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Good Anxiety by Wendy Suzuki PDF Download


Good Anxiety by Wendy Suzuki PDF Download

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Good Anxiety by Wendy Suzuki PDF Download

Details of Good Anxiety by Wendy Suzuki  Book

  • Book Name: Good Anxiety 
  • Authors: Wendy Suzuki 
  • Pages: 304
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Publish Date: 7 September 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Good Anxiety by Wendy Suzuki we're going to turn now to something almost all of us have felt over the past year especially anxiety and our next guest is here with some tools to not only help us live with it but actually make it work for us joining us now is world renowned neuroscientist award-winning professor of neuroscience and psychology at nyu and author of good anxiety harnessing 

the power of the most misunderstood emotion and a woman i feel like we need to apologize to sorry you had to sit through our little australia there we just went off the rails dr suzuki dr wendy suzuki 

what have you been seeing in your studies over the last year given the pandemic in terms of people in their anxiety so i couldn't help but notice that even before the pandemic my students at nyu my colleagues my friends myself anxiety levels were going up and that was supported by the idea and the statistic 

that 90 of americans say they suffer from anxiety that is a huge number that has gone up even more since the pandemic so that 90 includes the almost 20 of americans that suffer from clinical levels of anxiety and since the pandemic three subpopulations have been particularly hard hit with clinical anxiety 

that is the black population the zen gen zirs that we were just hearing from just a few segments ago and adolescent females so this is an issue that i just said we need a new way to address this and that is why i wrote this book yeah and you've done extensive research on blane brain plasticity which is the idea of how the brain can adapt to one's environment and you mentioned 

how medical professionals often overlook anxiety or they try to combat anxiety rather than learning how to live with it you say that anxiety can actually be good so explain that for us so the core of this idea is that evolutionarily anxiety developed in us to protect us so you might think well 

what's wrong now how come it's not protecting us because too much of even a good thing is bad and obviously our anxiety levels are very very high all right well dr ashton what kind of a physical impact negative impact doesn't have anxiety on us well any anyone who sees patients will recognize that 

this is something that as we just heard dr suzuki say is affecting almost everyone i mean not a day goes by that i don't hear a patient complain about this when you talk about the physical manifestations it can literally run the gamut and spectrum head to toe we can talk about things like headache tmg

it can affect your gi system your cardiovascular system it can affect your skin obviously it can affect your behavior especially for people who aren't appropriately managed or treated and then turn to self-medication this can be debilitating and of course we have all heard about the person who feels like they're having a heart attack may in fact be having 

a heart attack but it's dismissed as anxiety as if that's not as serious i want to be crystal clear it absolutely can be and i think we have a problem in this society in this country of not taking things as seriously if you can't do a test for it necessarily so really people need to understand with the help of people like dr suzuki there is no shame in this game it should be thought of no differently than diabetes or high blood pressure if you are suffering from 

anxiety you should use every tool in your toolbox to help deal with it and and i saw dr suzuki shaking her head there with what you were saying dr jen and i know it's all in your book here but if you would give us some ways to start not necessarily combating but dealing with living with anxiety absolutely 

so here are my top three tips number one deep breathing because it activates our natural relaxation activator in our nervous system the parasympathetic nervous system all you have to do is breathe deeply slowly inhale deep breath out and this is wonderful for our back to school time kids can use this in line 

if they're starting to get anxious we can all use it in that meeting we're starting to get anxious deep breathing is the best way to decrease anxiety immediately number two physical activity moving your body every single time you move your body it's like giving your brain a wonderful bubble bath of neurochemicals 

that include dopamine noradrenaline and tip number three is change your what if list into a to do list our stress response was evolved to have to put us into action so changing that what if list that is the initiator of so many anxiety uh attacks and changing that into a to-do list do something 

talk to somebody make an action to address that worry can't help resolve those feelings of anxiety and those are my top three tips oh incredible incredible tips dr suzuki thank you so much for joining us today.

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