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Not Here to Be Liked by Michelle Quach pdf Download

If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy pdf download

If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy pdf download


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If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy pdf download

Details of Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory Book

  • Book Name: If the Shoe Fits
  • Authors: Jasmine Guillory
  • Pages: 306
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Fairy tale, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 3 August 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy so i'm so excited to chat with you guys about if the shoe fits if you guys have your copy go and grab it and come back because we're going to be chatting about all things if this shoe fits but if you guys haven't read it and you don't have a copy don't worry about it this is a spoiler-free book review so we're just going to be chatting about if the shoe fits and i'm going to tell you why you need to read 

this book so without further ado let's get started so what is if the shoe fits about if the shoe fits centers around cindy she lives in new york she just finished graduating in her design school but cindy did not get the job of her dreams because 

she kind of fell short in her last year at school after her dad died she was really really struggling and she just didn't give it her all and so cindy is going back home to live with her stepmother her stepsisters and she has triplet siblings um that are like under the age of like seven years old that she's gonna be nanning for the summer so cindy's like you know i really really wish 

i got more out of graduation but she's like i'm just gonna nanny for the summer and see where it goes even though cindy's heart lies in designing shoes she's going to be giving that up for the summer 

so she thinks when cindy arrives back home her mom we find out or her stepmom is the producer for before midnight it is this huge reality show that really really took off and it's actually kind of based i felt like on the bachelor 

so the cindy's stepmom basically on before midnight they get a group of girls together and there is a guy involved and only one guy with all these girls and you get to see them go on like different dates throughout the show and everything like that like you do on the bachelor so long story short the only like little spoiler

i will give away is cindy does go on the show with her step sisters is there like friction with all them being on there you guys will have to read this book to find out but cindy does go on there now her stepmom at first is hesitant because cindy is a plus-size girl and she does not want her to have to face backlash by being 

on the show because she will be like the first ever plus-sized girl on the show but cindy's like i got this i want to do this and she really wanted to do it too to kind of get her name out there for people to see her shoes so cindy decides to go on the show now is she a hit like on this show you guys will have to check 

this book to find out but needless to say i'm a huge cindy fan like from the very first time i started reading this book seeing cindy on before midnight i was like you go cindy i want to be your BFF 

so cindy kind of takes us on a journey of living with all these other girls we do get the cattiness of girls we get to see her being friends with some of the girls but is it a real friendship again you have to read this book to find out another thing i really enjoyed about 

this book is the character of henry or aka prince charming now in case you guys haven't already figured out this book is lucy based on cinderella it's kind of julie murphy's twist and i absolutely adored that twist in it um but french charming henry comes from a super wealthy family his mom is this huge designer and he is on the show to find somebody to settle down with he has kind of a playboy past is that really henry again you'll have to check out

this book to find out um so yeah we get to see cindy and henry they do go on dates because obviously that's part of the show and we get to see cindy's reaction to it but we also get to feel like cindy she is on the show but then she's like you know i'm starting to really like henry but is it real because he's dating all these other people so again you guys love to check out 

this book to find out but i really enjoyed that aspect one of my absolute favorite parts though about this book is how julie murphy crafted cindy now this book is not just a you know reality bachelor show book we actually get to see cindy find herself she literally goes on the show 

she's really struggling with who she is inside and we get to see her kind of grow into her own throughout the whole book which i really enjoyed it was you know really about cindy finding her way and finding her passion and being able to do that and does cindy give things up for a guy or does she 

you know say hey this is me and this is what i'm doing that's something you guys will have to again when you read this book you will find out but it definitely pays off i really really enjoyed it i also really enjoyed the family dynamics of this book again it was based on cinderella we don't necessarily get the evil stepmother but i love how julie murphy made that her own and it was one of my favorite parts about 

this book this has to be one of my favorite like like twist spin-offs that i've seen of a classic fairy tale so again as you guys can see i definitely recommend this book i give it a 5 out of 5 star i cannot believe i did not get this book sooner i saw it on bookstagram so many times when i was at books million it was part of a bogo deal so i was like okay i'm gonna get 

this book and as soon as i started reading it i could not put it down i loved it um so this is a close-up of the cover again um it is so like this is henry and this is cindy and then as you guys can see like the shoes kind of play into the cover and as you guys know i love covers that relate to the plots of a book so that was amazing 

but yeah i give it a 5 out of 5 star and you guys can comment below let me know your thoughts i put this on my social media and i got so many comments from you guys about what you wanted to hear like on my thoughts on

this book so i picked out six questions for today's q a that we are gonna get started and chatting about but again i definitely recommend if the shoe fits um julie murphy also takes us like on the signature dates that we know on the bachelor how when they travel and go on dates we kind of get that um as well and if the shoot fits so that was another one of my favorite parts about 

this book but i don't want to give away too many spoilers you guys will have to read this book to find out but it's definitely worth it had me turning the pages and i read it in two days i stayed up i think until like 2 a.m just to finish

this book because i had to find out what happened so without further ado we will get started in today's q a so let's get started so we are going to get started in today's q a so i put this on my social media as you guys know asked you guys any questions that you had i got so many of 

you guys that wrote in and asked me questions but i picked six top ones that i got asked and we are going to be talking about them today so the first question is from sarah hi sarah you said what is your favorite chapter my favorite chapter i'm going to have to say is in the middle of the book 

when cindy is in new york um with henry and the entire before midnight cast i don't want to give away spoilers but it is in the chapter when henry and cindy are together in new york you guys will have to read

this book to find out i don't want to give away spoilers as i said but that one was like my favorite chapter i loved it i went back and re-read it absolutely adored it and i also my second favorite chapter is when they are on the beach somewhere and she is kind of i don't want to give away spoilers 

but she's out back and she's kind of just chillaxing by the water and then henry shows up so that was another favorite chapter i don't want to give away spoilers as i said but that was another favorite chapter so when you guys read it or if you guys have read it you know what i'm talking about 

let me know what your favorite chapter is the second question that i got asked is from belle hi bell you said who is your favorite character my favorite character is definitely cindy i want to be best friends with her i loved how julie murphy wrote her as a plus-sized character but as a character 

who knows herself and owns it and is like hey world this is me i absolutely adored that part um from julie murphy julie murphy has such a unique style of writing she writes great dialogue great characters and they're so strong so unique and this book's no exception cindy absolutely favorite character again 

i want to be bff so if you meet a cindy let me know all right the third question is from tyler hi tyler you said the cover what are your thoughts absolutely love the cover as you guys know i love covers that um reflect what the book is about and this one definitely hits it out of the park i loved how

when you look at it especially after you read the book you see that like henry has two different shoes um but then when you look closer he actually doesn't have a shoe on she has it behind her back i don't know if you guys i think you guys can see that um yeah so i mean this was like after i read the 

book i was like oh my gosh that's so cute so definitely a huge fan of the cover of if the shoe fits all right the next question is from sam hi sam you said the dialogue in this book what are your thoughts my thoughts on the dialogue on 

this book was again five out of five 10 out of 10 i thought julie murphy did a great job crafting the dialogue it's very authentic it felt unique to each character and it felt like things that like i would say to someone or like a friend might say to me 

so she definitely hit it out of the park in the dialogue department karen hey karen you said the ending what are your thoughts the ending okay so when i was reading it and before i got to the last page i was like there better be another chapter and this better not be the end of this book 

but the ending i thought was great i loved it um i do have a theory on that so if you guys want to hear my theory on the ending you guys can message me and let me know but i loved the ending of this book 

i love how it kind of sets the stage and you can i love how books when they end you can kind of picture what might happen um might not necessarily be the right thing but anybody can picture what they want so i'm definitely picturing like you know happily ever after okay like you read if the shoe fits it's based

on cinderella but it has an awesome twist so yeah the ending i thought was great so that concludes today's q a i hope you guys enjoyed today's book review if you guys want to see more book reviews on hey it's carly rae you guys can message me let me know what books you want to see posted next 

i am so excited to do this virtual book review because again i absolutely adored if the shoe fits message me comment below like this video i would love to hear your thoughts about julie murphy and her book if the shoe fits.

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