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Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears

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Things I Should Have Said pdf Download 

Details About Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears pdf

  • Name: Things I Should Have Said
  • Author: Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Published date: 18 January 2022
  • Pages: 210
  • Genre: Biography, Autobiography
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears she must have she must have some regrets right i mean that's quite the name for a memoir it's not your first name 

it's not some nickname that you didn't address whatsoever throughout the book it's not some motif that you address beautifully throughout the book 

it's things you should have said why is this let's see what questions we can answer in this review i'm gonna summarize the book give you guys 

my thoughts on each chapter go over some standout quotes who i recommend this book to and what books 

it should just be mainstream knowledge if you agree then please make sure to smash that like button jamie lynn spears's main objective with 

this book was to share her experiences on her own and share the events that led her to where she is it seems like independence is really important to her 

It was cathartic and healing for her to write chapter one the business of family jamie lynn spears was what she called like millions of other babies around the world and oops her mom owned and operated a schoolhouse and her dad was 

an alcoholic who did a lot of different jobs throughout the years i i didn't know that they had a brother named brian i also didn't know that they grew 

up in the south louisiana specifically chapter 2 my rising star and all that creative outlets were not big in kentwood as britney's fame grew 

it seems like jamie lynn tried to separate her career from it or at least like i don't want people to think that i'm famous because of my sister obviously family was important and she loved spending time with family during tours 

but it baffled her every night help continuously britney was able to like captivate 30 000 people for hours at a time a sketch comedy show called all that reached out to her after watching some backstage acting of hers 

during a britney tour all that for anyone who doesn't know i actually didn't know this was basically like the kids version of saturday night live honestly her dad sounded like a terrible person didn't really seem like she thought 

so which makes sense i mean it's your dad but i heard somewhere that blood might be thicker than water but it's not bigger than common sense chapter 3 is teenage angst at this point 

i was like okay where where are the things that that she should have said i don't get this in this chapter is where you hear about the start of zoe 101 

i also found it interesting that she didn't find it hard to play zoe seeing as she and zoe were both such similar characters in this chapter 

there still weren't really any of those things that she should have said am i taking the title of this book too seriously please 

let us know in the comments below chapter 4 is never in the shadows this for me is where things got a little bit that's my word it's so man that 

it's not even a word after the end of zoe 101 britney basically became jamie lynn's mom in a sense as brittany's career continued to soar after two children britney's behaviors were considered by jamie lynn to be erratic and troubling with 

this guy named sam askari who based on jamie lynn's description sounded like just a plain narcissist i was 16 and didn't understand the demons surrounding my sister i only knew something felt off-kilter but in reality 

she was struggling to manage the fallout from sam's scheming and i'm sure that made her feel like she couldn't trust anyone is it really her place to speak on 

this though it makes me wonder if she went to brittany before publishing this book and said a lot of people are going to read this but i want you to read it first 

let me know if anything makes you really uncomfortable for me to speak on that you rather keep private or that at the time i didn't understand 

if she didn't do this it would have been smart to do it because one it would avoid legal issues as during the writing of this video britney and or britney's lawyer slash team has already allegedly sent her a cease and desist letter within 24 hours of 

the book's publishing and two jamie lynn could have been like i spoke to brittany about this and she told me something very different from what 

i thought was going on so now that i understand the situation from more than just my point of view at the time it's easier to see clearly the consequences of x y z like the second half of this chapter sounded like line crossing after 

line crossing despite her good intention chapter five is pregnancy and perception you'd think that having a child of her own would make it easier to understand some of what was on britney's plate 

but i guess i guess it was too different for her or something like that again i mean it was even impressive how she laid out the story of her pregnancy and breaking the news to her mom and the retrospection of it of course social media 

wasn't there yet for her to just jump on and directly tell her fans later in the book she even acknowledged this chapter 6 breaking up and letting go when she was pregnant the guy that she was with casper he sounded kind of like sam and the further 

i got into this chapter the more i was convinced that they should probably break up manipulation disappearances lying belittling gaslighting uh infidelity etc obviously the book itself is more specific than this here to me at this point in the book 

it started to sound like more of a things i should have done than things i should have said chapter 7 a butterfly gets her wings is where she adjusted to the complexities of being a child and living like an adult after the birth of her child maddie and 

the breakup of her and casper it sounds like maddie is ultimately the biggest reason why her filmography is not that prolific and there's nothing wrong with this either i'd like to stress that motherhood writing and eventually singing for anybody curious 

at the moment since 2020 jamie lynn spears has starred in a romantic drama show on netflix called sweet magnolias season 2 premieres early next month chapter 8 much more than the right guy of course you know 

the guy she's with now is the subject of this chapter he supported her career her motherhood and everything and again it's impressive how she laid out the details everything from the engagement to the wedding 

the dynamic of the relationship and its evolution and where it is now toward the end of the chapter you get an exploration into you know how her music career came to be chapter nine the sacrifice of stardom is also where you know that whole math 

thing i was saying earlier it's like times ten at first she looked at like stops along her road to success with a more objective 

here's how it works type of lens at least more than the rest of the book based on what she explains 

but again regarding the whole thing with britney it seems like jamie lynn did not have much of an understanding as to what was happening 

it almost seemed in this part like she didn't care that much it's like when someone says i'm trying 

but you know they're not actually putting that much effort in i believe britney's experiences with people who wanted to use her tore away her ability to trust others and left her vulnerable in the midst of all this 

she had her heart broken became a mom and while she retained her iconic pop star status the cracks from the early disappointments became fishers brittany didn't reach out for help dealing with the issues she was facing 

it seemed most everyone on the team was more interested in the money coming in than in getting her the help she needed i'm assuming this among other things was what led to the conservatorship that was established in 2008 

so the conservatorship was addressed but what the hell i'm assuming assuming really did she not know about this lawyers and third party entities were taking advantage of brittany's success at the time 

when she was suffering from what appeared to be some emotional issues appeared to be i don't know it it's almost unbelievable that she sees 

it like this still she observed that perhaps some people are predisposed to issues brought on by the pressures of hollywood maybe imposing unrelenting demands on teenage performers who are in the midst of a complicated 

developmental period places them even more at risk chapter 10 the day my world stopped this one i refuse to spoil 

it is the best chapter at one point i actually got goosebumps in fact you can actually hear her at some point tearing up in the audio version whatever you think of jamie lynn spears this is the one chapter that no one can be like oh my gosh what a lame chapter chapter 11 

a good mom here was her description of her immersion into motherhood chapter 12 you can take the girl out of louisiana jamie lynn's attention to personal values toward the end of the book really seemed to tighten 

itself up above everything she stuck to motherhood and over the years declined role after role and again in 2020 she picked up a role in sweet magnolias chapter 13 my testimony this is the chapter that jamie lynn says she wishes she didn't have to write of course 

it's the chapter that maybe 90 of people checking this book out right now have been waiting for but let me tell you one thing if this book were not a memoir this would literally be the only chapter this and maybe the next one which is called breaking the cycle 

what she said in the last two chapters was missing from every other part in the book and i don't understand why i have to be honest there wasn't as much of i could have done x or y there wasn't as much of i could have done said x or y instead of what 

i did or looking back this seemed like a bad idea as i was hoping this is a good memoir it's not great or excellent it's just good i enjoyed it 

but her story despite how detailed it was ultimately came off to me as unfinished some people can put out memoirs at stupid young ages 

pull it off i don't know how most celebrities nowadays do it in their 50s jamie lynn spears of the publishing of this book is 30 years old and this one just seemed like it came out a decade or two earlier than it ideally could have aside from the last few chapters 

i think the book admittedly doesn't do its own title any justice also there's not that much of this whole family drama in the book that people are talking about in the news but there's definitely some it's a really really really small portion of the book what 

i heard of it left a bad taste in my mouth even if it was sort of squashed and drowned out toward the end you know what would be great a britney spears memoir quotes fame doesn't dehumanize you 

it actually forces you to respect and appreciate your privacy social media will always be a double-edged sword it can defend and inform just like it can damage and destroy executives said things like healthy lifestyle which in their 

world meant something completely different than it did in mind once you lie you need to tell a whole bunch of other lies to cover up the first one direction one i recommend this book simply put for anyone who wants to know more about jamie lynn spears direction two