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My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren PDF Download


My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

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My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren PDF Download

Details about My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren PDF  

  • Book Name: My Favorite Half-Night Stand
  • Authors: Christina Lauren
  • Pages: 234
  • Genre: Romance novel, Humor, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 4 December 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review:

My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren this book I heard a compared to new new girl the TV show and I almost 100% agree we follow Millie and she's really close friends with four guys and she's the only female of the group 

But they're all really close they're kind of like a found family it is about milling developing a relationship with one of the guys his name is Reed and they're all professors they all work at the same University they work at UC Santa Barbara and she specifically in criminology 

All the men are in the sciences but they all get together they're kind of like their own family they're all super close it all was pretty much just platonic friendship until millie has a one-night stand or half night stand so says the title with one of her best friends Reed 

Out of all the guys Reed is the close she's the closest with Reed it's kind of about the fall out of that half nightstand and the half a nightstand happens almost right like happens right away the things I really liked about this book was the found family 

I'm learning this one of my favorite ropes or one of my favorite things to read and a book and you can really tell that they're all really close they're all like family they have a lot of fun together they have a lot of inside jokes 

so I really enjoyed that and there's like chat segments I don't know if it's through nap or not but there's kind of like text messages within the group and you see them communicating that way 

They all work at the University so they see each other at the University they hang out each other's houses they communicate online the other element of this book is that 

They all decide to join a dating app in order to find a date for an upcoming event at the universities it is Chris's idea and they're all single so they agree to do so and Millie really helps the guys set up their accounts but they said that 

She also need to she also needs to redo her own account and this is all happening after the half night stand while she's redoing her profile she decides to kind of like fib a little bit pretend to be someone else she's still trying to be herself 

but she wants to come across more appealing and Millie has a really hard time kind of expressing who she is her past and the circle says she has with her guy friends even read 

she she doesn't really talk about herself a lot but she's kind of hoping that this is one way to maybe open up to someone new and lo and behold she gets matched with Reid and they develop a relationship on this app and he doesn't know it's her and everything goes from there I did really enjoy this in the end I'm gonna give this a four star rating 

I think it's kind of like a low four star this is my first Christina Lauren I haven't read any other Christina Lauren and the things I really learned is their writing style is super easy to read it's almost like too easy I was just flying through this also the font is really large and there's like large margins it's really um easily digestible 

I think that's probably done on purpose I've been reading more romance lately and I think romance writers probably do that intentionally in order to have a more broader audience which 

I really think is a good idea you want more people to be able to read your books especially in the roman's genre there's a huge audience for it right so it makes sense why this is this was really easy to read so I really enjoyed that I loved the characters a lot and like 

I said I really loved found families the thing I don't like is the catfishing I'm not a fan of that kind of trope I think I would have enjoyed this story more if they didn't know that they were both on the app and then they happily figure out its each other kind of like you got mail but instead it's bit of a catfishing thing and I did not like that at all 

I was kind of trotting it the whole time reading it but it was just so readable that I didn't mind reading it and I wrote I read this in like two days like less than two days I read it like in a day and a half it was just super super quick 

I don't normally read that quickly but I think it is because it is a romance is a contemporary we're normally read fantasy so it was kind of refreshing and nice just do you like read something super super fast and just get a quick story 

I do recommend it if the catfishing doesn't really bother you I'm just not a huge fan of lying in stories so I think that was my biggest complaint but I knew about it going in so I wasn't obviously surprised I actually was finding myself wishing that there was more story surrounding these characters because 

I just loved the character so much even though the story wasn't my favorite the characters themselves were really cool to read about and because it is a found family and I just love those tropes I do recommend it if this sounds like something you would really like oh the other thing I was really surprised by was there's crude talk in here but I was anticipating more 

I don't want to say hardly any but it was a lot of fade to black and I wasn't anticipating that I assumed that this would be a little bit more graphic but it wasn't so if you're looking for something that's a little bit cleaner I would recommend it 

I would say this is kind of like a pg-13 14a kind of rating because there is language in here but it isn't overly explicit when it comes to the sex scenes which I found that surprising so yeah 

so I do recommend it if this is something you would like to read so that is it that is my spoiler free review for my favorite half nights can I do plan reading more Christie Lauren because there's just so easy to read it's kind of nice knowing that this author is reviewed a lot on booktube and i hear some like bad reviews about some of their books but after reading this and knowing how readable it is.

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