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Life time by Russell Foster Pdf download


Life time by Russell Foster

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Life time by Russell Foster Pdf download

Details of Lifetime by Russell Foster Book

  • Book Name: Life time
  • Authors: Russell Foster 
  • Pages: 467
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Publish Date: 19 May 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Life time by Russell Foster I want to do which is nice including read and make video so I thought why not combine the two and start putting out some book reviews hopefully if you're on the fence about some of the books that I'm gonna review this will help you decide whether or not to read them 

so I wanted to kick off the new book review series with one that I read just a few weeks ago called the ride of a lifetime lessons learned from 15 years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company by Robert Iger 

now I listen to the audiobook as you can see here a physical copy so that's my copy but before we get into it I just wanted to talk about the format of the reviews of and I do so the way I will talk about books that I'm reviewing is in six main points so the first point is why did I decide to read the book 

I'm - what's the book about so I kind of an overview or synopsis number three what's my one takeaway or key learning number four what I didn't like about the book number five my rating out of five and number six other books that you might be interested that are kind of similar or along the same lines 

so using that format I'm gonna relate it to the ride of a lifetime starting off for the first point which is what artists did decide to read the book and pretty much why I decided to read the right of the last film was because initially a friend recommended 

it to me although he hadn't actually read it he'd heard that it was good and I was on his to read list and so that kind of piqued my interest I looked it up but I wasn't super interested initially but then I saw a review on Goodreads by Ellie Abdul you might have seen his YouTube channels got some great 

he highly recommended it exceed listen to it super fast and just really enjoyed it so that sold me I downloaded on audible and able to listen so number two what's the book about so as the title who kind of describes basically what the book is about is Robert eiger's story as CEO of Disney it's kind of reminiscent of 

shoe dog if you've read that the story of Nike in that it's more of a memoir it's not Robert I guess whole autobiography it's sort of his background a bit of his childhood and his parents but then that leads directly into his story of how he got into the film industry and the meat 

the TV industry and eventually can become the CEO of Disney so it's not the first third of the book roughly is about his background and he's early career working at ABC and then the other two-thirds of the book is about his time as CEO of Walt Disney 

again it's not every detail of his life it's more his story of how he led Walt Disney it doesn't have a lot of information about his personal life it touches on it from time to time but definitely it doesn't go into depth which I didn't mind too much because I was more interested in the Disney side anyway which is I assume what most people are reading the book for 

so what's my main takeaway or kill any from the book I think also I was thinking about this and I think the main thing that I got out of the book was a continual reinforcement of an idea that I've been thinking about a lot over the last few years and that is that people who are highly successful 

the only real difference between them and people who don't seem to have huge success in their life is a lot to do with their mindset and what they believe about the world and reality 

about themselves because the thing about Bob Iger was definitely that it struck me that he was just an average kind of guy he wasn't particularly special or incredible but he was just a guy who really worked hard had had clear goals and nearly won it in life and I think that's a lesson for all of us and for myself as well in a sense that a lot of the time 

I think one of the biggest barriers between getting somewhere that we want so in life is just our own mindset and our own beliefs about whether or not we can reach that goal I remember when I was younger 

I used to think that certain things weren't possible that I wasn't capable of for example even running a business you know with employees I thought man that's that's just way beyond me I don't know if I'll ever get there and I've done that now I think it's just a gradual process of 

pushing your limits getting outside your own comfort zone and then you eventually realize that actually you are capable and all that stopping you is your own thought process and approach to life so I think that was definitely an encouraging thing that I got out of the book obviously 

I don't think everyone's success is tied to just you need to believe that you can do it and then you can be successful I think it's a lot more to it than that but I do think that is one of the big barriers to a lot of people is just not believing that they're capable of something that's one of the reasons why

I really enjoy reading stories about people like that even when I read their story of Steve Jobs it made me realize that these people are just people just like everyone else just like myself there wasn't some special sauce or genius about them necessarily although 

some people had definitely had a lot more talent but oftentimes it was just their willingness to give things a go and to really push hard and to work hard and to fight for what they wanted in life so number four 

what I didn't like about the book I think my expectations were a little bit high or different to what I thought the book was gonna be about I think because it says lessons learned as the CEO of what Disney in the title

I just sort of assumed that it would be a bit more practical in terms of learning or teaching leadership lessons which it definitely wasn't it wasn't a practical book it was definitely more of a memoir book and the lessons 

you can learn about leadership or mindset are definitely gleaned from the story rather than directly told or outlined well though he does outline some principles of leadership that he believes are important in a company 

I think the other thing that I wasn't so crazy about was the fact that was very corporate I'm more interested in entrepreneurship that's just me like 

I'm more keen on the stories of people studying things from the ground and then working their way and building the company from scratch whereas this is more of a story of someone who got into the corporate world worked

their way up through the corporate world and then eventually became CEO of a corporation and that didn't appeal to me as much like for example I mentioned before Sherdog if you haven't read that story of Nike and how that started 

I highly recommend that that's one of my favorite books but I think the difference between the Bob Iger book and the shoe dog book is just the fact that shoe dogs more about studying company from the ground up

this book is more about how to run a company that's already well established and been around for a long time so that leads into point number five which is my overall rating for the book so for me

I'd probably give it a good four out of five stars definitely wasn't at the top of my favorites list but it was really solid read no doubt really enjoyed it it's really interesting insights into how Disney bought big franchises like Marvel Star Wars Pixar even and even 

Bob Bob's interactions with Steve Jobs I found pretty interesting I think my main feeling from reading the book that I got from it was inspiration but just a little tad bit of boredom it was a little bit boring aparts just because I think I'm not so into the corporate east of

I'm much more about the grassroots entrepreneurship as I mentioned so number six similar books that your Michael might like I mentioned already shoot up many times I really recommend that if you like this book 

you'll definitely like shoot on and also Steve Jobs's autobiography it's a thick book but it's another story of building a company especially especially a high-profile company the Walter Isaacson version the biography is the one that 

I've read a highly recommend that so yeah alright if they recommend those two books they're quite similar if you like this book oh and what I one other book 

I forgot to mention was that will never work the birth of Netflix that's a really good book also there's similar long similar vein sources through Netflix have that started how that grew into a big corporation with public.