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The Return of Sherlock Holmes

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The Return of Sherlock Holmes Pdf Download

Details of The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle Book

  • Book Name: The Return of Sherlock Holmes
  • Authors: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Pages: 403
  • Genre: Short Story, Mystery, Detective fiction
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle in scarlett and the sign of the four i've linked the you can go and check out both of those videos if you're interested i'm reading the series in the chronological order that was published and so this is the next one in the series as a whole it's a collection of 12 short stories 

by far from the three things that i've read this is my most favorite okay i said in my first two reviews itself i'm a very character driven leader 

i was not able to latch to either of the two main characters but trust me just after reading like one or two short stories in this one itself 

i'm very much attached to both sherlock s plus watson together and their friendship is something which i envy and like a lot so definitely this was a very surprisingly beautiful day for me i enjoyed it the whole time each and every one of the 12 short stories were very different 

so unique in their own and the different touches that the author has given for each and every story was very subtle and so cozy to read so without any further ado let's get into the various sections of the review 

right away first talking about the plot since it's a short story collection the plot varies for each and every one of the 12 short stories and also one thing which i liked a lot was that each and every short story stood on 

its own you need not read any of these short stories in order to understand the others and also you can read them in any order it doesn't mess up the experience of reading the book at all another thing which 

i noticed was that it is not necessary to have read both a study in scarlet as well as the sign of before in order to read the adventures of sherlock holmes because this doesn't spoil anything from those two books and also 

i'd recommend you to start with this one because this is far better compared to those two and also if you want to read them in the chronological order i'll say there's only one advantage if you ask me 

it is the development of the characters here you will see sherlock and watson as really good friends you will be able to get that vibe from them really easily but in the first two novels it's not that clearly seen at least for me 

i did not feel it at all this one was super legit okay it's almost like a brotp i just enjoyed that banter a lot that friendship is something which is really nice and just so solid that you cannot deny it at all it was really nice about that 

is something about their friendship they trust each other and adore each other as well as admire each other in some way or the other and also talking about the plot of each and every short story that's really strong most of the time 

i was not at all able to guess what's going to happen and i was not at all able to unravel the mystery 

it's also not like a pattern that we see in the first two novels in the first novels we have major revelations happening in the flashbacks but here it is not at all like that there's no flashback so you can definitely go for and direct 

i enjoyed it the whole time and the plot on this one is just a hundred percent solid and uh perfect for people like me moving on to the characters both of the main characters in this one are extremely well written 

i just enjoyed each and every moment with both sherlock as well as watson because the points of view which we get from both of them is totally different and totally unique we see the same things that both of the people are seeing but in completely different ways the way in which sherlock was

so different and so unique was that his observant qualities okay he is so very observing and you will not be able to predict what sherlock is thinking at all but just by seeing you having a glance at you he can just observe you completely 

he's he can dismantle each and everything that you're wearing into paths and just tell everything about you very very easily i'm sure if i go and see sherlock he'll be able to say that i'm a book nerd he'll be able to say that i'm working in the ite and many other things about me because 

his deduction is such a granular and perfect extent for me personally and i just loved it the whole time another nice quality which i like about sherlock in this one is that he is a bit arrogant and adamant when he has to do certain things but he does not give up to consider different scenarios while 

he is working out a plan he sees the best outcome as well as the worst outcome and he tries to balance both of them while he's working on his case he doesn't go forward and say tell people that he can do this completely he says that it is highly probable and he can do it but he does not reveal anything 

until he is like hundred percent sure and his sense of humor and this one was also super cool okay i was not at all expecting this to happen in a study in scholar it was not all that much evident when 

it came to the sign of the fourth there was like a hint of humor here and there when it came to sherlock but in this one the guy is hilarious okay i'm sure if i like see like a screen portrayal of sherlock in this mode properly i will totally enjoy it and i did enjoy it the whole time and also his trust on watson 

it is just like the 100 emoji okay it was just so perfect that's the small excerpt from the book which uh watson uses in order to describe what sherlock is doing while he's going to his meditative state i'll just read it out to 

you guys it was like a perfect chunk of explaining how sherlock goes into the process of deducing things so now i'll leave it for you now this excerpt is from the short story the man with the twisted lip it is definitely 

one of my favorites from this collection and it goes like this it was soon evident to me that he was now preparing for an all night sitting he took off his coat and waistcoat put on a large blue dressing gown and then wandered about the room collecting pillows from his bed and cushions from the 

sofa and armchairs with these he constructed a sort of eastern divan upon which he purged himself cross-legged with an ounce of shadow tobacco and a box of matches laid out in front of him in the dim light of the lamp

i saw him sitting there an old dryer pipe between his lips his eyes fixed vacantly upon the corner of the ceiling the blue smoke curling up from him silent motionless with the light shining upon his strong sid aqualine features 

now the writing of the author itself in this one is really poetic and very very beautiful okay just describing that scene of how he goes into that trance in order to make his detections was really awesome 

i just underlined that whole thing and i'm sure it was going into some of the notebooks which i'm having because i just love that small chunk of the story which just added a great amount of flavor for his character 

as a whole now moving on to watson the reason why i read that excerpt for you guys is to show how well a narrator watson is and we get the entire story of sherlock itself only from the point of view of watson 

it was really really a great decision if you ask me i don't think there would have been any better point of view in order to experience this story from we have just two characters even of course from sherlock's point of view 

itself it might have been a bit frustrating and boring at times but while getting it from watson's point of view it was totally enjoyable and unpredictable most of the time you just saw that scene which

i read right it was very atmospheric you'll just be able to see what's happening in front of you and giving all those various layers to sherlock's character is only done through the point of view of watson which

i totally liked and the way in which he admires and adores his friend how he is trying to learn a lot of things from him and he's like mostly used to him right now that while sherlock is saying some things he's sure that 

they are all totally legit because before the words come out of sherlock's mouth they have gone through like a thousand filters and then only come out 

so his friendship was sherlock was something which was very pure and beautiful to read about in this one also in most of the short stories 

we get the time period is after when what watson is married and how understanding his wife is with him while he has to cooperate with sherlock and the dangers that are actually surrounding him 

when he's working with shallow okay he doesn't care about the dangers at all because he knows that if he's with sherlock he'll definitely have a great time at 

the adventure that's the part which excites him the most also his knowledge of medicine is something which was properly 

put into use in this one he starts practicing again after the sign of the four and the way in which his medical knowledge is also made use of while developing each and every short story was really well done

i thought that okay this medical knowledge is going to not play that much of an importance in any part of the story but it does play a major role in various aspects and also as he's solving many cases along with sherlock 

he has also developed this skill of deducing things so that was also really really fun to read moving on to the writing 

i loved the writing and this one compared to the first two novels because it was very much more accessible and necessarily granular and descriptive okay since each and every one is a short story there is not that much time 

it's just like 20 to 30 pages in length and within that itself the author has to make you wonder a lot of things he has to make you guess how the case is going to end up 

but also trick you so that you do not surpass his wit at the same time he also has to develop the friendship and these two characters individually all those things were like super extremely well done in this one 

i said that a study in scarlet and design of the four are not suitable for beginners but this one is highly suitable even the language is not that difficult if you are used to reading at least like short books i'm sure you will enjoy reading 

this on your on your tbrs for the rest of the year i'm sure you're so much more lucky than me because this is a book which is totally perfect for the monsoon season 

i'm sure in a few more weeks we are going to have like a really heavy rains consistently and put this on your tbr starting from september to december it will definitely be worth the time 

i'm just a little bit sad that i read this a bit earlier and if i had started this in like august or september that will be the time when we have brains starting in tamil nadu at least and it would have been perfect for the season it's 

i still have uh three to three and a half more books to read and it's definitely going to be that on my tbr for the rest of the year and i'm definitely going to read and enjoy them

so it is super perfect for the monsoon season and if you just want something cozy interesting as well as something which will keep you on the edge completely the whole time please do read it because 

it is just so excellent we're talking about this setup they set up for all the 12 short stories is london itself and there's something about london which 

i just love the setup and the atmosphere of that place each and every story actually occurring in london is something which just draws me in and keeps me within that atmosphere very easily 

if you've been following me regularly you know very well how much i love the character chronicles and of all the series my most favorite when it comes to setup are the infinite devices and the large stars because 

they also happen inside london and that weather and that atmosphere that london provides for series like this one itself is really unique and it is just so cozy okay while i'm saying cozy i'm not saying that it is going to be 

so happy to read all the time it does have some dark twists and turns because it is a mystery series right and definitely they are dealing with some criminal cases which means there are going to be some dark things which 

we are going to deal with while reading the series and the amount of darkness is subtly given it's not like overpowering and makes everything feel less and make us feel uncomfortable 

it's just to the perfect amount that that's this amount of coziness but also there is like a little sense of unease which you completely feel while you are like nearing the end of each and every short story that is something which 

i enjoyed the most finally talking about the pacing the piercing in this one was super fast okay i did not get bored while reading any of the 12-shot stories each and everything has a different ending and also it does not like each and every case is properly closed and sealed at all we do have some open threads which 

i think will be explored a lot more in the later stories in the series i'm not sure though even if they are left unfinished it is okay because it feels a lot more not natural then well i thought first i thought that it has only 10 short stories 

but when i saw 12 short stories and it's not even that long just 320 pages long i thought that okay it's not going to be that impressive but it is an awesome installment a perfect switch from the first two novels 

if you ask me also another thing which i wanted to tell you guys is that i was simultaneously listening to this on audio i had this audible credit through which i bought the complete sherlock holmes collection narrated by stephen fry if you don't know stephen fry is an awesome narrator 

he has this very beautiful british accent which he uses to narrate and if you've not listened to even prize audio books especially his harry potter audiobooks please do go forward and listen to them because they are just so awesome 

he's an awesome narrator and the way he dramatizes each and every character is really really beautiful i listened to the entire thing while reading it physically on audio also simultaneously it was an awesome experience 

i think that i'll be continuing on with the same for the rest of the series also because i just loved his narration style a lot and it felt a lot more realistic to me than rather than just reading it with my own voice in my head 

so i'm going to continue on with it if you're not able to guess by now i obviously rated this one five stars and it was totally up my alley 

so yes guys that's all for today and if you did find this video useful in some way or the other don't forget to give it a thumbs up and also share it to your friends