that she's been working on in the back of her head for a while 

So i almost wonder if her desire to have some of these traits pop up she took really extreme and some other characters that made me just kind of like because they were too much 

but this doesn't have that to the extreme Addie is like a thief because she has to be you know because of external circumstances she can't have property no one's gonna remember her to give her a job no one can remember her to give her like she can't sign a lease like 

She just has this nature of like she can only live in the present moment and so that's a very interesting thing to follow and a very interesting person to follow when you have that element and she also has some things were like 

She wishes she could dress like a man and she smokes cigarettes and those are things that pop up in some of her other characters but again when i first saw it i was kind of like uh are we gonna go down this row but she doesn't take it 

As far as she has it with other characters where they feel like sort of like a stereotype or just like so extreme this really felt like a real character given the circumstances the exploration of relationships also 

Here is wonderful for a book where Eddie can't really form relationships it's interesting how just relationship focused this is not necessarily romantic but Addie's identity and how she tries to interact with people you know 

She has these situations where over her whole life she'll have people that are in her life for like months but she is only known to them you know for the night and 

So she'll be like oh well I've been sort of like with this person for like two or three months but every night for them is you know brand new and that kind of experience and like 

how those relationships have kind of shaped her also the dynamic that she has with this like old god entity whatever you want to call him and their sort of like competition with each other because 

He wants her to give in the reason he put that deal in place is so that he could take her soul cause you know she makes a deal for her soul I don't think I mentioned that 

But it's kind of obvious you know that that's the kind of deal that's going on so he wants her to obviously like suffer and not want to do this anymore and 

So she's constantly just like digging her heels in and then over time their relationship kind of develops into something really interesting and compelling while also like kind of toxic 

Because he's like not you know he's not human he's not like um have any morals or anything like that so their dynamic is very interesting because he's the only like person that can remember her and then later on in the story 

It says it's in the synopsis so it's not a spoiler but she does meet somebody that does remember her and so we get his perspectives a little bit as well um not as much as her but we do get chapters from him as well 

So you find out why that is and how they're connected and we just have these different relationship dynamics then with him you have some of his friends and how they impact him as well 

I just found the relationship complex web study of what a person's life looks like and all the different kinds of relationships they have and what it would look like 

If they only could live in the present found that very interesting lastly I'll talk about the plot like I said at the beginning it was just kind of slow and meandering 

but for me that was okay that I know for some people they're not gonna like that I know that some people probably found this like really boring and I think that's kind of how this book is gonna be 

If you're not necessarily into this character in the character study of it you're not gonna be into it because it is like that slower more meandering like there's not a lot going on besides her living her life day to day because she kind of has to 

But I did find some of the things as far as like some of the twists and relationship things that happened later on to be like unpredictable like I never really knew where this was going because this wasn't going at like a very fast pace 

So I was kind of just like along for the like very slow walk waiting to see what we stumbled upon instead of trying to be like oh what's gonna happen because it's not like that but overall I ended up really enjoying this and I ended up giving it 5 out of 5 stars.